Blood breath causes, how to stop

Blood mouth — causes unpleasant symptoms can be very diverse. To understand what caused the disturbance in the body, it is necessary to make a diagnosis and examination. Depending on the original cause of the disease, treatment will differ. To help the patient, maybe one of the doctors: the dentist, gastroenterologist, surgeon, pulmonologist, TB specialist, an oncologist.


Blood in the mouth in most cases is not the norm and requires specialist examination. There are several options in which is found a dangerous symptom:

  • Injury of the face. Violation of the integrity of tissues of the human body can be caused by a fall, blow, sloppy execution of hygienic procedures (brushing teeth, shaving). The lesions are superficial and deep. Superficial injury of oral cavity are quite common. They arise from a poorly installed orthopedic and orthodontic devices. People can injure tissue of the lips, the result of a fall or cut. In this case, bleeding is abundant, the color of blood red. On the surface of the lips formed a painful bruise or wound.

Spitting blood may appear when you receive a deep injury of internal organs. If a child or adult fell and strongly hit, it is not necessary to evaluate the severity of the victim alone. Call the Ambulance and go to hospital for examination. Danger signs: long ongoing bleeding, fever, the development of pain shock, violation of the integrity of bones and consciousness;

  • Dental disease. Gingivitis, periodontitis, stomatitis are common causes of minor bleeding in your mouth. In most cases, unpleasant symptom that appears during the mechanical action of eating solid food, brushing. The blood at the base of the gums with periodontitis and gingivitis is one of the main symptoms of the insidious disease. Treatment of pathologies of the gums does periodontist;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The defeat of the esophagus is accompanied by release of red blood. Ulcer of the stomach, during bleeding can occur vomiting coffee color. Stool pathologically painted in black color. Bleeding from internal organs requires the provision of immediate assistance. With the development of a dangerous condition is necessary to solve the question of carrying out surgery. Adverse symptoms: fever, severe abdominal pain, bleeding, loss of consciousness, increase in toxicity. Expert assistance in the digestive pathologies will have a surgeon — gastroenterologist;
  • Pulmonary disease. Tuberculosis and lung cancer is a dangerous disease, accompanied by the appearance of the veins and blood clots in the sputum of the patient. The symptom appears in the latter stages of the disease is extremely unfavorable. To detect lung disease at early stages of development, recommended 1 time per year chest x-ray examination. Children up to 14 years, examined annually for tuberculosis using special test methods: Mantoux test, Diaskintest. For differential diagnostics it is necessary to contact the physician, tuberculosis specialist;
  • Teething. During an important period of life, the gums begin to swell, to swell, there is a slight bleeding. The emergence of several bloody drops teething in children is normal and should not frighten parents.
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During the appearance of the eights of man can be noted that in the area penetrate the tooth there is a blood. This should not cause concern unless there are signs of inflammation. Unfavorable symptoms are: throbbing pain, fever, deterioration of General health, abscess. Pathological eruption of eights, you need to visit a dental surgeon;

  • Cancer processes in the body.

To determine the exact cause of bleeding from his mouth pretty hard. That is why, if discovered unpleasant symptom, consult a doctor.

Rid of unpleasant symptom

To stop bleeding from the mouth can be very difficult. To proceed to the assistance you need after finding out the main reason.

In diseases of the gums, bleeding is eliminated if you rinse your mouth with an antiseptic solution. Solutions of Chlorhexidine, Miramistina, decoction of Chamomile, Calendula removes discomfort, strengthen the gums and have a tonic effect. Despite the fact that eliminate unpleasant symptoms can cure gum disease without the help of a doctor — will not work. In order to resolve the pathology, it is necessary to conduct high-quality treatment from a periodontist. In the complex of therapeutic measures included: removal of solid deposits, polishing teeth, antiseptic treatment of periodontal pockets. After the treatment at the dentist, recommended to make thorough prescription. The cure includes: antiseptic rinse, treatment gingival anti-inflammatory gels and ointments, and applications.

With advanced forms of periodontal disease have resorted to surgical methods of treatment. Timely treatment of gingivitis and in the future the observance of strict hygienic rules guarantee patients the lack of development of periodontitis and complications.

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To stop the bleeding if it affects the digestive tract alone is not possible. Upon detection of a dangerous symptom, you should immediately call an Ambulance. Before the arrival of the medical team it is recommended to put the man on the bed, turning his head to the side, to give it exalted status. The patient is not allowed to take food, liquids, medicinal substances. Near to the person required to establish the capacity to vomit. After the arrival of the medical team, show the contents of the tank the doctor to assess the situation and establish the correct diagnosis.

If the cause of the appearance of blood clots in the mouth is tuberculosis or cancer, treatment is necessary to appropriate specialists — an oncologist and a TB. If you feel unwell, you must inform your doctor.

First aid

How to stop the bleeding in his mouth after the injury?

Many people are injured every day person. Accidents most often happen during Biking, skating, rollerblading. Small children in connection with the peculiarities of its nature very mobile, inquisitive, but imprudent. They are at risk for obtaining household accidents.

First aid minor injuries should either parent. To stop the bleeding from the broken lips, you need to perform several simple steps:

  1. To treat the injury site with 3% hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Attach to the lip with a sterile gauze pad for 5 to 10 minutes. If the injury is minor, the bleeding will quickly stop.
  3. The result of tissue damage, is always formed by swelling and pain. To correct puffiness over the sterile drape apply any cold object.
  4. When a strong pain take the drug groups Paracetamol or Ibuprofen.
  5. To accelerate healing of the wound, it is treated with a solution of Chlorhexidine, Miramistina hydrogen Peroxide. Lubricate lips with honey, moisturizing chapstick, sea Buckthorn oil, contributed to the process of tissue regeneration. If the lip is damaged on the inside, it is recommended to treated with solcoseryl gel.

Typically, when a mild injury, tissue fully restore its integrity for 7 -14 days.

Doctors highly recommend the use of solutions of Iodine and Brilliant Green on the mucous membranes of the mouth. Aggressively the drugs can exacerbate tissue damage will lead to dehydration, dryness, cracking and burns.

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If a person sees that the extent of the injury is too large, the bleeding does not stop, the victim complains of severe pain, fever, signs of disturbances of consciousness, immediately call an Ambulance.


The blood out of his mouth comes from people quite often. It may indicate the presence of pathology or normally occurring in the body process. To determine the cause of this unpleasant symptom, consult a specialist. Remember, attention to their health will help save lives!