As teeth alignment correction and the curvature correction of the teeth

How to align teeth, this question is raised by many people. Almost 70% of the population have pathological occlusion and disorders of the maxillofacial apparatus. Curves of unit, forward of the jaw, improper closure, is not only a visual problem. She comes to the health of the whole person. People who have malocclusion and the location of units likely to suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract have problems with diction, the psychological adaptation in the society. Correction of the curvature of the teeth engaged by the podiatrist.

General information for parents

The formation of the correct position of the units and maxillo-facial machine begins at birth. Aged years to 7 years formed milk occlusion from 7 to 13 years -14 years, there has been mixed dentition, in the period from 14 to 18 years old the teenager is set to permanent occlusion. The curvature of the teeth is a common problem seen on many guys.

Scheduled dental visits with your child are important, in order to notice the problem and solve it. Remember, the sooner will be carried out correction of the teeth, the better and faster the results appear.

Causes curvature units and malocclusion:

  1. Rickets, moved at an early age, leads to softening of bone tissue and its deformation. To prevent disease, children grudnichkovye age must be taken in the winter vitamin D. a Pediatrician may prescribe: Cream, Vigantol, DeviSol D3. Prophylactic administration of the drug eliminates the development of dangerous diseases;
  2. Meals soft food. Young moms need to remember to the jaw bones and muscles to develop properly, it is necessary to enter in the menu of crumbs of solid fruits and vegetables: apples, pears, carrots, coconut, walnuts, plums;
  3. Chronic diseases of a nasopharynx, adenoids, tonsillitis lead to obstruction of nasal breathing, this triggers the development of malocclusion;
  4. Sucking pacifiers, bottles, fingers, foreign objects in the age of 2 years contributes to the curvature of the teeth and leads to the formation of the pathologic occlusion;
  5. Tongue-tied.

Some kids inherit from their parents the structural features of the jaw apparatus. In addition to the factors listed above, the curvature units, is observed as a result of: injuries, late incorrect change of units on indigenous, premature loss of canines, incisors, molars in children.

For prevention of pathological bite, baby you must show orthodontist 1 year, since the age of 5 years.

It’s fun!

Kids who are breastfed until 1.5 — 2 years, less prone to development of caries and disorders of the structure of the jaw apparatus. If it is not possible to carry out breastfeeding, you need to buy the special nipples — anatomically shaped with a small hole for the passage of the mixture.

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How to deal with problem parents and children

If the baby is improperly positioned units, pathologically extended jaw should not close their eyes to the problem. Straightening teeth and correcting the bite, the main task of the consultant orthodontist. These professionals work wonders, with the help of modern techniques and designs, they are able to cope with any problem. Install braces at an early age not carried out, as there is an active growth and development of the maxillofacial unit.

Methods of straightening teeth in children and adolescents

How to align teeth with the help of trainers

To achieve success you need: to thoroughly implement the recommendations of the dentist, not to forget the daily, to use the simulator, visit an orthodontist for evaluation of treatment. Plus trainers is the lack of the necessary continuous wear. For results design use for several hours a day and at night. The period of treatment is from 6 months to 2 years.

Trainers — are made from flexible polymers, have a handy design, ensure normal breathing and tongue position. The product is available in several variations, blue and pink hue. Blue trainers are at the initial stage of treatment, rose at the final. Т4К — option which is used to repair the dairy bite, he has a lot of advantages: convenience, painless, fast and addictive.

During therapy with the help of trainers achieved good results, the child gets rid of bad habits (sucking fingers, tongue, biting of nails).

How to align teeth with the help of plates

Correction of children’s teeth is carried out using plates. A special device made of plastics of different hardness, has built-in metal arches. There are removable and fixed plates, the second apply for correction of malocclusion, in children and adults.

  1. Fixed structures have special locks, which provide for permanent attachment to the units.
  2. Removable plates contain hooks, which are temporary anchorage. The main advantages of the structures are safety, effectiveness and inexpensive cost. Wearing plates used for: increasing the width of the sky, the alignment of one tooth or several, to prevent further displacement units.

For the manufacture of staples, you need to visit the orthodontist. He will conduct the oral examination, if necessary, will direct the rehabilitation of foci of infection. The plates are made by individual casts.

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Parents and children must observe a few simple rules: every day carry out hygienic cleaning of the structure, 1 time per week to treat her special antiseptic solution to rinse your mouth with a mouthwash with fluoride.

Plate designed for continuous wear. It must be removed during eating, wrestling, swimming. If the result of operation was seen in damage to the product, use it: you should refer to watching the doctor.

  • The correction of teeth in children and adolescents with severe facial abnormalities is performed using surgical procedures.
  • How can I align the teeth in the home, in the early stages of pathologies?

Special facial and breathing exercises helps to cope with bad habits, promotes proper nasal breathing, to improve language skills. Exercise picks the orthodontist together with the speech therapist. This method is not independent, is used as an extra to speed up the results by using dental records and trainers. Correction of teeth at the age of 14 years and older can be performed with braces.

How to help an adult


If the parents are not timely paid due attention to the pathological features of the structure of the jaw and position of units in the future, one acquires a lot of problems:

  1. Complexes appear to lack internal confidence;
  2. Reduced self-esteem;
  3. Increases the risk of tooth decay and gum inflammation;
  4. Appear digestive problems;
  5. Observed pathological attrition of units and their mobility.

Many problems can be avoided if a timely treatment. Despite the fact that an optimum correction is the age of 18, adults have a chance. How quickly you can eliminate the pathology, depends on many factors, including: the patient’s age, specifics of the anomaly.

How to fix uneven teeth

Results are achieved by using:

  • Aligners or clear aligners. Advantages of the method: the lack of discomfort, injury enamel, impaired, aesthetic material, small term correction. Made designs for special casts. Models include constant wearing. To preserve the integrity of the product must comply with a number of recommendations: to carry out hygienic treatment, to remove the Aligner during meals.

By cons aligners include: high cost, the senselessness of use in severe pathologies;

  • Lastposition. Designs are made from vinyl — silicone. Distinguishing features material: high hygiene, no allergic reactions, elasticity, plasticity. Bestpositioned apply for the extension of the jaw, alignment of units, correction of incorrect position of the tongue.
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How to straighten your teeth using braces

Special arcs are installed on the units are fixed with special clasps. Metal structures have a number of advantages: availability, performance, strength of the products. The cons are: lack of aesthetics, a high risk of developing allergic reactions.

Plastic braces are low cost and nice appearance, the disadvantages are: the unreliability of the design, the coloring material.

To the more expensive and high-quality products include sapphire, crystal, ceramic system.

Before installation design, a dental therapist carries out a complete reorganization of foci of infection: cure tooth decay, inflammation of the gums. During the braces treatment, the patient should visit the orthodontist for inspection and correction. After removing the products, to consolidate the results using special trainers.

Self-ligating braces — a new method of bite correction. Straightening teeth by using a special design and moving the clips. The advantages of self-ligating braces: convenience, fast and addictive, aesthetics, and infrequent visits to the dentist, safety and hygiene materials.

How to align front teeth with veneers

Veneers — special plates. They are installed on the unit to correct their wrong position, to eliminate the aesthetic defects (fluorosis, wedged, pigmentation).

Veneers made from ceramics and photo composites. They are mounted on pre-treated unit with a light filling material and are the ideal solution if you want to align only one tooth.

Designs have high aesthetics, the obvious advantages are no need for special care and comfort.

The alignment of the front teeth with Lumineers — thin porcelain overlays allows you to adjust the curvature of the teeth, and visible defects.

How to make teeth even, this question worries many. If you want to have a beautiful and healthy smile, contact your dentist, orthodontist and solve the problem together with him.