Best products for teeth whitening — the list

Even when there was no whitening procedures, people managed to keep the smile bright and mouth healthy. All this is possible thanks to the usual vegetables and fruit. We list the best products for teeth whitening – the list will give more detail.

Of course, to radically change the natural color of enamel or to remove old plaque, Tartar with the help of the power system will be rather difficult. But if you constantly monitor the health of the teeth, cleanliness of the oral cavity, any of the following products will be able to help.

Is it possible to whiten your teeth with fruits and vegetables?

There is a list of products that contribute to overall dental health, as they contain useful minerals that strengthen the structure of the enamel. In addition, the use of used products is also important in the case where they are mechanically clean the tooth surface from plaque and massage gums.

Some of these products contain a special acid that is able to lighten enamel. But to resort to this simple means it is necessary not too often. Because the high amounts of acids can damage the enamel histoncal it and create cracks.

Best products for teeth whitening


In this berry in addition to seed, acting mechanically, still contains malic acid. It contributes to a more thorough cleaning of plaque and brightens the natural color of the enamel.

Of course, too often apply the strawberries are harmful, but periodic use of the berries in moderation will help to lighten its shade.

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In apples many useful substances to human health. No wonder doctors recommend to eat one fruit daily to ensure a healthy life. For teeth also have multiple useful effects from it:

  • Apple in its structure contains the same acids, which can lighten the enamel.
  • Solid food during chewing cleans the teeth from plaque and Tartar.
  • This fruit causes increased salivation. But as you know, good saliva fights bacteria and promotes healthy oral cavity.


Similar to apples and pears act. They are also solid and rich in micronutrients, and acids.

Adding this fruit in your daily diet it’s safe to say that the teeth will be cleaned in time, and a sufficient amount of saliva will help to neutralize the activity of any bacteria.

Seeds and nuts

Solid food by itself, has beneficial effects on the oral cavity. When chewing occurs a gentle massage of the gums, which increases blood flow, which nourishes the tooth structure.

And yet it is obvious that during their use as from the effects of their brush efficiently cleans all the plaque and even Tartar.

Hard cheeses

This product is especially valuable because it contains concentrated calcium. Enough to eat a small piece of hard cheese a day, to maintain the level of this trace mineral in normal. If we remember that cheese is colorless, you should not fear the emergence of any stains on the enamel after consumption.

Milk and yogurt

Dairy products are considered the only sources of calcium, which, in turn, is the main component for healthy teeth.

But in addition milk contains lactic acid, which is also important for maintaining oral health.

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From the bow there is an unpleasant smell and after its use people often tries to brush my teeth. And additional treatment in itself has a beneficial effect on the appearance of the smile.

Celery and carrots

In these vegetables the high content of minerals that help to strengthen overall health. They also act on the teeth like brush, well eliminating the plaque and stuck food residues in the most remote places. And just like apples increase the amount of saliva in the mouth, which also promotes healthy teeth.


For white enamel, the effect of this vegetable is that it is able to Polish the surface, giving the smile a healthy glow and radiance, and cleans all the gaps from stuck food, simultaneously massaging the gums.


This product is full of vitamin C, which can not only strengthen the immune system, but is almost the only way to protect gums from inflammation. In addition, in the citrus contains a special acid that affect the color of the enamel.

Only with such products need to be careful not to use them too often, because the enamel from constant exposure to the acid becomes thinner, and this leads to other problems.

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For medical reasons I had a long time to use products, which just excluded all the dyes. Coffee, tea, and wine was banned. During this time, the teeth do without any additional effort became whiter.


If you learn how to even just rinse your mouth with clean water after eating, your teeth will be much cleaner and healthier. If, however, simple to apply bleaching products, like soda or orange peel, the smile will be white even without dental visits and costly procedures.


I always in the summer, eat a lot of strawberries. And lately it has become especially to use it as a bleach to the enamel. Not to say that the result is impressive, but it is. The teeth become gradually brighter and cleaner. It is a pity that it is impossible year-round to have fresh berries.


I use these products the doctor prescribed two weeks after professional whitening. In principle, nothing complicated, so more tasty and healthy. I think if you avoid tea and coffee, as these foods to eat on a regular basis, daily, dental problems, and their color will not arise.


For some time now started to add baking soda to regular toothpaste while brushing. Not every day but once a week is enough. The teeth are instantly brighter, while a plaque or a stone do not have time to dwell on them.