After the installation of the pin a sore tooth when pressure

Quite often, after the mounting pin sore tooth. This unpleasant phenomenon may be due to various reasons. Some of them are not pathological and do not require additional treatment, but there are other factors causing the pain that cannot be ignored.

Pins in dentistry

The pin is a structure in the form of a rod. It can be installed in the case of a prosthesis, serving as a root of the missing tooth. It will be attached to the implant. Under normal sealing pins also apply. Their role is to strengthen the restorative material. This rod serves as a connecting element between the remaining root canal material, which will be restored the full form of the tooth. It prolongs term of its service as it improves its resistance to stress.

To after treatment the patient avoid any complications with the installation process of the pin must be performed by the professional who is doing his work responsibly.

If during the treatment the dentist considers it appropriate to save the remnants of the tooth, restoring it with the help of rod, the patient should not refuse. This method is considered less expensive and better tolerated by patients than a full replacement with fixed prosthesis.

Before installing a root canal must be properly prepared. Of removes all damaged tissue in the foramen and the cavity is treated with a special solution. Its action is aimed at the destruction of microbes and prevent the development of inflammatory process.

Generated during the treatment of a hole that reaches the jaw bone is filled with a filling paste. When the material hardens, into the prepared canal is inserted the pin. If all actions of the doctor have been performed correctly, the rod will be firmly fixed. Is applied on top of the seal, the shape of which is optimized in regards to the tooth. Used material for the reconstruction of the destroyed tooth is selected with regard to the whole of the dentition on the table Vita.

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If the rod is installed in violation of the technology, after treatment often develop complications. The patient can not only be painful to chew. The tooth after installation of the pin often starts to whine without providing any influence on him.

Provocateurs pain

To understand why starts to hurt the tooth, if the treatment at the dentist was finished, independently is quite difficult. The reasons that due to the unprofessional work of the dentist may be the following:

  1. Improper installation of the pin. If the rod was embedded too deeply, it can rest against the bone. Unpleasant symptoms may occur when pressure is applied on the tooth, for example, in the process of chewing. The intensity of the discomfort will depend on the complexity of a medical error and the natural sensitivity of the individual (pain threshold). After eating may appear aching pain due to prolonged pressure on the body.
  2. Perforation of root canals. Develops as a result of mechanical damage in the process, substandard care.
  3. Loose fill filling material channel.
  4. The presence of residues (fragments) of the dental instruments that were damaged in the process of completing the installation of the pin.
  5. Substandard antiseptic. Pathogenic microbes contribute to the development of the inflammatory process. The abscess is formed, which increases tissue volume. When failure to provide timely care appears fistula and abscess of the gums.

In addition to medical errors, problems with your teeth after the implantation of the stem can appear as a result of complex dental treatment. As a rule, the area was the medical intervention, whining within a few days. When the damaged areas regenerate, the symptoms will disappear.

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If the patient is complaining of a sore tooth with a pin that was installed a long time ago, the reason may be:

  • inadequate oral hygiene;
  • the presence of microfractures of the tooth or mechanical damage to the gums as a result of excessive loading (opening bottles, cracking nuts, teeth, etc.);
  • periodontitis;
  • the destruction of the remnants of the tooth;
  • cyst.

Despite the fact that the treatment process often used hypoallergenic materials, some patients may develop an allergic reaction to the implanted pin.

It is possible that such reaction was caused by the raw material base restoration. An allergic reaction usually combines several symptoms. Under dental implants begins to develop redness. Can also increase the body temperature, occur stomatitis and signs of intoxication.

When in the treatment process, everything was done according to the standards, but if you push on the tooth it starts to hurt, cause discomfort can be highly mounted seal. With timely treatment to a specialist such problem quickly and quite easily eliminated.

In some patients, past dental procedure to set the pin, my teeth hurt after eating hot or cold foods. Discomfort can occur when chewing hard foods. The presence of these symptoms in the absence of other pathological factors points to the increased natural sensitivity.

The solution to dental problems

After the installation of the pin the doctor informs the patient about the possible unpleasant feelings that will be present in the first few days. These symptoms will not last more than 3-5 days. Also the dentist gives advice on what to do to reduce the discomfort and early recovery. In the first days after a visit to the dentist will need to rinse your mouth with water with addition of soda. It is recommended not to exert excessive load on the implant. So as not to disturb the installation location of the pin, should eat soft foods and to minimize the number of taps, that is, try not to chew on him. If the treatment was difficult, during the recovery period the patient may be given painkillers, but do not abuse them. Such recommendations involve the elimination of residual phenomena after successful treatment. If the discomfort is not decreasing, or Vice versa, there are additional pathological symptoms, no need to hope that they will pass on their own. The sooner the patient to go to the hospital, the easier will be the treatment process.

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Method of solving the problem will be chosen depending on what was provocateur complications. For this purpose there is a corresponding diagnosis. In addition to visual inspection of the oral cavity, the patient will have to do an x-ray.

If the doctor will set the pin to the person with high natural sensitivity, to reduce discomfort, you will need to regularly use special pastes and efficiently to observe the rules of oral hygiene.