Bleeding gums how to treat: an effective means of bleeding gums

If bleeding gums than to treat a very topical issue. Pain, bad breath, swelling of the mucous membranes causes a lot of inconveniences. Described symptoms indicate the presence of dangerous diseases of the oral cavity is gingivitis or periodontitis. Inflammation is a chronic source of infection reduces the immune system, disrupts the process of mastication, leading to complications.

Disease and other factors

Bleeding gums can point to the following reasons:

  • Gingivitis is a superficial inflammation of the mucous membranes.

The main cause of disease is violation of the rules of hygienic care of the oral cavity. Each time, forgetting to brush your teeth after eating, people jeopardize their health. In the mouth the food particles remain, they stick to the units with the help of saliva. Favorable conditions promote rapid multiplication and activation of pathogenic microorganisms. The germs produce acids that destroy tooth enamel and leads to caries. Within a quick time soft microbial plaque is converted into a solid. The stones, which are located at the base of the gums, causing inflammation. If you violate the rules of hygiene, unit pigmentosa. Their color varies from light gray to black.

Contributing factors of gingivitis are hormonal changes in the body that occur during pregnancy, breast-feeding. Quite often pathology develops in boys and girls in puberty, of elderly ladies during the formation of menopause.

Disease affects persons with poor diet, those who ignore the use of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. In the absence of menu of meat and fish, the risk of pathology increases. Sweets and the abuse of starchy food is one of the main causes of known diseases of the oral cavity.

Gingivitis affects children and adults with a history of chronic infection: diabetes mellitus, nephropathy, hepatitis, rheumatism. Chronic gingivitis is accompanied by hypertrophy of tissues, leads to the development of periodontal disease;

  • Periodontitis — inflammation of periodontal tissues, accompanied by changes in tissue destruction and retaining apparatus, loss of teeth.

Disease is inherent in the formation of deep periodontal pockets, the location of the solid microbial plaque. In the pathological cavities occur persistent inflammation. The main cause of periodontal disease is a health code violation. Contributing factors: hormonal changes in the body, vitamin deficiency, solid microbial plaque, dental caries, injuries, mucous, bad habits.

Symptoms of periodontal disease: redness, swelling, soreness of the mucous membranes, the accumulation of hard deposits, periodontal pockets at the necks of the teeth, the allocation of them with serous or purulent contents.

Almost every patient has: bad breath, reduction of General well-being, pigmentation units, spontaneous bleeding from the mucous membranes. At advanced stages of the disease may lead to the mobility units, their loss. In some cases, can increase the body temperature.

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Gingivitis and periodontitis — diseases with similar causes of development. With careful observation the dentist, pathology successfully completely cured.

  • Incorrectly selected hygienic means for oral cavity. There are brushes with soft, medium and hard bristles. Soft toothbrushes are used for children and people with hypersensitivity to the enamel. A healthy population has been cleaning with a brush of medium hardness. Use a hard bristle in children and the elderly leads to the appearance of microcracks in the enamel and the mucous membranes. It becomes the cause of tooth decay, inflammation and bleeding gums;
  • The use of substandard installed orthopedic and orthodontic structures. Dentures can injure mucous membranes and lead to bleeding;
  • Stomatitis — inflammation in the oral cavity, are caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi. Predisposing factors of occurrence of diseases are: hypothermia, decreased immunity, poor nutrition, improper oral hygiene, Smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages. The causes of stomatitis in children include: trauma to the oral cavity, viral infections, sore throats, allergies. Symptoms pathology: redness, swelling, soreness of mucous membranes, dryness of the mouth, hypersalivation, rash. The pathological lesions are single and multiple. In addition to gums, they are localized in the mucosa of the tongue, the pharynx, the inner side of the cheeks, lips;
  • Badly installed seals in the restoration of teeth frequently cause injury of the mucous membranes and the appearance of bleeding.

Learn about the cause of the inflammation and to self-correct treatment, ordinary people can not.

Professional help for illnesses

Bleeding from the mucous membranes of the oral cavity — an unfavorable sign, indicating the presence of health problems. To establish an accurate diagnosis and treatment, contact a dental clinic.

Stages of treatment for gingivitis:

  1. Inspection.
  2. The removal of stones. The procedure was carried out with the help of modern methods of unit air flow, ultrasonic scaler. If a person has contraindications to the methods listed above, carry out the removal of stones hand mechanically.
  3. Cleaning all units with special abrasive paste.
  4. Polishing of the teeth.

Conduct professional cleaning is painless. After the implementation of stages of occupational hygiene, patient give rinse your mouth with water containing antiseptic components. Before completion of therapy, the attending physician holds a conversation with the man, explains about the importance of daily hygiene. In many clinics, dentist’s office, there are special mannequins. They explain how to properly clean teeth and remove soft microbial plaque. To accelerate healing, appoint to carry out the treatment at home. It includes the use of: drugs against haemophilia (gels, ointments, creams), mouthwashes for the mouth, specialized therapeutic pastes.

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The average course of treatment for gingivitis is about 5 — 7 days. To eliminate the risk of disease recurrence, follow strict hygienic requirements, please reconsider your menu, give up bad habits.

The stages of treatment of periodontitis:

  1. Inspection.
  2. The removal of solid deposits.
  3. Pigmentation removal with cleaning and polishing with special pastes and brushes.

The main challenge in periodontitis is a high-quality cleansing of the teeth from the solid microbial deposits. As the rocks go deep under the gums, to relieve the patient from them is problematic. Closed curettage — a procedure that helps to remove solid education without dissection of tissue. The manipulation is performed under local anesthesia with special tools. Before the procedure, the doctor makes an injection into the area of the surgical field, after the onset of the numbness, starts to treatment.

Pros therapy: closed curettage is performed in almost all dental clinics, treatment takes a little time, not have a high value.

Cons: deletion not all tissue relapse, preservation of periodontal pockets.

Open curettage, gingival flap operations, the radical surgical methods. They are carried out under General or local anesthesia. Manipulation by an experienced periodontist. After surgery, the person is under the supervision of a dentist during the entire recovery period, a few visits to the clinic for inspection and treatment.


The advantages of surgical treatment: high cost, possible complications and long recovery period, carrying out of procedures is carried out only in specialized clinics.

The advantages of operating methods: good performance, low rate of recurrence of the disease, the complete elimination of periodontal pockets and inflammation.

Adequate therapy of periodontitis guarantees the preservation of the integrity of the teeth, eliminating their mobility, the deliverance of man from bleeding, bad breath, pain and swelling of the mucous membranes.


If you have symptoms of gingivitis do not spend self-treatment. Without the help of a dentist, the treatment will be ineffective. The use of drugs will reduce the symptoms, but the process of disease development will not stop. When making the decision on self-treatment and use of folk methods, you lose precious time and facilitate the transition of gingivitis to periodontitis.

Eliminate bleeding

If the gums bleed due to oral thrush, visit the dentist. Depending on the type of the pathogen, treatment options will vary.

General guidelines for any type of stomatitis:

  • Diet. Exclusion from the diet of sour, spicy, sweet, savoury food, serving meals in milled form. Before offering food to a sick person, check that it was slightly warm. It is strictly forbidden to consume hot and cold meals;
  • Therapeutic rinsing with solutions of antiseptics Miramistin, Chlorhexidine, anti-inflammatory extracts of chamomile, calendula, oak bark. Good has a healing effect solution Hlorofillipta;
  • Lubrication foci of infection anti-inflammatory, analgesic, regenerating means: Holisal, Solkoseril, Kamistad;
  • The use of antiseptic tablets Geksoral Tubbs, Stopangin 2A;
  • The treatment of infections by aerosols: Lidocaine Aseptic Lugol spray;
  • Effective remedy is the use of drugs that boost your immune system pills Immudon.
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Depending on the type of pathogen, use specialized drugs to combat fungi, bacteria, viruses.

Timely treat bleeding gums resulting from the action of mechanical factors. Persistent injuries lead to the development of inflammation and complications. To save the patient from bleeding mucous membranes, it is recommended to adjust the dentures to eliminate sharp overhanging edges of seals, to abandon brush with firm bristles.

Products — assistants

Means of bleeding gums:

Specialized toothpastes: Lacalut aktiv Lacalut fitoformula, Parodontax, President Exclusive, Forest Balsam, check whether the Asset.
Anti-inflammatory gels: Holisal, Solkoseril, Asepta, Alugel, Metrogyl Denta.
Antiseptic solutions: Infusion of chamomile, oak bark, calendula, Chlorhexidine, Miramistin, hydrogen Peroxide.
The mouthwash for oral cavity: Lacalut active, Parodontax, President Pro Asepta, Listerine, Forest balsam, Splat complete.

During treatment to avoid injury of the mucous membranes, hygienic procedures carried out with a brush with soft bristles.

You need to remember that cures for bleeding gums will not help to completely eliminate the disease if the person will not conduct a preliminary quality hygienic cleaning at the dentist.

General guidelines

To reduce the risk of inflammation of tissues of the oral cavity, follow a few simple requirements:

  1. Brush your teeth 2 times a day, morning and evening. For hygiene use brushes, pastes, mouthwashes, dental floss known, reliable companies. Manipulation exercise at least 30 minutes after eating. For high-quality cleansing microscopic food particles using a special device — irrigator. The action of the device will help to eliminate microorganisms, remove soft plaque will have the effect of massage;
  2. Enter the menu fresh hard fruits and vegetables. Excellent cleaning action have carrots, hard apples, pears, radishes, cabbage;
  3. Guide therapy related chronic diseases;
  4. Carry out preventive supervision by a dentist. Every six months, conduct a professional dental cleaning;
  5. Ditch unhealthy foods, quit Smoking, drink alcohol.

At the first sign of inflammation, try to visit the dentist.