Bleeding gums during pregnancy: what to do?

What if during pregnancy you have bleeding gums? The main methods of treatment trimesters, the main causes and symptoms of the disease in this special women’s period.

What are the possible consequences if it is not treated, what preventive measures to carry out in order to avoid this disorder.

Causes of bleeding gums in pregnant women

Why during pregnancy increases the bleeding gums?

The main reasons include:

  • disruptions in hormonal balance in the oral cavity, a growing number of harmful microorganisms, their influence on the condition of the gums is enhanced;
  • poor care of teeth increases plaque and its composition, who during pregnancy has experienced a major change. A pregnant woman gingivitis is an inflammatory disease of periodontal tissues, and if not to provide adequate treatment, possible complications such as periodontitis;
  • the presence of Tartar, which is formed due to the large amount of plaque.

Possible consequences

But what will happen if left untreated? Even the most insignificant, diseases of the expectant mother affect the health of the fetus.

A list of possible consequences:

  1. Premature births that occur because of gingivitis or periodontitis;
  2. The health of the child in the future (weight problems, impaired growth in milk and permanent teeth, caries).

The connection of the fetus with the mother’s body are not yet fully understood, so to call all the possible consequences of gingivitis and periodontal disease suffered by the mother while carrying a child, it is impossible.


If the appearance of blood on the gums of a pregnant woman due solely to the failure in the hormonal balance, the bleeding will not be frequent and threatening phenomenon, but if it is caused by inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity, is a red flag.

Characteristic symptoms include:

  • soreness of the gums, itching and a constant burning sensation at the point of contact with the surface of the teeth;
  • swelling and redness of the periodontal tissues;
  • the gums pull away from the tooth surface;
  • bad breath;
  • a lot of plaque.

More details you can describe the signs of bleeding, separated by periods of pregnancy.

  • in the interval from 1 to 4 months appears catarrhal (acute) form of gingivitis, it can affect all of the gums or only part of them in the area from 1 to 3 teeth. Flows with different intensity and hurts the gums on both jaws;
  • if time does not cure the catarrhal gingivitis in the second half of pregnancy, it usually flows into the hypertrophic form. It is divided into two types: edematous and fibrous. In the first case, the blood seems not only the physical impact on affected gums, but in time of peace, in the second, the gums the color does not change, but her nipples increase in size.
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What to do if you have bleeding gums during pregnancy?

Upon detection of the first symptoms should immediately contact your dentist, the more to delay this decision, the greater is the risk to the health of the fetus. After examination and diagnosis, the doctor will tell you how to treat gums and how best to do it.

There are several ways of treatment, even though pregnancy and restricts the choice of drugs, but there are tools that do not harm the fetus, and thus effectively resolve the problem of bleeding. This includes dental methods, traditional recipes and diets.

Dental methods

Before any event, the dentist should inform about your situation, he will conduct the procedure taking into account this information. The treatment can be carried out in several stages:

  1. Removing plaque — it accumulates on the teeth especially during pregnancy teeming with bacteria in it, the main cause of most diseases of the mouth. The procedure takes time, especially if the RAID has time to harden, and going on step by step, the dentist moves gradually until you clean all his teeth. If the patient already has severe stage of gingivitis, the process can be painful.
  2. Combating inflammation — serves as a preventive measure. The patient’s gums, and apply a special ointment, which are there for several hours.

The tools used during dental treatment, are not dangerous to the fetus because it is made with the use of safe technologies and materials. For these purposes often use ointment acetylsalicylic acid, glucose and lidetu.

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At home (traditional medicine)

Particularly to rely on traditional methods is not necessary, but they are safe for the fetus and are a great accessory means: a decoction of chamomile, calendula, oak bark. But before applying any folk remedies you need to consult with a dentist or other doctors.

Here are some of the safe recipes that are used to fight bleeding gums at home:

  • chamomile — one tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for several hours, then warm infusion to rinse the mouth every 2-3 hours. This tool has a strong anti-inflammatory effect;
  • blueberry — 30 grams of dried blueberries pour boiled water, to insist it is necessary for at least 12 hours, then rinse the mouth 4-5 times per day;
  • soda — 1 teaspoon of baking soda, pour a glass perekipjachennoj warm water, rinse your mouth can be no more than 3 times a day for several days;
  • the decoction of Hypericum is another remedy which has strong anti-inflammatory action. One tablespoon is required to grind into powder and pour 100 grams of vegetable oil. After that, the mixture should be paricipating 2-3 times, let it cool and smear her gums several times a day.


To get rid of the risk of recurrence of bleeding is recommended to follow a specific diet. From the diet the first step is to avoid foods with high amounts of sugar, they provoke the emergence of a large number of plaque.

To maintain the protective forces of the body need to eat foods with vitamins A, C, V. the temperature of the food should be room, because when gums bleed during pregnancy they are very sensitive.

The products recommended to use in the first place:

  1. Blackberries.
  2. The onions, which helps to suppress the activity of bacteria.
  3. Broccoli increases the local immunity of the oral cavity, strengthens the gums.
  4. The same effect is produced by eating kiwi.
  5. Foods that contain vitamin C – cabbage, citrus.

It is worth remembering that an excessive amount of vitamins in the body is not very good. Pregnant women should discuss the nuances of a diet the doctors to the effectiveness of the diet and its safety was the highest.

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Features of treatment by trimesters

To improve the efficiency of treatment measures are divided into stages in accordance with the pregnancy.

  • the first trimester is required to abstain from most drugs, because in this period the fetus is actively formed. Contact your dentist, he will advise safe and effective means. The treatment is carried out even in the first trimester, especially if the mother’s body are inflammation;
  • second trimester — doctors recommend performing all medical activities at this stage. If you need a dental cleaning the teeth from plaque and debridement of the oral cavity, it will make it during this period. The use of folk methods of treatment of inflammatory diseases of the gums is also performed in the second trimester;
  • third trimester — is constantly monitoring the state of the mother and fetus. Discard any active treatment measures, the only exceptions are those cases where the disease assumes more of a threat than the process of treatment.


To avoid bleeding gums, it is necessary to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • brush teeth regularly — use only toothbrushes medium hardness, but dental floss. Avoid using electric toothbrush;
  • in the second trimester dentists recommend professional dental cleaning;
  • constantly massage the gums in contact with the tooth surface;
  • to adhere to a special diet;
  • regularly consult a dentist.

If the pregnancy was planned, first be sure to visit the dentist and spend all the necessary remedial measures.

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