Bicon implants: the variety, price and reviews

Absolutely unique among dental implants Bicon system. Their variety, the price and the reviews give the opportunity of the best choice when replacing one or several teeth. Is restored and a beautiful smile and full function of the jaw.

Any ways prosthetics today are becoming more improved and sophisticated. However, implantation has taken a leading position in this case, as able to replace lost units, filling problems, not only visually, but also loaded correctly the jaw tissue.

About the manufacturer

American company Bicon Dental Implants (Boston dental Implants) is engaged in the development and creation of implants since 1985. Its main direction – special cases of implantation, when the space for the metal rod, not so much.

Back in the old days appeared first implants with the length of the rod is only 8 mm. even then they were considered very short, but in some cases it is impossible to use the longer constructions. Developers pay special attention to such features of the structure of the jaw, when the lack of bone or close to the location of important organs is hampering the establishment of the classical implantation.

To this end, the company has developed a narrow and short models of the implants, which is unique among the world’s producers not. Do not forget the other technological aspects that are important in the creation of high-quality products with a long service life.

Features Bicon implants

The main difference between these structures is the minimum size. In a fairly conventional diameter implants Bicon in length can have only 5 or 8 mm. Is the basic feature that provides the ability to restore the dentition in those cases when you need bone augmentation or carry out such an operation, as the sinus lift. But thanks to miniature products of such procedures can be avoided.

Also, the manufacturer has focused on the aesthetic appearance of each design. The artificial tooth looks as natural, is no different. And by corner abutments, covering 360 degrees, you can play back any desired inclination of the product.

Despite the short rod, the durability and reliability of the fixing is ensured by a wide enough diameter and a good mount. It does not use standard screws, which significantly reduces the likelihood of breakage and loss of product.

An important feature of the Bicon implant. It is not screwed in the jaw, and quite easily implanted with a light puncture. This reduces the risk of injury of surrounding tissue and facilitates healing.

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Using a medical titanium alloy, the manufacturers confirm that potential complications, allergic reactions and rejection of the product is minimized. Biocompatibility of material confirmed by years of research and proven many satisfied customers.


In the product catalogue provided only three main types:

  1. Short implants Short. Their peculiarity lies in the length of the rod is 5 mm, which enables installation of the structure even in the minimum size of the bone, or near the maxillary sinuses. Reliability and stability are provided due to the wide diameter 4,5-6 mm, representing 30% of the surface of the product.
  2. A series of Narrow offers another feature – a narrow diameter (3.5-4 mm), thus allowing to carry out the implantation in remote places, the aesthetic zone and very narrow interdental spaces.
  3. Max implants represent the largest dimensions of the products of this company. In diameter it has 4-4. 5 mm, but the length of the rod can reach 8-11 mm.

Due to the elaborate internal threads more standard sizes and corner abutments provides versatility implantation using the data structures. Combining the right elements together, achieved a natural appearance and ease of use virtually all the features of the structure of the jaw of the patient.

Advantages and disadvantages

All the main technologies used for the production of Bicon, they provide the following advantages:

  • a short time the procedure;
  • good survival rate of titanium rod;
  • to avoid the possibility of operations sinus lifting or bone grafting;
  • easy recovery period, passing to the patient without any complications;
  • high rates of product functionality in the course of daily long-term operation;
  • the natural aesthetic appearance of the artificial tooth;
  • the affordability of the entire implantation procedure in a single session;
  • no risk of trauma to the bones;
  • the ability to set the design in atrophied tissues, reduced alveolar process after surgical intervention and even when the periodontal disease;
  • accessibility of implantation simultaneously with the extraction of a tooth;
  • the minimum number of fasteners provides a secure fit, comfort when using the system and good aesthetic characteristics;
  • low probability of failures of individual elements;
  • the materials are safe for the health of the patient;
  • the tightness of the connections reduce the risk of infection of implanted region;
  • long life products with warranty from the manufacturer;
  • ease of a doctor implantologist in the process of implantation of the rod and further fixation of abutments and crowns.
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Among the minuses can highlight the limitations of the same size. Because sometimes there is a need for a fairly long rods and three-dimensional diameters, which the company Bicon is unable to provide.

Indications and contraindications

In addition to the classic cases of implantation, the implant designs of the manufacturer is possible:

  • after single-step procedure, when removing damaged tooth;
  • with immediate load carried out in one session;
  • with other types of prosthetics with the use of implants as the Foundation for mounting;
  • when restoring a single tooth or a whole number;
  • in special cases the structure of the bones without the prior building fabric or other operations.

Contraindications will serve most of the diseases in which undesirable any intervention, as it is likely the negative reaction of the patient.

Dental implants

In order to decide whether to make the implantation of an artificial stem for a given patient and to diagnose the characteristics of its jaw system, carry out the following manipulation:

  • prescribed a blood test and urine;
  • doing panoramic and target x-ray images of the jaw;
  • sometimes produce a diagnostic model of the dentition for the qualitative assessment for inter occlusal space;
  • a CT scan is performed in cases of bone deficiency, and a separate anomalies of the maxillary sinuses and nerves.

Specify how it will be implanted implant, its size, length and other features, go to the installation phase of the product:

  1. Create a special pattern or model of the precise location of the future artificial tooth.
  2. Conduct local anesthesia for comfort of the patient during the intervention.
  3. Prepare a bed for the rod using osteotomy and preparation of the bone;
  4. Directly implanting the implant in the desired space and fix it accordingly to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

If the procedure is performed in one stage, then immediately after that, install a suitable abutment and the crown. In the cases of classical procedures, this session is postponed to the moment until it fully heal the tissue around the implant.

The procedure itself takes no longer than an hour, which is convenient for the patient. The entire period of wound healing after the intervention can last from three to six months. In this case, the temporary abutment is replaced by a constant.

The postoperative period

Due to the used construction, simple installation and manufacturers guarantee that the tissue healing will happen safely and quickly. And yet, if you feel pain, the doctor will prescribe drugs that release these feelings. In case of any signs of ailments or side effects you should contact the dentist who conducts an implant.

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It is important to observe hygiene of an oral cavity and gently used false teeth. In this case, the duration of operation of the structure is greatly increased. Periodically it is better to come to control the state of the teeth and implants to the doctor and closely to cooperate with him.

It is especially necessary to monitor the strength of the mounting structure in the first period after installation. If a two-stage implantation seen even a small movement of the prosthesis, the dentist is obliged to make the adhesive fixing for added durability.

Video: system of dental implants Bicon.


The cost of products Bicon applies to expensive systems. The price of a single implant will cost 20-30 thousand rubles, depending on the chosen model. But to determine how much the entire procedure of implantation, it is necessary to calculate the associated manipulations for the diagnosis and installation, as well as additional elements of abutments, crowns, etc.

The whole process can cost 80 thousand rubles, although each dental clinic has its own pricing policy.


Valentine’s day:

Installed the implants three years ago, and didn’t feel any discomfort. All caught on fast and easy. However, I would have opted for cheaper options, but in my case it took little rods.


The company my doctor singled out especially since I need to do bone grafting. But if I agree to Bicon implants, this procedure is not followed. This significantly reduces spending, and less operations have to survive.


Was afraid that a short implant can easily pop up and will not last long. But I use it for a few years, and the result suits me. No loosening or breakage, the design is kept as a mother.