Adin implants: features, types, price and reviews

Replacement of lost teeth with artificial has become a popular procedure. And using implants Adin this can be done in a short time. The features of the technology, the types of provided products and the price and the reviews help ensure that patients choose these products.

To leave a tooth out without attention is not necessary, as the bone quickly atrophies, chewing food will be difficult, and even the shape of the face and occlusion can greatly suffer. Time installing the implant, it is possible to speak about the full functionality of the dentition and the aesthetic beauty of a smile.

About the manufacturer

Was initially created by a small company in Israel for production of various dental accessories and the required products for dentistry. It was founded in 1972 and presented on the market for 45 years.

Initially jewelry Adin (Adin) supplied only in countries in the Middle East. But over time, they became interested in US, and then European dentistry. In the Russian market of this production appeared only in 2008, but due to the high quality and very affordable prices has become quite popular. Now Adin implants can be ordered in almost any city in private and public dental clinics.

The main thrust of the activities of the company – creation of quality, durable implants for most cases replacement of lost units. The production focuses on durable materials, high technology processing and modern ways of fixing the products.


To take its rightful place among the world leaders in implants, the company Adin uses certain trade secrets:

  • Special medical titanium, which has the highest biocompatibility. This choice of material is made with the purpose of better indicators of osseointegration, that is, survival designs in natural fabrics. It does not cause allergies, and cases of rejection are very rare.
  • Created extensive product range, which includes most situations the implant. Special designs require the ability to implant the rod, even in atrophied tissue, at an angle, with different sizes of the alveolar process, etc. Almost every patient will be able to use Adin implants.
  • Due to high technological developments, the company managed to provide the highest quality products with a long service life, which is confirmed by international certificates CE FDA ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003. Products undergo a series of tests in own laboratories at various stages of production.

One of the most important detail are the types of compounds that contribute to a safe and tight fastening of the rod, abutment and crown:

  1. Hex classic thread.
  2. Cone fundamentals that best prevent the loosening of the structure.

Special attention should be given to the surface of the implants Adin. They are not processed in acid compounds, which prevents the appearance of any unfavourable processes during operation. This uses a special patented technology called PTS, which literally means a clean surface of titanium rod.

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The coating that is created for implants Adin, called the OsseoFix. It ideal to prijaviti design without any risk of rejection or side effects. Rough texture quickly fused with living tissue and does not cause allergies. Due to the lack of acidity during processing, you receive the chance to keep the rod in perfect sterile cleanliness without formation of particles.

When creating such a thoughtful covering the processing of phosphate of calcium and oxygen, which increases the chances of a good survival rate.

The types of implants Adin

In the company directory provided by such models:

  1. Touareg – spiral bevel with self-tapping design. Have an internal hexagon for mounting abutment. Often used for simultaneous implantation in the process of tooth extraction. Suitable for most types of bone building.
  2. Touareg-S – the same conical design of the product, as in the previous case. But it uses a special head shape that minimizes pressure on bones and prevents possible damage to the tissues, reduces pain during implantation. Used simultaneously with the sinus lift.
  3. Touareg-X – difference is the form of the neck of the implant, which is made in the form of a reverse cone. Due to this difficult resorption of the alveolar ridge and thereby providing a reliable fixation of the structure in living tissues. The surface is treated so that healing occurred faster and painless.
  4. Swell – direct products with a tapered body. Carvings are made V-shaped and with parallel faces, which contributes to the precision of the whole procedure, as well as a more uniform load. Applicable in cases the anatomical features of the patient.
  5. Arrow one-piece one – piece implants with a thin tapered rods. Used in a narrow alveolar process and greatly increase the compression upon fixing the product.
  6. Mini Oskar – more often selected for temporary structures and in some special cases non-standard structure of the jaw, as well as additional fastening of prostheses. It is noted for its high aesthetic characteristics.

If you want to learn more about the different types of implants of this brand, then download this directory. It is taken from the official website.

The pros and cons

With all the technologies and variations of models Adin implants can distinguish their main advantages:

  • unique coating rod providing a good survival rate and low risk of rejection;
  • the ability to use implants with immediate load;
  • high primary stability and strength of fixation in living tissues;
  • a wide variety of models, which makes it possible to install implants in almost any clinical cases, regardless of individual structure of the jaw;
  • availability rates for all segments of the population;
  • biocompatible material prevents any side effects and allergic reactions;
  • technology to meet all modern standards of quality construction;
  • excellent cosmetic effect of the restoration of the smile and facial contours;
  • manufacturers warranty requires a minimum operating time of five years, but their lifespan could be longer with careful use;
  • quality certificates meet the standards of most countries;
  • the ability to install these implants not only as a replacement of individual units, but also for other types of fixed and removable prosthetics.
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Among the disadvantages include the absence of minimum diameters, which is not critical, as they are easy to replace other models of Adin.

Indications and contraindications

Most cases you need to restore the dentition suggest the possibility to use implants Adin. And even those situations when due to any structural features of any-jaw apparatus is not available the implantation of products of other firms, these structures are quite applicable. You can install them in the following ways:

  • classical implantation in two stages, first, when implanting the rod and some time after tissue regeneration secures the crown;
  • simultaneously designed for those situations when the implantation is carried out simultaneously with the removal of the damaged unit;
  • in some cases, you should use the Express method with the installation of the terminal and a snapshot of a full load on it to mount the permanent crown.

Replace with implants Adin possible as a single lost tooth and restore partial or complete adentia. Also they are designed for specific clinical cases of narrow alveolar ridge, bone deficiency, characteristics of occlusion, etc.

But since implantation is a surgical procedure, then it has a set of standard contraindications:

  • serious diseases of internal organs – the heart, blood vessels, nervous system, respiratory system, etc.;
  • osteopathic cracks;
  • pathology of the thyroid gland;
  • some metabolic disorders of the bones;
  • use of corticosteroids or anticonvulsants on an ongoing basis;
  • radiation exposure, for example, when cancer;
  • low immunity;
  • acute reaction of lymph nodes on different intervention.

In some cases, the pregnancy can become an obstacle to such a procedure, but it is solved in each specific situation, as it is not a direct contraindication to implantation.


The cost of each model Adin implants will differ. So, the cheapest is the series Swell – 3000-3500 rubles. To the average price category are the Touareg and One – about 5000 rubles. But the modern and latest design of the R series are expensive and can cost 7000 rubles per one product.

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It should be noted that even expensive models Adin significantly cheaper than other analogues. For example, the American Bicon implants will cost three times more expensive. The quality of Israeli products does not inferior to them. The full cost of the procedure will depend on the required elements of the whole construction, the work of the dentist and the selected crowns, so that in each case it will vary.

Video: installing the implants Adin.



Always put quality above price issues. But here we had to give up, because the difference in cost of different companies is very significant. Opted for Israeli companies and have no regrets. It turns out that low price does not always correspond to low quality.


The implant I was very afraid. But the doctor advised me to use Adin dental implants, which are designed to deliver a minimum of inconvenience. And it’s really confirmed. The healing process was quick and almost painless.


Israeli implants is very high quality. Here follow the highest standards of production control. The price is quite affordable for us, which can not but rejoice. Enjoy and feel wonderful.

Further questions

► The difference between implants Nobel and Adin?

The quality of Israeli products is not inferior to Swedish. But Adin thus much cheaper, which can not influence the choice of the common man. And though there is some difference in the technology of surface treatment, however, performance is a little visible. Both the first and second well acclimatized and do not cause allergies. The risks of rejection of the design in both cases is minimal. But the warranty is a Swedish company gives more.

► What Israeli Adin implants better or Mis?

Both firms try to produce quality products for implantation and all the necessary elements and tools for the doctor. If the choice fell on these two firms, will help to determine dentist who will deal with their installation. Perhaps the difference in operation you will not feel, but the expert knows better how to fix each of them, and that, in his opinion, will be more reliable.