Adhesive bridge prosthesis: technique, price, reviews

The restoration of lost dental units is possible with the help of adhesive bridge denture. Explain how is technique, about the price of the design and testimonials of satisfied patients who have tried this method.

The lack of even one unit in the row leads to unpleasant consequences – deterioration of appearance, psychological discomfort in the violation of chewing function and diction. So people are very interested in quality and fast ways to restore this defect.

Features of adhesive

The main essence of design is to replace the lost tooth with artificial material and pin it to the neighbouring units most quietly and without unnecessary grinding.

Is firmly adhered to the natural teeth, the locking elements located on the inner side of the jaw, so invisible to others. The result is a gentle, but highly aesthetic replacement remote unit.

Thus, it is possible to restore the range in the absence of 1 tooth or more, but not more than three, as the design is not very reliable and stable. It is often used to replace anterior teeth – incisors, canines and rarely premolars. On the chewing side is not set, as the mount can not withstand full load.

Indications and contraindications

The main situations when doctors particularly recommend an adhesive bridge are:

  • The lack of units in the smile zone, but no more than three. Besides, the neighboring teeth that will be attached to the prosthesis should be completely healthy and strong.
  • In cases where you cannot use any other method of recovery of a number due to the presence of contraindications.
  • For urgent need when replacing a lost tooth immediately.
  • Special situations in cases of related diseases, periodontitis, heart attack, various cardiovascular pathologies.
  • As a temporary remedy for the long wait for the second stage of the implantation, or the establishment of another type of construction.

Due to the fact that the installation process is a strong turning of the adjacent teeth and other complex interventions, it can be used in almost all cases.

Adhesive dental prosthesis has a very small number of contraindications:

  • old age;
  • weak reference unit;
  • abnormal enamel abrasion;
  • abnormal bite, when it is impossible to efficiently secure product.

Advantages and disadvantages

An adhesive bridge has the advantages for which it is particularly valued in modern dentistry:

  • the availability to restore the front part of the teeth directly in the oral cavity of the patient in a single session;
  • does not require removal of tooth pulp grinding and strong healthy units, which serve as a bearing for mounting;
  • the speed of the procedure, the ability to quickly perform the recovery, not stretching the process for an extended period;
  • the product is very aesthetic and completely coincides with the appearance of natural teeth, an artificial material invisible to others;
  • due to the lack of metallic elements does not occur oxidation or allergic reactions, the human body easily tolerates;
  • if in the process of operation are chipped on the product, the doctor can quickly improve and adjust the deformation;
  • if necessary, the prosthesis is removed without damaging the adjacent teeth or gums;
  • the affordable cost of the product, especially compared to the expensive implants and other prosthetics.
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With all the advantages you need to note the existing cons:

  • it’s short-lived method of restoring the dentition, the lifetime is three to five years, so it is recommended only as a temporary measure;
  • it can be used to correct only minor defects on the front of the jaw for chewing side he will be too weak;
  • this design is quite fragile and if it is not treated carefully, it is quickly broken and will require repair or replacement;
  • due to the fact that the attachment and capacity of the artificial tooth is above the gum, in the process of exploitation there is no any load on the bone underneath, and this leads to rapid atrophy;
  • patients note difficulty in conducting high-quality sanitary treatment in place of the established bridge;
  • sometimes the abutment teeth are formed carious cavity;
  • because of this method of fixation occurs increased load on the front unit, which is not foreseen their natural structure.

Despite this, the adhesive bridge is often chosen as the best alternative among the similar constructions as it has less contraindications and unpleasant consequences, and aesthetic appearance and the price is largely satisfied with the patient.

Types of mounts

In order for such a prosthesis is well kept, thought out several ways of fixing it:

  1. With the creation of beams – helps to make the design rugged and reliable. It is made of wire and reinforce the composite structure, putting the bearing in the recess of the neighboring tooth.
  2. Splinting – there are used tape made of fiberglass, which is conveniently located in the cavity of the reference units. It is more modern and aesthetically pleasing version of the previous attachment. It is very important that the doctor has had the wiring right, slide to the desired position. Already such support for building up an artificial tooth of composite.
  3. Completely without turning – it does not make any grooves and cavities on the supporting units, and are looking for a way to fix the design on their edges and sidewalls. Most often the fixation looks like plastic wings that can cover a number of standing teeth. Also this method use a special adhesive composition is deposited on a plate of glass or plastic. For such fixation it is only necessary to hold the polishing bearing surfaces. This method is considered less reliable and aesthetic, as well as to thicken the enamel.
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In order to use the cavity in the abutment teeth the doctor we need to find is ready, for example, installed seals, or make them yourself due to the shallow turning of the neighboring units. But such damage is minor, as it penetrates no further enamel. Conduct deponirovanie healthy tooth is not necessary.

Technology and manufacturing process

Visiting the doctor, you will be able to hear his opinion about which of the available methods to recover lost unit. He will conduct inspection, survey and say whether adhesive prosthesis and which method of attachment will be applied. This certainly gets the right material, the shade of the artificial tooth, and transparency.

In modern dentistry options are the manufacture of adhesive bridge:

  • Clinical – when the product made directly in the mouth in one visit.
  • Laboratory which requires the removal of the casts of the jaws, and the creation of artificial elements occurs in a special workshop. This method is more reliable and accurate and involves the use of plastic or ceramic.
  • Combo – combines the previous two ways of restoration of the dentition.

Installation adhesive bridge prosthesis

After clinical and laboratory stages of manufacture of the product and its elements, the installation procedure is the following manipulation:

  1. The doctor performs a dissection of the reference units, making them deepening with the help of the incisions. In rare cases need depulpation and filling the remaining cavity. Then impose a cofferdam, which will help to protect the workspace from saliva, tongue and other interference.
  2. Specialist with foil measures the required length of the beam and mounts a reinforcement of fiberglass or based on the pins. The voids are filled with a special tool.
  3. On the support surface is applied phosphoric acid, washed and dried it. Then apply a special adhesive and liquid photopolymer.
  4. After installation, the pins make the denture base.
  5. To strengthen the whole structure, the physician should also prepare the brass matrix with a rounded shape and attach it to the soft tissues by means of wedges or glue.
  6. Fiberglass building up an artificial tooth, taking into account all individual features of the structure of the jaw, bite, etc.
  7. To protect the supporting structure, it is also applied to special compounds.
  8. The final stage consists of polishing the bridge giving aesthetically beautiful form and hue.

Video: an adhesive bridge from beginning to end.

Care design

In order to maximize the product life and prevent various diseases and other support units must observe the rules of hygiene:

  1. To treat the surface, as usual, twice a day.
  2. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and high-quality pasta.
  3. After each meal is desirable to rinse the mouth with special tools.
  4. For best cleaning of the interdental spaces to use dental floss and carefully remove all residues from hard to reach places.
  5. You need to avoid solid foods and bad habits, like cracking nuts, biting pencils, opening bottles with his teeth and so This will lead to rapid failure of the prosthesis.
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Doctors give a guarantee for a period of three years for adhesive bridge, but most often it is used for five years. If we treat design particularly carefully and observe careful hygiene, it is really to stretch the term to ten years. All completely dependent on your care.


The final cost of construction will be entirely composed of selected materials, specialist work and the number of model units. So, if we are talking about the plastic products on a single tooth, the price will be in the range of 1000 rubles.

Materials such as chromium and cobalt will cost 3-4 thousand, and the metal is considered to be the most expensive – 5-6 thousand rubles. Will rise accordingly and the total cost of the product, if you replace not one, but two or three teeth.



Previously had under the bridge to do a full turning of the adjacent units. Sorry this process is irreversible, so would be happy to agree to such more gentle method.


In the state of dentistry doctor insisted on a very standard treatment of the support. Fortunately, I did some research on their own and I realized that I needed an adhesive bridge, which does not require the destruction of healthy teeth. Went to a private clinic and everything is made easy and fast, and even at a low price.


Since I did not have the financial ability to put their expensive implants, decided on a bridge. And now very happy, because it looks no different from natural teeth, and is much cheaper than any other counterparts.