Biting her cheek from the inside: how to treat? The cause of the problem

Often women say that she bit her cheek from the inside, and now wondering what to treat her. Before pursuing therapy, it is necessary to identify the cause of the problem. Often, the injury occurs when trying to simultaneously eat and talk, or take food with active movements. Such cases occur occasionally, but with regular teeth traumatizing soft tissues to look for the source of what is happening.

Health of the mouth is not only whole teeth. About the well-being also judged as soft tissue, gingival or buccal mucosa, vestibule and tongue. Regular biting is a persistent change in the soft tissue structures that can lead to serious consequences.

Causes of prokusyvanie cheeks from the inside

To understand what is happening the bite of the mucous membrane, it is necessary to understand the conditions that cause this action and why there is a hit cheek between the teeth. With a single biting and regular traumatizing soft tissues method of treatment will be quite different.

Despite the seeming banality of the problem, when there is always the wound of the soft tissues, a variety of reasons large.

  1. A habit that occurs in the background often manifested by excitement or stress.
  2. Violation of the location of the teeth in a row, which is most characteristic of the sixth and seventh teeth (on the numbering of the teeth).
  3. The malocclusion.
  4. Inaccurate manufacturer subthalamic designs.
  5. A single biting during the period of anesthetic injection after dental treatment.

Sometimes cheek bites his child. This usually occurs at the time of outdoor games, when the enthusiastic kid not in control of his movements. The systematic mechanical trauma to the mucosa of the cheek is formed a knot, which prevents smooth closing of the jaws and is constantly irritated by the sharp edges of the teeth crowns.

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Photo bite his cheeks from the inside

The possible consequences of injury

Wounded portions of the cheeks or tongue can cause the development of infectious lesions of the mucous membrane. For diseases of this type manifests itself in all sorts of wounds and ulcers, which requires a dental examination, followed by treatment of the lesions.

Doctors during the examination detect such effects of prokusyvanie soft tissues:

  • aphthous stomatitis is a chronic disease of the oral cavity, which periodically escalates. In this case, the shell appear small ulcers, called Atami, they can be placed in any areas of the oral cavity. The main diagnostic feature is considered a strong painful reaction on the ulcerated area;
  • herpetic stomatitis – the main reason of the accession of the disease is the herpes simplex virus detectable in the bloodstream about 99% of people. If weakened immunity and injury of soft tissue membranes of the mouth, the pathogen can be activated and repopulate the injured area. The disease looks like small bubbles filled with fluid and arranged in groups of 10-20 items. The disease most often affects young women and children;
  • a traumatic ulcer is the most frequent consequence of the bite of the mucosa inside the mouth. You may receive inaccurate after brushing your teeth, after dental treatment, while biting a burn. Characterized by severe pain, with appropriate therapy and the lack of permanent injuries quickly;
  • AFTA Bednar – a disease that appears after the bite of the cheek. Occurs in children under the influence of a special type of bacteria due to poor hygienic status of the oral cavity. A lesion on the mucosa has a white-yellow plaque.
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First aid

When you receive an injury of this type do not long delay a visit to the dentist, because it can provoke a variety of reasons. Sometimes ulceration of the mouth occur as the rate of flow in the body serious diseases.

  1. When bleeding, rinse your mouth with cold clean water. Under the influence of low temperature spazmiruyutsya blood vessels, which helps stop bleeding. This also helps to reduce pain.
  2. If severe pain is allowed to use drugs. On a sterile gauze, apply a few drops of anesthetic solution and apply to the affected area.
  3. For early healing you can rinse your mouth with an antiseptic solution or decoction of anti-inflammatory plants.

Video: habit (biting of lips and cheeks).

Biting her cheek from the inside: how to treat?

When it’s injured cheek and formed sore, lesion treatment consists of some steps:

  • with severe pain, redness and lump formation used anti-inflammatory pills – they remove the discomfort and help to fight inflammation;
  • to prevent the accession of infection should rinse, irrigate mucous membranes broth St. John’s wort or chamomile, you can apply an antiseptic;
  • to accelerate the healing approach of creams and gels with regenerative effect (Solcoseryl, Metrogyl-Denta).

When the wound does not heal for a few days, then the first thing you need to do is visit a doctor. It is possible that the appearance of the lesions provoked by common diseases.