Bleeding tongue causes: blood on the tongue — treatment

Why bleeding language — the reasons can be several, but the main is the trauma of an organ of digestion, in the process of chewing food. Language is the indicator of human health. Not just when seeing the patient, the doctors pay special attention to the condition of the body. The presence of plaque, swollen papillae opposite or smoothness of language, saying that in the body are pathological processes. Consider the most common causes of bleeding language.

Functions and structure of language

Organ of the digestive system muscle, which consists of peppered — striped fabric. The surface is covered with a protective sheath — of the mucosa. In the anatomy of the body there are two parts: the root and the body. The upper surface is called the back. Also, the organ is terminal and longitudinal furrows, under the tongue — the frenulum.

All taste buds are concentrated on the surface of the tongue. At the end of the focus receptors responsible for detection of sweet taste, the side — signal the brain that a person uses salt product, the back side surface of evenly distributed receptors responsive to sour, and the tongue is sensitive to bitter tastes.

The main role of the authority — the recognition of flavors, stimulation of the salivary glands, the formation of language skills and participation in the chewing of food.

In violation of the integrity of the papillae, injury or burn, a person may lose the ability to recognize taste.

Causes injury to the organ of digestion

Distinguish between different factors causing damage to the organ of digestion. Compromise the integrity of the language can injury the result:

  • thermal effects (burns);
  • chemical damage (irritation of different chemicals);
  • physical effects (injury language);
  • mechanical damage (biting, laceration).

Most people get mechanical trauma of the authority, which may be the result of:

  • prokusyvanie tongue when eating or talking;
  • preparation for dental prosthetics or seal;
  • damage to dentures;
  • blows to the face or lips;
  • injury to bone or Cutlery.
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Blood on the tongue — the cause of the injury, which appears ulcer or erosive damage. Depending on the magnitude of the damage the treatment is carried out. Small injuries to quickly heal enough to handle with an antiseptic solution. Rinsing is carried out 3 times a day, it is important to monitor the cleanliness of teeth, regularly cleaning them. Deeper wounds in which the blood the language doesn’t stop there washed to seek the assistance of the surgeon, may need stitches. After the operation it is necessary to maintain oral hygiene and keep at rest the affected organ.

First aid for bleeding from the tongue

If there is blood in the language, stop it as follows:

  1. Swipe hygienic treatment of hands, if possible apply rubbing alcohol or an antiseptic solution. You can wear latex sterile gloves. It is important to prevent wound infections on the organ in the mouth;
  2. Sit in front of the mirror the head should be tilted forward, in order to keep the blood flowed down the back of the throat will not disrupt the breathing process. You can stand at the sink, so that the blood flowed there;
  3. Don’t talk, body is necessary to ensure peace. You want to remove from the mouth all that may further traumatize language: gum, piercings, dentures or braces;
  4. To stop bleeding need pressure. To do this, take a sterile bandage, gauze or cotton, to capture the language and press the sterile material to the wound surface. Keep the napkin for at least 10 minutes. The blood supply to the language is good, so the blood is difficult to stop. If the dressing is wet, apply another layer, to remove the previous no need. After waiting the specified time, remove the cloth, make sure that the bleeding has stopped;
  5. Next, you should rinse your mouth with cold water. Why cold? When exposed to low temperatures the blood vessels constrict, and high — expanded. The hot water will resume bleeding. After water treatments, treat your mouth with an antiseptic;
  6. When the pain, apply on the wound with ice or drink a painkiller drug.
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What not to do

There are a number of limitations that absolutely can not do if there is blood from the language. Causes of bleeding are different, and the consequences are unpredictable.
If you hurt your language, not in any way:

  • Do not drink hot tea — this will increase bleeding;
  • Not prisilaite the wound with alcohol — can further injure the mucosa the burning effect;
  • Do not treat the damaged surface with a solution of brilliant green, iodine and alcohol-containing products;
  • Do not press the wound with fingers or teeth, especially do not try to stop the bleeding, pressing down on to the sky;
  • Do not take in a mouth various subjects, until the wound heals;
  • Do not give yourself antibacterial medications and do not pour on the wound with antiseptic powders.

In some cases, can not do without professional assistance

Be sure to consult a doctor if the symptoms to growing every day. Possible developed infectious process with which to cope on their own is extremely difficult.

Urgent to see a doctor if you need:

  1. Swelling of the wound does not pass over 4 days.
  2. The wound surface has become bulky and swelling moves to nearby healthy tissue;
  3. Over three days, are pain, burning and discomfort while eating and talking;
  4. On the affected surface of the body has had the hematoma and the formation increases in size;
  5. The wound is allocated purulent exudate, sores, plaque or furrows;
  6. Damaged muscle is wound through, in the process of crushing was bitten off a part of the body it is impossible to fully close my mouth.

Complications of injuries of the language

Complications from injury to the language appear in the case of deep wounds or macropodidae. To avoid the effects of it is necessary to see a doctor. After inspection of the wound surface doctor a verdict on the complexity and extent of the injury.

  • In severe purulent process prescribed a course of antibiotic therapy, and the wound should be opened, for purification of purulent discharge. The seams on the purulent wound is not applied. For a free outflow of pus, doctors installed a drainage.
  • In the result of dysfunction of hematopoiesis bleeding may occur for several days. This phenomenon is dangerous for health, will inform you about the bleeding doctors.
  • If you do not follow the oral hygiene, it is no wonder that the wound penetrate the bacteria. The infectious process develops very rapidly. Upon detection of abscesses or swellings, in no case should one try to squeeze out the pus yourself. It makes the surgeon under sterile conditions.
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If the injury was hurt nerves, perhaps after healing, some part of the organ will lose sensitivity. With proper treatment, the susceptibility to stimuli is restored.

Upon entering the erosive surface of pathogenic microorganisms likely to develop inflammation and, as a consequence, the stomatitis. It is important to prevent the delay of germs in your mouth, come to the aid of rinsing with antiseptic solutions.


Until you find out the reason why bleeding tongue, in the mouth has multiplied millions of bacteria. Start treatment as soon as possible to avoid terrible consequences.