Aligners Invisalign (Invisalign): description, photo, price, reviews

To cope with the defects of the dentition will help aligners Invisalign (Invisalign). Give a detailed description, photo, indicate prices and provide feedback on them. This system of removable plates became a serious competitor to conventional and even sapphire braces because they are virtually invisible and is able to correct orthodontic problems.

To order a similar design is difficult because it is produced only in the United States, and to establish and to make the right diagnosis for proper bite correction needs doctor, specially trained in this technique. But a lot of pros from its use worth it to spend money on expensive aligners and finding a specialist in this field.

Features Of Invisalign

Aligner Invisalign specially created invisible, transparent. This removable design, to help align the bite, correct the wrong the nature of the position of the teeth and form a beautiful straight smile.

The technology on which make these mouthguards, developed by the American company Align Technology and, besides them, no one else in the world does not produce such orthodontic appliances. Why wait for the records under the individual order will have some time. After all the molds and pictures will be sent first to America and then back to your clinic.

Not every doctor has the right to work with a similar system of teeth straightening. He must pass special training and to possess all the skills in diagnosing and forecasting the future correction of the defect of dentition. The aligners are created by automated robots, eliminating any error.

To correct the bite you need to consider the complexity and causes of the violations. Depends on the number of used plates and time correction. About every 2-3 weeks you need to remove the previous Kappa and install the following.

They are created so that at each stage the location of the dentition or jaw adjusted gradually due to the necessary pressure on the solid fabric. A very important point in the treatment process is the continuous wearing of the design. Remove it must be only for hygienic procedures during food intake.

The advantages and disadvantages of orthodontic appliances

Most of all this system correction of malocclusion compared with braces. But they have important differences:

  1. Braces are fixed structures and are worn continuously during the treatment period. And aligners have a special attachmen that allow easily to remove and put on plate.
  2. Braces, no matter how beautiful or transparent were not still visible on the teeth, Invisalign aligners remain completely invisible to the outside look.
  3. Due to a medical error while installing braces can significantly disrupt the treatment process, leading sometimes to unexpected results. When you create aligners on the computer projected to the entire future correction and change of position of the teeth can be traced in advance.
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To create these invisible structures use special biopolymer that is strong enough not to break, but flexible, which adds to its advantages.

Besides the obvious differences with the standard system correction of malocclusion, aligners have several advantages:

  • Esthetic appearance, with full transparency give an opportunity to wear them in any situation without causing psychological discomfort of the patient. From the side they are completely invisible.
  • Thin and elastic material does not spoil diction.
  • Since the structure on the mealtime is removed, it eliminates the need to adhere to any diet.
  • By carefully trimming the edges of the mouthguard exactly the shape of the gums is eliminated her injury.
  • Records are created accurately by the models so they are perfectly fit to the teeth, not fall off while wearing and do not cause discomfort.
  • When is personal hygiene, the aligners need to be removed. Therefore, additional processing is not required brushes, special brushes, irrigators, and other devices.
  • Hypoallergenic material used to make the aligners, suitable for all patients, even with increased sensitivity to various substances.
  • When removing the plates at a time can be mentally and physically relax from the constant pressure.
  • Correction of the dentition is carried out as efficiently as possible.
  • Plates themselves maintain transparency during the whole treatment period, not coloring in a different color and without losing its invisible properties.
  • Simple care involves only the use of a special solution to sanitize. No further manipulation for cleaning them is not required.
  • A visit to the dentist is minimal. The doctor just regulates how to wear and when to change the Aligner for the next one.
  • The soft and gentle action promotes uniform aligners correction. Medical errors in the automatism of the whole process is practically impossible.
  • The ease of adjustment considerably reduces the period of adaptation.

Cons have aligners a lot less:

  • Use them only when fully formed dentition. In pediatric dentistry such use.
  • It is also forbidden to apply splints after surgery.
  • Some complex cases of violations not amenable to such a correction, so will have to give preference to the more radical methods.
  • Due to the fact that the system of aligners is made only in one place, will have to wait for a long time after you order them.
  • This also entails a fairly high price that for many is the main obstacle to use this method of treatment.


Indications and contraindications

Most orthodontic problems can be easily corrected with the help of Invisalign aligners. They are an effective treatment for malocclusions and other flaws of dentition. In addition, they also recommend wearing patients after completion of treatment with braces for maximum strengthen the result. The main indications are the following:

  1. Treme or diastema, that is, gaps between teeth, visible between.
  2. Crowding of different degrees and forms.
  3. In the presence of prognathism, direct, open, cross or malocclusion. Almost all their types are easily corrected data plates.
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Contraindications may be only isolated cases:

  • skeletal disease, when violations involve not only the dentition;
  • replacement bite;
  • the presence of impacted teeth, problems with their eruption;
  • diseases of a psychological nature.

The only caveat is that this system is used only for adult patients, in extreme cases, teenagers. After all, the unformed bite to anticipate changes in tooth row is very difficult, and pressure on the teeth can lead to a stronger deformation.

The stages of treatment

To be in the dentist’s office the patient will have not so much time. Stages of correction with aligners Invisalign is simple:

  • Initial medical examination includes the identification of the defect, its shape and complexity. If necessary, an additional treatment of carious cavities, if any detected.
  • Make a mold of the jaw, to which are installed orthodontic design, and performed x-ray diagnostics and computer tomography. This is done in order to collect information about the structure of bones and teeth, and to correctly predict their behavior in purposeful action.
  • You can see how to change the position of the dentition and the patient’s consent order sent to the manufacturer.
  • Creates a series of records for individual features with the exact calculation of future treatment. Depending on complexity they can be from 7 to 44 pieces.
  • This set sent to the clinic where you placed the order, and hand it to the patient along with detailed instructions for use.
  • The doctor helps to cope with their removal and putting on, and can also schedule another appointment to monitor progress of treatment.
  • At the last stage, the orthodontist checks the effectiveness of the method and gives recommendations for maintaining the results.

In rare cases, you may need additional manipulation, the erosion of the individual tooth, the removal unit, the superimposition of the composite, etc. This is required only when the normal placement of a number we need to create more space.

Care and wearing

In order that the treatment went quickly and efficiently, it is necessary to precisely follow the rules:

  1. To wear mouth guards should be no less than 22-23 hours a day, every day.
  2. Do not operate the plate with hot water or boiling water, otherwise they will spoil.
  3. Periodically dipping the structure in a special solution.
  4. Do not eat with the aligners on the teeth, at this time they are removed.
  5. Don’t forget about thorough and regular oral hygiene.
  6. When records are removed or waiting for their turn, they should be only in special cases.
  7. Sometimes you need to visit the dentist to monitor the healing process.
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Wearing the aligners will have from 6 to 24 months. Time correction will largely depend on the shape and complexity of the violations. Also this process is influenced by the constancy of wearing the mouthpiece. If it is off more often than required, treatment will be delayed for a longer period.

Parents worry in this regard for children and adolescents. They may not wear the right amount of time records and monitor the whole process extremely difficult. Therefore, manufacturers have created special structures that change their color if they are not the right amount of hours.

Video: 1 year with Invisalign.


The cost of this correction method is quite high – 200 to 400 thousand rubles. This is due to the production of aligners in the U.S. only, special training of the doctor and the number of used plates. The price depends on the dollar exchange rate and the characteristics of the clinic where they can be ordered.



Had not agreed to the correction of malocclusion because of unsightly braces. Now you have learned about the aligners and decided to save them money to change their smile more attractive.


I host a TV program on a local channel. And my work is very important the appearance of the smile. To adjust it with the help of Invisalign aligners I could just a year.


Embarrassing as it was to correct the crooked teeth with braces, like I’m a teenager. But the appearance of a set of Invisalign in my life, much could change. And though this process is not very pleasant because of the pressure on the teeth, but can boast a stunning result.