Biohorizons implants (Biohorizons): types, price, reviews

It is important to pick quality and most suitable materials for the prosthesis. This will help Biohorizons implants (Biohorizons). What are their types, price, and customer feedback will describe in more detail.

Increasingly, dentists recommend to use it for implantation, as it is a modern and successful way to restore the functionality of the dentition and its natural appearance. Any other methods of prosthetics cannot achieve similar results.

About the manufacturer

Release of products for implantation and other products for dentistry, the company Biohorizont began in 1994. In such a short time, the popularity of the company and its implants spread to 50 countries on various continents. And though production is based in the USA, branches are located in many parts of the world, which greatly simplifies the work between suppliers and customers.

Based on scientific research conducted in Alabama a & m University, which created the company that manufacturers achieve good results. Implants Biohorizons combine the best technologies to help the good acceptance of the web, the aesthetics of the final artificial tooth and ensure durability of the product.

Where to apply?

In addition to implants and abutments thereto, Biohorizons releases and other materials and tools for various maxillofacial surgeries. With such products it is possible to correct a variety of malocclusions, disorders of teeth growth, increase bone tissue, etc.

Due to the variety of sizes, shapes, lengths and elements for implant and other dental corrections, you can find products virtually any, even the most complex queries and individual characteristics.

Manufacturers have tried to create implants for different anatomic abnormalities that could benefit patients even with non-standard forms of dentition.

Advantages and disadvantages

Due to the latest developments and unique technologies used, the company managed to achieve a number of advantages of implants Biohorizons:

  • due to the special surface treatment of the root web is impossible to achieve a rapid habituation of the tissues to a foreign object and prijaviti it in a short time;
  • used biocompatible material provides minimal risk of complications, allergic reactions or implant rejection;
  • maximum matching rod forms a natural root of a natural tooth allow dental implantation immediately after removal of the unit;
  • ideal load distribution between artificial elements and the living tissues;
  • special hexagonal connection allows you to securely fix all components together;
  • the ability to place dental implants even in the thinning of bone tissue, because the range of products is small in length and diameter variations;
  • reduced risks of failure of the structure;
  • uneven surface helps to better adhesion between artificial elements and the living tissue that provides structural strength;
  • quick adaptation and wound healing that offers the opportunity to build crowns in 3-4 months after the installation of the rod;
  • the aesthetics of the abutment guarantees a natural appearance when through a translucent gum invisible artificial elements;
  • product warranty from the manufacturer that is responsible for the duration of operation of the system, usually 10-15 years and sometimes more;
  • a good ratio of price and quality that achieves the best results implantation at a relatively affordable cost elements.
  • a wide range of products gives you the opportunity to place dental implants in a variety of cases individual characteristics;
  • the availability of the replacement of any number of dental units in the row;
  • conical form and a special thread provide strength and reliability of fixation of the rod;
  • the color coding helps to simplify the dentist’s work, which greatly speeds up the surgical process;
  • availability to conduct one-stage implant placement without waiting for full healing;
  • reduced risks of damage to the soft tissues and bones of the jaw as during surgery and after it;
  • even implants can withstand high chewing loads, they can be installed in any area of the dentition.
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Among these positive aspects would be difficult to identify any cons. Some dentists have noted among the defects of only the Golden color of the abutments Biohorizons that can sometimes Shine through the gum and spoil the appearance of the smile. But that is not true in all cases. So, evaluate the pros and cons of using this system you need in each situation individually.

The types of implants Biohorizons

The entire range of products provided by the major four models:

  1. Biohorizons Internal – this series used carving square shape that helps to evenly distribute the load on the rod and surrounding tissue. They also contribute to a better anchoring and fixation of the implant, preventing it from loosening or falling out.
  2. Single-stage – focused on immediate implantation. Additionally included are special tools for carrying out these procedures.
  3. Biohorizons Laser-Lok – requires special surface treatment with a laser that provides an improved form for osseointegration, mounting and does not cause allergic reactions. In this model there are small sizes that are easy to use in small gaps or thinning of the bone tissue.
  4. One-piece 3.0 implants is particularly important when the scale size of the atrophied bone, and when necessary a one-stage implantation. And at least use them rarely, but sometimes without them to perform the procedure will not work.

Indications and contraindications to the installation

Cases where implantation is the best solution, is always to any situation, partial or complete adentia. And implants Biohorizons allow it even in cases when other methods of prosthetics impossible:

  • atrophied bone tissue;
  • small size for other reasons;
  • allergic reaction to other systems of prosthetics and materials;
  • the need to set an artificial tooth in a single session;
  • various jaw anomalies with the changed angle, etc.
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But as with any surgery, this procedure requires to take into account certain contraindications:

  • of blood clotting;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • various psychiatric or neurological pathology;
  • Oncology;
  • lowered immunity;
  • poor healing of wounds and damaged tissues due to some disease;
  • tuberculosis and any complications associated with it;
  • diabetes of the first type;
  • bruxism;
  • osteopath;
  • liver or kidney failure;
  • high blood pressure;
  • serious disease of the mucosal surface.

Also, in some cases you will have to first get rid of other problems to begin with quality of implantation:

  1. Of tooth decay tooth decay.
  2. Inflammation of the gums.
  3. Periodontitis.
  4. Malocclusion.
  5. Diseases of the jaw joint.
  6. Abnormalities of the alveolar process.
  7. Various types of addictions – alcohol, drugs, or nicotine.
  8. Pregnancy and lactation.

In each case, the doctor should be aware of the problem and to decide whether to make such an intervention.

The preparatory phase

At this stage, the details dentist examines the oral cavity, prescribes the delivery of various tests to decide whether to perform the implantation, and which parts to use. In any case, do:

  • rontgendiagnostik, to analyze the implantable region and evaluation of the structure of the bone tissue;
  • digital photography for visual control in various projections and determine the size of the future crown;
  • make a plaster cast of the jaw, which will help to design the most suitable elements of the artificial tooth.

The procedure

After having performed all the stages of diagnosis and find the right products, carried out the very procedure of implant placement:

  1. Be given local anesthesia to make the patient feel comfortable all the time of surgery and not feel pain.
  2. Prepare a bed under a titanium rod.
  3. Produce reliable fixation of the implant and the abutment. If the procedure takes place in one session, then immediately install and crown.
  4. Processing the surface for faster healing, give advice to the patient at the time of tissue regeneration.
  5. Only after the complete restoration carried out prosthetics with crowns and bridges for final restoration of the dentition.
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Features of the recovery process

The technology used in creating implants Biohorizons, focused on the period of osseointegration and healing of the web was easier and faster. Therefore, postoperative stage causes the minimum risk of allergies, rejection and other unpleasant side effects.

To increase the service life of implants should adhere to those recommendations that will give a doctor for their operation. Most often this includes regular oral hygiene and the avoidance of too high loads, such as consumption of solid food or bad habits (cracking nuts, biting thread, etc.).

Video: Biohorizons implants (video in English).


The cost of implantation with use of Biohorizont depends on specific selected products, their sizes, shapes, models, as well as price for dental clinic services. The average price of a «turn-key» implant costs about 20-30 thousand rubles. Buy products worth only official representatives of the company to ensure the quality and guarantee of products.



Installed two implants from this company three years ago and is very happy. The operated places healed quickly with almost no pain, and the artificial teeth felt like natural.


Very worried that metal rods and bright Golden abutments will be to create an artificial smile. But it turned out pretty neat and quite noticeable difference between your teeth and implants.


Long chose a firm from the available in our country, and stopped at Biohorizont. Here and the price is reasonable and quality of products on top. In addition, they provide a long term warranty, which is enough for me. So I don’t need to pay for implants of the same quality of other firms. The us was also good.