Aspirin for toothache: how to take, reviews

Many wonder whether it is possible to use aspirin for toothache? Let’s talk about how to take this drug, the patient feedback and the action that it causes. After all kinds of pain quite a lot today, and to know how to choose the medicine without consulting a doctor, should pay attention to their composition.

In any case, you need to remember that if a sore tooth, to eliminate the cause can only be the dentist. Drugstore remedies are able to reduce the discomfort, but not for long. And until you get rid of the underlying pathology, the pain will return again.

The description of the drug

Aspirin is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine that contains a main active substance is acetylsalicylic acid. It can be sold in the form of tablets that are taken orally or in the form of a water-soluble effervescent tablets.

In addition to the usual Aspirin, it can be produced by different firms under different names but with the same component in the composition – Accardo, Thrombotic ass, upsarin UPSA, Aspirin Cardio, Aspinet, etc.

When choosing these drugs, it is important to monitor their dosage, as in each case one tablet can match and 100 mg acid, and 500.

Indications for use

In the instructions to Aspirin is suggested to use it as a pain reliever for headaches, muscle and tooth pain. Also this drug helps reduce pain in back and joints, and women eases menstrual discomfort. In addition, it is able to reduce body temperature inflammation of various etiologies.

Its main effect – the effect on the enzyme cyclooxygenase that synthesizes prostaglandins. They are responsible for many processes in our body. To understand the efficacy and contraindications of Aspirin, you need to understand the varieties of these prostaglandins:

  • PG1 – are considered useful and do not participate in inflammatory processes. On the contrary, they are able to restore the structure of the mucous membrane of the stomach and establish the correct operation of the smooth muscles of the bronchi.
  • ПГ2 – the most active and are the main factors causing the pain, amplifying swelling, and can even compress the nerve endings. It is they are trying to influence all of modern painkillers.
  • ПГ3 – directly affects the increase in body temperature in a variety of inflammation, but the pain does not cause.
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Practically most modern anesthetic drugs and a series of NPVS is able to selectively act on data elements. Aspirin also cannot differentiate between the prostaglandins according to their chemical origin and reduces the activity of absolutely everyone. This, in turn, cause adverse reactions and unpleasant consequences if taken lightly.

So, by reducing the functions of PG1 taking this drug can cause exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease, inflammation of the gastric mucosa, lead to bronchospasm and greatly increase bleeding.

However, Aspirin can reduce a fever, to eliminate pain, if they are not very strong. But most often, doctors prescribe this medication for those suffering from disorders of the cardiovascular system. Due to its ability to thin the blood it prevents the formation of blood clots and reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Does an Aspirin for a toothache?

There are different causes of pain in the tooth:

  1. When the basis for this is the carious disease. Then, from any direct pressure on Nude dentinal tubules pain. Fix it with medicines does not work, it is sufficient to rinse or mechanically clean a cavity from food debris that an unpleasant sensation has disappeared.
  2. When inflammation of the pulp is increased pressure due to swelling of the connective tissue. The pain occurs as the result of constant pinching of the nerve endings in a confined space. Various nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs help to relieve such feelings, but not for long. Completely eliminate the pain will only dentist, when you open polyarnoy the camera and give a chance to leave the excess fluid.
  3. The same discomfort may appear when the disease of the periodontium. Formed by the pressure inside the tissues is similar pullparam inflammation, but the intensity of the discomfort is much lower, as there is vast area for edema. The pain symptoms are medicines, but to eliminate the root cause needs the doctor, or the inflammation goes into a chronic form and lead to different consequences.
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When you consider all of the above, it can be assumed that acetylsalicylic acid toothache helps in rare cases and with low intensity sensations. But you have to understand that not every situation it will be effective. Also, be sure to consider the side effects of Aspirin.

Acting on the circulatory system thinning way, it reduces the ability of blood clots that will affect the removal of a tooth or treatment of the pulp. So if you have such manipulations, it is better to abstain from taking acetylsalicylic acid in any form, as it will lead to increased bleeding in the postoperative period and significantly complicate the treatment of a dentist.

All doctors recommend that if it is impossible to ask for help, in time, eliminate tooth pain other drugs having comprehensive and selective effects when the impact occurs at the desired chemical elements in the body.

To cure the same root cause can only dentist, so even effective painkillers cannot be taken continuously. If any unpleasant sensations in the teeth, you should go to the dentist, because only in the office to eliminate them.

How to take the drug?

Though it is believed that Aspirin is affordable and has long been known to the world the remedy, however use it thoughtlessly is not worth it. After all, he had a lot of side effects, and in some cases even very dangerous for life and health. Thus, strictly prohibited the use of acetylsalicylic acid for the treatment of children up to 15 years, pregnant and lactating women.

It is important to take into account the dosage of the medication. If you want to reduce the risk of thrombosis, it is sufficient to take 100 or 300 mg acid per day. And to get rid of high temperature or pain syndrome can only be dose of Aspirin 500 mg. Drink the medicine immediately after meals and drink plenty of water.

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The doctors are insisting not to be carried away by such means and not to exceed the duration of treatment longer than a week. At the first sign of negative reaction to the drug, its reception should be discontinued.

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Once my mom everything was treated with aspirin. He just didn’t go out from a home kit. With age, I realized that it was not such a good tool, so now I buy more expensive but effective drugs depending on what’s actually bothering.


Always thought it was a safe drug. It turns out that it is better not to keep the house and not taking it when you want. Of course, it would be desirable for pharmaceutical preparations buy only when doctor prescribed. But we used always to be treated yourself.


Once faced with the fact that he drank aspirin when having a stomachache. In the instructions it says that it helps. Not only that, the pain has not gone, then the dentist in the office, problems with the bleeding began. He told me that in no case should not drink aspirin in such situations.