Black tongue coating: gray powder, symptoms and treatment

In normal language the person is pink in color, is when the plaque is almost invisible. But it is unlikely that most today can boast of the absence of any diseases, and, therefore, deviations are inevitable. Often in the mirror you notice the whitish or yellowish tint, but the black coating on your tongue — sign of serious problems in the future.

When not to sound the alarm

If suddenly appeared a dark coating on the tongue, do not hurry to run to the clinic. Treatment need not always pay attention to the following circumstances:

  1. Black tongue may be a result of taking certain medicines. In particular, activated carbon, the effect of which disappears after 10-15 minutes after rinsing oral cavity. Often antibiotics leads to similar results due to weakened immune system;
  2. Food dyes of natural or synthetic origin — also the frequent reasons why suddenly turned black language;
  3. Often, people who abuse alcohol and Tabacalera products, face the same problem — due to the gradual accumulation of toxins in the body.

But when trouble not only dark spots on the tongue, and other symptoms of distress of certain organs and systems, it is not necessary to postpone the visit to a specialist.

Varieties of RAID

The so-called black coating on the tongue, the cause of which should be considered individually, is different. For example, in the form of large black spots, small dots or it can be evenly darkened on. And depends on the disease, the indicator of which was the black coating on the tongue, as well as further treatment.

A large black spot

If you notice not just a speck on the surface of language, but rather a massive manifestation, with time increasing, we are talking about progressive disorders in the body. Please note, if any complications happens:

  • Infections in the urogenital system;
  • Problems of the organs of the abdominal cavity;
  • Finished the cure flu and cold;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Small black dots

This coating on the tongue in adults occurs in some cases and can mean the following:

  1. Chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are in the acute stage;
  2. Avitaminosis — deficiency of vitamin PP affects all mucous membranes, but the first symptoms you may notice in the mirror just in time familiar brushing;
  3. Problems in the digestive system, a Prime example is the stagnation of bile. Due to improper functioning of the liver and ducts undergoing serious hormonal disturbances, produced by the high content of melanin, coloring the language itself;
  4. Apparent fungal infection of the oral cavity (while in the initial phase of development);
  5. The patient syndrome of REMAK and lead poisoning, which is characterized by also staining of the gums in a dark gray color and metallic taste.
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Uniformly black patina

Shades symptoms can be very different depending on each individual case — this gray coating on the tongue, and brown and black and green. For example, a green tongue, dark tones are often observed together with a darkening of the enamel of the teeth when the handle should be including in a dental clinic.

Why dark language of the child

All visual manifestations in the language of the adult described above rarely occur in young patients. Often it can be difficult to figure out what’s wrong with the beloved child and his parents go to a specialist. Pay attention to the peculiarities of child’s organism.

When there is no cause for alarm

While dark grey patches on the tongue, the child may not be a sign of health problems, here are some examples:

  1. Staining the result of taking iron supplements, and it is in liquid form. Before treatment is started, it is important to familiarize yourself with this side effect;
  2. Kids love to drag in the mouth, so the tongue may darken after using a variety of paints, pens — to follow behind it and because of the danger of poisoning by chemicals;
  3. There is such a thing as a “hairy” language, it is not harmful to health, and eventually disappearing. Expressed it in that spot on tongue black color is in the root zone (triangle and oval), accompanied by solidification of the papillae.

When a visit to the pediatrician is necessary

In order not to wonder, which has white coating on tongue causes, take into consideration a few tips. The earlier treatment is started, the faster you will be able to get rid from such external manifestations.

  • Perhaps the child was a violation of microflora balance. The result is dysbiosis or candidiasis, reveal that will help the gastroenterologist and the appointment of adequate therapy;
  • Dark or gray patches on the tongue in children appears as a consequence of the weakening of immunity after prolonged effects of viral infections;
  • We should not forget about diseases of the digestive system, although spots on tongue in adults for this reason appear more often for the child’s body is more the exception.
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How to start a course of therapy

Now that you have an idea of what the disease is observed in the language of the black plaque which symptoms require close attention, you can move on to further action. Before you start treatment, of course, is inspection. The therapist can refer you to a gastroenterologist, infectious diseases specialist, toxicologist dentist.

You may need to take a blood test (General, chemical), coprogram, bacteriological culture of the mucosa of the tongue, ultrasound, fibrogastroduodenoscopy, depending on the individual case. At the end of treatment course, black or grey coating on the tongue disappears as the manifestation, because it is just a symptom of these diseases.

What kind of assignments to expect

Take for example the several diseases, which in the language of the grey plaque persists for long periods of time. Programme of events, of course, is selected by the specialist individually, but the house will not be amiss to Supplement some tips.

Crohn’s Disease

This is one of the most serious diseases where the symptom is the darkening of the language. It is important to follow the doctors ‘ recommendations and constantly be under their supervision. Usually assigned:

  1. Hormonal therapy;
  2. Antibiotics — they allow you to remove the skin manifestations in the gastrointestinal tract;
  3. Immunosuppressants — to reduce susceptibility to infections.

Autoimmune processes that occur in Crohn’s disease, it is impossible to predict. This may be the consequence of a malfunction of the adrenal glands and inflammation of the digestive system, but today there are effective treatments that can restore health.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Symptoms of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is accompanied not only by a darkening of the surface of the tongue, but typical bitter taste in the mouth. This can be a problem with the pancreas or gallbladder. The difficulty is that the more serious symptoms for a long time unnoticed, so do not delay a visit to the gastroenterologist at least will need to take blood samples and undergo ultrasound examination.

Renal dysfunction


Please note — there are no characteristic symptoms in addition to blackening of the tongue:

  • Vomiting;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Pain in the lower back;
  • Swelling of feet and hands;
  • Problems with urination.

Is assigned a special diet with reduced intake of salt and protein, intake of amino acids and calcium. The point is to improve metabolism, decrease toxicity. Medications taken with great caution, preference is given to various kinds of tinctures, decoctions, elixirs of natural origin.

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Black and gray tongue can be the result of a disruption of acid-base balance in the body. The mainstay of treatment, a special diet, including foods such as yogurt, milk, greens, broccoli, carrots, corn, and excluding any meat.


The lack of oxygen in the blood can also be the cause of dark patches on the tongue. In addition, often there is cyanosis of the skin, shortness of breath, drowsiness, fatigue even after rest. Causes of prolonged hypoxia multiple — anemia, respiratory failure, atherosclerosis, and others. With each of the issues you need to work independently.

Preventive measures

  1. Despite the fact that the reason for the darkening surface of the tongue is not always infectious, we must not forget about hygiene. The first manifestations of change toothbrush, and after each cleaning, thoroughly disinfect it with soap in hot water, use a special scraper to remove plaque.
  2. Equally important is the rinsing of the mouth, it is better if it will be formulations based on medicinal herbs. Be careful when there is a coating on the tongue of dark tint, it’s probably just the result of taking certain foods that trigger staining of the mucosa. Note the amount of water consumed per day, the norm — at least 2 liters.

If you continue to see the unpleasant symptoms and noticed the accompanying symptoms of malaise, do not delay going to the therapist for later. Sometimes the language is with a black patina tells about seriously developed pathology, for example, the yeast infection is in its advanced stage. The main thing — not to self-medicate, which can only worsen the state of your health, and the time to seek qualified help, and thus to prevent illness.