At what age to put braces: how long do you put braces

Everyone dreams of a beautiful open smile because of uneven teeth often cause physical discomfort and insecurity. It is important as early as possible to notice such a problem, because the corrective system can fix a pathology of the teeth at any age. Only a doctor can decide at what age to put braces taking into account the diagnosis of the patient.

What is braces

Before you answer the question, at what age can you put braces baby, you need to understand what constitutes such an orthodontic design, and which one is best to choose. Braces is a bracket of special design, which are individually attached to each tooth and connected honey with a thin wire. They are usually worn for 1-3 years, not forgetting periodically to see a specialist.

Often people with the wrong flavor concerned about the question at what age put braces. This interest stems from the fact that you can often hear not quite a true statement, that such orthodontic designs can be worn only by children and adolescents and in the treatment of adult they will not bring the desired effect. It turns out that such brackets can be ustanavlivat at any age, both adults and children. It is necessary to consult the orthodontist will explain to the patient what age to put braces, and when to carry out such a procedure is already an adult.

While wearing braces as teeth straightening is governed by the tension of the wire, so parents need on a monthly basis to show a child specialist. Typically, such orthodontic devices are worn around the clock, and for the period of bite correction in children should abstain from chewing gum and eating hard food.

A few years ago, treatment of malocclusion involves the wearing on the teeth of the metal plates, which can spoil the aesthetic appearance. Today there are many alternative options for solving the problem due to which the treatment process becomes invisible and even enjoyable.

In dentistry there is the following classification of such orthodontic appliances, like braces:

  1. Metal braces are the most common designs, which give a good result of treatment. Their high demand among patients due to their low cost. The supplied bracket is a metal plate which is fastened on the front side of teeth. Such orthodontic design is quite simple and the process of alignment of the teeth is accelerated due to the minimal friction between the arch and grooves. The only disadvantage of such braces is not an attractive aesthetic appearance. However, such a problem can be solved successfully, garnished with metal braces with colored rubber bands.
  2. Sapphire braces — orthodontic devices made of such material as sapphire. One of their main advantages is their complete transparency, which makes them completely invisible on the teeth. This option is considered ideal for those patients in whom the teeth are absolutely white. While wearing these braces do not collect plaque and food, and do not change over time, its color. Despite all the advantages of sapphire brackets to correct the bite will need to wear them a lot longer than metal.
  3. Ceramic braces are considered to be the most appropriate option for the correction of bite in children and adults. This is due to the fact that they do not spoil the aesthetic appearance, and the price is not high. These braces are suitable for patients of any age, and malocclusion in children using them goes without any problems. Ceramic locks are represented by different shades of enamel, and choose the desired variant is not difficult.
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Today there are various types of braces, and in need of treatment with their help, it is necessary to seek help from a specialist. He will undergo tests and will tell you how many years put braces to children and adolescents, and what orthodontic design to select the best. In addition, the doctor will tell to what age can you put braces, and that are allowed to eat then?

When it is recommended to install braces

Parents are watching the growth and development of your child and if you experience problems with the bite definitely will see them. Of course, many are concerned the question, from what age and until what age can braces be fitted to the child and where it is best to do. Orthodontists distinguish some factors in the presence of which shows the correction of bite in children using braces:

  • history parents have issues with proper bite;
  • there is a predisposition to such pathologies as diabetes and diseases of the nervous system;
  • the child is dominated by habits such as thumb sucking or other items more than 6 hours per day;
  • diagnosed problems with the spine, and disturbed posture;
  • identifies the pathology of adenoids and impaired nasal breathing after a cold.

In fact, there are different opinions of experts about what age and until what age this kind of orthodontic design. Some argue that the most appropriate time for such treatment is considered an early age. Others, on the contrary, say that it is best to level the teeth at a later age.

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What age is it possible to put braces

Parents need to periodically show the child the orthodontist that will allow you to diagnose his overbite. In that case, if the child had identified this pathology, then proceed to the correction of the defect must be immediately. At an early age bite in children is still not fully formed, so before the age of 13 adjustments possible with the help of removable plates. Approximately 14 years jaw acquire a stable position, so that time can be put on teeth braces.

About this time ends the process of formation of permanent teeth, allowing them to withstand higher load. In that case, if to install of braces early 12-14 years, it may cause the resorption is not fully formed roots. In fact, such a pathological condition is considered to be quite difficult and dangerous, and can result in the loss of teeth. For this reason, before installing the braces need to visit the orthodontist, who will conduct the necessary diagnostics and will respond to parents when it is better to put braces on their child. It is important to know that there are some points that parents need to pay attention to when deciding how to set the braces:

  1. It should give up correcting malocclusion with braces until the moment when the child will not see the second painting. Such necessity is explained by the fact that the teeth definitely need to be in the correct position. In the opposite situation increases the risk that their eruption will occur outside of the row of teeth. This can lead to various relapses, and the period of correction of the malocclusion will be considerably increased.
  2. If necessary, install the bracket system, it is necessary to examine the state of okolorotova and internal muscles. It is important to identify the presence in a patient of anomalies of dentoalveolar system, but also be aware of the disproportionate development of muscle and bone.
  3. In order to prevent the appearance of different recurrence should check is the load on the teeth. In a situation where there is closure of some teeth earlier than others, it increases the risk of re-curvature.

The parents asked about what age is better to put braces children experts often speak of the Golden middle, that is, the period of 10-13 years. This is because at this age usually fall out all the baby teeth and grow permanent ones. In addition, in this period of hard tissue are already in the stage of formation and strengthening, but at the same time quite generalizirovanny. At this age children already understand the need to put braces to correct their bite, and can also monitor the hygiene of the oral cavity.

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At the desire of adults to have an attractive smile and straight teeth they need to know up to what age put braces. In fact, such orthodontic designs can be set as 20 and 50 years. The only difference is the duration of treatment, and also of the need for removal of some teeth. Adult patients completing the growth of the jaw bone, so to get smooth dentition is necessary to resort to extraction of teeth.

The peculiarities of installing orthodontic appliances

The braces are fixed on the outer and inner surfaces of the teeth due to the special material. Today, there are different types of orthodontic appliances, which differ from each other in quality and price.

In that case, if you decide to install of braces, then the patient is assigned to the complete diagnosis. Thereafter, preparation of the mouth for the upcoming procedure. At the same time made a plaster model, and then performed a complete restoration of the oral cavity.


She remedial work begins when the slots of the braces introduced a special arc. This orthodontic device has on the teeth some pressure and forcing them to move to the desired distance. When you put braces on the teeth, the process itself does not cause the patients any discomfort. However, after some time, there may be unusual sensations and discomfort, and getting used to this orthodontic designs can take up to 5 days.

Wearing braces can be one year or several years, and this is determined by the severity of the disease. After the child got braces, the specialist should explain to parents that you can eat and how to properly care for them.