Baby 8 months no teeth: causes, what to do

«My baby 8 months no teeth still. Whether it is dangerous? What you need to do?» — such messages are often found on the forums for young mothers and blogs. Before you sound the alarm, you need to understand that the teething process is purely individual. In some children they appear in 4-6 months, others closer to year, and sometimes kids are born with a tooth. According to doctors, usually the baby teeth begin to erupt at 6-8 months. First, there are the lower and upper incisors, and then grow fangs (closer to 2 years), and later grow first and second milk molars. Usually by age 3 the child should be fully formed milk dentition. If 8-month-old baby still not teething, you need to inform the doctor. After the inspection, he will be able to specifically answer why there are teeth in a child and what measures need to be taken. Further, it is necessary to analyze the factors that slow the growth of teeth and to consider methods that facilitate the process of teething.

The reasons for late teething

For a start, it should be noted that usually the girls teeth erupt sooner than boys. Do not panic, if in 8 months no teeth. In modern dentistry, this situation belongs to the normal range. However, doctor’s consultation will not prevent.

The reasons for the late growth of teeth in infants:

  • the wrong course of pregnancy;
  • a consequence of the disease (metabolic disorders or rickets);
  • features power;
  • incorrect position of teeth;
  • congenital adentia.

If the pregnancy proceeded with complications or during pregnancy the mother suffered a serious illness, it is likely that the sequence of eruption of teeth can be broken. In some cases, some teeth of the baby may not grow.

Also delay of growth of teeth can explain the long-term disorders of the bowel and abnormal metabolism. It is recommended to take a blood test to determine the presence of vitamin D in children. Sometimes delay of growth of the teeth is a symptom of rickets.

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A lot depends on how the baby is fed. As a rule, children who are breastfed, are more likely to suffer late teething. The kids-iskusstvennogo this process is much faster, which can be explained by the composition of the food. In the artificial mixtures the concentration of vitamins and minerals significantly higher than in breast milk. It promotes the accelerated development of all the vital systems in the body of the child.

If in 10-11 months still no teeth, it makes sense to be examined by a specialist. Sometimes the tooth may not be seated in the gum — instead of a vertical position into horizontal. But it’s not as scary as the absence of germs. This happens very rarely cause a problem all the same complications during pregnancy and genetic pathology.

Should I worry

It is important to note that panic is inappropriate in any situation. Independently take any action impossible, so we should not give the child medicines, which suggest girlfriend or grandmother. If parents are worried about late tooth eruption, baby you need to show a qualified professional.

Still need to figure out if there were any kind of mom or dad such problems. If the next of kin is also slowly teething, it is likely that the problem is hereditary.

Also parents can themselves periodically to watch the gums. If they periodically swell, so everything is in order. Typically, the growth process occurs in several stages, which are accompanied by swelling of gums and pain. At such times, the child may be cranky, sleep poorly, he is deteriorating appetite. Sometimes the baby may even have a fever. All you need to say pediatrician during another routine monthly surveys. If your child is ill, he has fever, an urgent need to call your doctor or an ambulance. After examination, the specialist will be able to determine that erupt teeth,or baby had a cold.

The advice of a doctor need to apply in the case prorezalsya teeth are of irregular shape or odd color.

Diet for teeth

The eruption of the first tooth — the process is usually complex and for the baby and for the parents. If at 8 months the baby still has no teeth, but pediatricians claim that no pathological problems are not available, the child can be helped without resorting to drugs.

The main thing you need to pay attention to the daily diet. Food infants must be complete. To introduce solid foods in that case, if the baby is ready to eat «adult» food. The older he gets, the more it needs the vitamins and minerals for development. Only formula or breast milk for eight-month-old child, naturally, will not be enough. At this age, doctors recommend giving your child not only cereals but also meat, cheese. Important components of a healthy diet. Cooked lean meat is rich in protein and grated cheese — calcium. These trace elements are directly involved in the growth process of the teeth.

It is important to pay attention to the structure of the food. Need to gradually switch to solid food. Great exercise machines for gum are Apple and pear. Periodically you can give slices of fruit for the baby, so he scratched them on their gums. You can still give drying or a crust of bread. But parents need to carefully monitor the child, so he choked on the crumbs. As a trainer you can use boiled carrots.

How to help your child

Usually at this age children are very curious and all pull in the mouth. Especially if the child has itchy teeth, he can chew on everything: toys, fingers, in General, everything that comes under his arm. In the pharmacies you can buy special training gum. They are inexpensive, but help the child to forget about the unpleasant itching. The teethers are made from food grade silicone. It is soft and elastic, but at the same time has high strength. Massage effect of such devices is achieved through a ridged surface and texture. They are not able to deform the jaw teeth.

When buying teethers, don’t hesitate to ask to show you the quality certificate. The composition of the material should be free of BPA, then the toy will not have the smell and taste. There are cooling gryzunki, which are filled with water. These teethers can be on 5 minutes to put in the fridge but not the freezer. Then the toy will also assist the cooling effect. Gryzunki need to wash with baby soap to prevent any infection in the oral cavity of the baby.

More parents need to know that if the baby is observed stunted growth teeth, it is possible that they will appear in broken order. Sometimes you can simultaneously erupt some teeth. In this case, the child becomes cranky, nervous. Parents should try to be patient and try to calm the baby, this period was less turbulent. After all, parental care and love can work wonders.