Bamboo toothbrushes: how to use them?

In recent years significantly increased the popularity of bamboo toothbrushes. But what are these trends and how to use them?

Also describe the main types of bamboo brushes for the teeth, provide user reviews and description of the characteristics of the product.


Toothbrush spray of bamboo charcoal – a product of modern research in the field of care of the oral cavity. The manufacturer is using natural antiseptics and addition of activated bamboo charcoal in the villi of the tool for hygiene.

Due to the special multiple processing bamboo charcoal (3 to 10 times), he gains the ability to absorb large amount of harmful particles that reside in your mouth that allows you to deal more effectively with unpleasant mouth odor. This property of bamboo charcoal is qualitatively different from other products of wood processing.

Bamboo toothbrush greatly simplifies the process of caring for your teeth, because of its composition and design has a bright antibacterial and antiseptic action. Thus, it can prevent the development of various diseases of the oral cavity.


All of the above advantages of bamboo brushes was achieved through a number of its characteristic features in the development process:

  • villi of medium hardness allow you to use the brush for people with sensitive teeth and gums;
  • the possibility of using without the use of toothpaste. It is very important for people who have individual intolerance to these agents or their elements;
  • thanks to the special design provides massaging of the gums, which is very useful in some diseases of the mouth;
  • does not become a source of bacteria, because the materials used in its manufacture, to resist the deposition of harmful microorganisms on the cleaning surface;
  • fibers with carbon coating is recommended even in case of complex problems with gums;
  • brush, which can not be used in connection with the expiration of working life, breaks down within 1-1. 5 years, the term hundreds of times smaller than the classic;
  • due to the peculiarities of the manufacture of the cleaning fibers, they are able to better penetrate into the interdental space (such as floss).
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Thanks to all of the above characteristics, bamboo toothbrush is quickly gaining popularity both among patients and the medical community. It should be noted that scientific research and improvement of this device continue.

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The types of brushes made of bamboo

Using a combination of different elements, bamboo brushes are of different types, which are characterized by specific features:

  • brush with tourmaline — due to the unique electric field of this mineral, it has a healing effect on the oral cavity, and in combination with the properties of bamboo has a strong antibacterial action. Some specialists are inclined to believe that the use can also improve the ionic balance of the human body;
  • Nano – the most common type. She has a bimodal shape of the bristles, which improves the cleaning effect and whiten your teeth. Brush Nano also have a strong antibacterial and absorbent action that allows you to positively influence the breath;
  • Kvelmi — created entirely from natural, organic materials. Due to the coating with beeswax, pen — water resistant. The composition of the bristles, helps fight germs in your mouth;
  • White&Smile is the most gentle way to whiten my teeth and returns them to their natural whiteness. Cleaning fiber medium hardness not hurt the gums, but qualitatively eliminate harmful plaque;
  • Guanbo is created with the use of plastic elements. Because of the fine bristles are able to penetrate into the most remote interdental spaces. Comfortable ergonomic design, slim handle minimizes the chance of damage to the gums from too heavy movements.

Stop your choice depending on the problem points of your oral cavity. Regardless of the type, each of them has antibacterial and absorbent properties.

How to use bamboo brushes for teeth?

How to use it? Rules cleaning not differ from recommendations for the care of teeth with a regular brush, but some details still there:

  1. Bamboo brushes have very soft hair, but if you have very sensitive teeth, before use put the brush in warm water, then apply a little toothpaste and start brushing from the outer side of the dentition.
  2. For more effective cleaning the teeth from plaque, perform movement from the top (from the gum) to the ends of the teeth.
  3. When cleaning the internal parts of the dentition, pay special attention to the most inaccessible places, because this is where most bacteria.
  4. At the end of the brush should be thoroughly rinsed in clean water and dried. Do not leave it wet in a closed case – this leads to the appearance of bacteria on its surface.
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Bamboo brush is simple and versatile to use, for their use, no contraindications, but some points need to pay special attention. Here are some useful tips:

  • if your brush contains micro-particles of coal, that use it is not recommended more often 7-8 months in a row;
  • after infectious diseases toothbrushes should be changed;
  • the period of effective use of conventional bamboo brush does not exceed 2-3 months, after you need to buy a new one.

Remember that incorrect use of even the most effective means not only not useful, but can hurt!

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Julia, 24 years

For 100 rubles in the metro station and bought 4 bamboo brushes. They clean very well, soft and nice, also with natural ingredients. The quality is noticed at the first cleaning. Plus they are very compact, unlike today. The manufacturer, in my opinion, South Korea. They cost more than reasonable, and fully consistent quality.

Elena, 24 years

Hello everybody! I would like to tell you about bamboo toothbrush with carbon additives. Bought it after I read a few articles and reviews online, there and ordered. Now the other brushes to even try don’t want. The bristles are very high quality and soft, it is suitable for smokers and lovers of coffee, because it perfectly and safely whitens teeth, has a positive effect on the gums, reduces the amount of bacteria in your mouth. The brushes are great and cheap. I recommend to all! Try it and you will not regret!

Igor, 32 years

Great brush with a thoughtful design, thin threads of clear space between teeth. For me the value is in the natural composition, so they are just my version. As it turned out, they can clean your teeth even with braces systems. Sometimes confused by the black color of the fibers, but there are other coloring pages.

Leonid, 27 years

Bamboo brush ordered via Aliexpress for 25 rubles, the reason for the purchase was a trivial concern, and the bamboo products. This brush many advantages: convenience, safety teeth and gums to excellent effect, and the price is very pleased. At first glance, it may seem that the pen is weak, but actually she’s just very flexible, you can break it I failed. Used together with the pasta, though the manufacturer claims that it is not necessary. I brush lasts for a month, about the same time, we can observe the positive results of cleansing: teeth are white, look more healthy. Even brush I liked, but to order it again, I will try to find somewhere we ?

Further questions

► What is the cost?

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Price may vary depending on additional structure of the product. On average, a pack of 4 brushes Korean production is from 100 to 130 rubles.

► Which company is the best bamboo toothbrush?

Most popular products of the company Nano. Consumers say that these brushes are the best combination of price and quality. Per pack of 4 brushes will have to pay no more than 100 rubles.