Ankylos implants (Ankylosis) — reviews and rates

Implants Ankylosis is one of the most popular modern implants, the price meet the real opinions of patients, since the benefits are much greater than the disadvantages.

The article also discussed about the range of products offered by the German manufacturer Densply, analyze their characteristics, we will give advice on installation.


Market implants products Ankylosis occupies a niche, since it meets all the requirements to the prosthetics. They ensure a minimal risk of rejection by the patient’s body, high comfort and aesthetic look.

The product catalog contains several items, which are selected patients depending on individual characteristics, and the installation meets all modern criteria and is not particularly complicated.

Today the manufacturer from Germany is almost half of the total market implants and meets competition only from Nobel Biocare. However, the Ankylosis goods are cheaper, which greatly expands the range of potential patients.


In the German implants Ankylosis focused practices of professionals in the field of prosthetics.

Owing to this the products of this brand has a number of characteristic features:

  • they are made of a special titanium alloy, which provides reliable fastening and minimizes the chance of rejection;
  • the use of coatings Firadent Plus, accelerating the process of implantation of the implant into the bone tissue;
  • the control of the manufacturer for each product;
  • konusopodobnyh type of construction ensures the reliability of the primary mounting;
  • having a special art installation that promotes effective healing of tissues after surgery and minimizes the chance of bone necrosis;
  • certification and continuous identification of all products of the brand Angelos, a special sterile packaging;
  • a wide combination of implants and abutments, which increases the possibility of implantation;
  • the cover designs contribute to its setting, all patients, regardless of the density of their bone tissue;
  • in the manufacture of implants using a special technology make the surface porous, which accelerates the process of osseointegration;
  • special thread form simplifies installation, making it more reliable and fast. Thanks to a patented screw-less stress on the implant bone tissue, does not cause discomfort.
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The application of scientific technologies and years of experience of manufacturing of implants has allowed the manufacturer to create a number of unique technologies that can meet the needs of a wide range of patients and dentists. The price of products Ankylosis is more loyal than its counterparts.

Advantages and disadvantages

What are the pros and cons of the products Ankylosis? Most of the features of these implants can include in their benefits, but we would like to highlight the following points:

  • loyal pricing policy of the manufacturer — though implants Ankylosis can not be called cheap, but their cost can be recommended to patients with different material security;
  • versatility — allows you to set them with different characteristics and bone status, and a special installation process, using cooling tools, reduces the risk of tissue necrosis and infection of the body;
  • the possibility of one-stage procedure, which reduces caused by discomfort from the loss of teeth (especially the front);
  • minimal risk of rejection by the body;
  • sophisticated fastening system abutment, which allows different kinds of combinations and reduces the risk of infection (peri-implantitis);
  • low the location of the implants in the gum makes the presence of their junction with the crown is invisible, which increases the aesthetics of the structure;
  • lifetime warranty and their components, the service life of which is measured in decades.

Despite the manufacturability and versatility, they have several disadvantages:

  1. The need to use special instruments for implantation.
  2. Short-term (3 and 5 years) warranty on tools and zirconium elements.
  3. Quite a long period (2-3 months) between implant design and the possibility of its active use.
  4. The same form of implants, which sometimes becomes an obstacle to installation in the bone tissue with abnormalities of development.
  5. A number of clinical contraindications.
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As you can see, a number of advantages outnumber the disadvantages, which are characteristic for all modern implants. Moreover, Ankylos cheaper than a number of rivals, in particular we govorim about the company Nobel.


Contraindications to the insertion of implants Ankylosis are the same as other similar structures. They come from features of the implant and the patient’s condition:

  • bad hygienic state of the oral cavity, the presence of a high number of malicious organisms;
  • diseases of the nervous and circulatory systems;
  • connective tissue diseases in the oral cavity of the patient;
  • pathology of the teeth-jaw system;
  • complex and acute diseases of the mouth;
  • bruxism (tooth gnashing);
  • individual intolerance of the structure or its components.

Possible individual contraindications for each individual patient. Therefore, the physician should conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the oral cavity, bone density at the installation location. It is recommended to implant from a personal dentist who is familiar with the specifics of your the teeth-jaw system.


Yuri, the doctor-implantologist

I must say that my patients are satisfied with the established implants Ankylosis, not only at the time of completion of their installation, but after a year after that. It is very important for the confidence of the patients, especially those with whom you work for many years. Sometimes, people came over and asked to supply them with these implants, so they advised their friends, beat my clients.

Alina, 38 years

A few years ago the dentist told to put three German implant Angelos. Before surgery felt a sense of fear, but she was great. Still have no claims neither to the doctor nor to the actual implants that are quite different from my own teeth.

Anna, 36 years old.

Familiar advised to go to the dentist, who specializiruetsya on the installation of it structures Ankylosis. At first very much afraid of surgery and various complications, but my fears were not realized – the pain was not, the discomfort is minimal. Apparently made themselves felt the professionalism of the dentist and the quality of the implants. A year has passed after implantation and I am very satisfied with the new tooth.

The cost

How much is the installation of implants Ankylosis, that this question is asked most patients. The price of the implantation depends on the clinic and the complexity of the procedures, but on average it does not exceed 30 000 rubles.

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This amount includes the cost of consulting a dentist, the implant and abutment. Additional funds may be needed, depending, again, on the complexity of the implantation and the price of drugs during the operation.

Metal crowns on these designs will cost another 15-20 thousand rubles. At first glance it seems that the German system is very expensive, but it’s the perfect balance of price and quality.

Video: dental implants with Ankylos.

Further questions

► Counterparts

Closest substitutes might be implants from the Swiss company Nobel and Israeli alpha Bio. They have characteristic advantages and are in different price categories.

► Nobel or Ankylosis: how to choose implant?

They are about the same quality but are cheaper Ankylosis Nobel, in addition to their installation does not require so high skills of the dentist. On the other hand, Nobel offers a variety of goods, which is an advantage for patients with structural features of the teeth-jaw system.