Braces and pregnancy:can I wear braces pregnant

Do you think that braces and pregnancy are incompatible? Do not rush to conclusions, please read the information provided in this article and then seek the advice of a specialist. Correction of the bite using braces is a long process, but it can always be resumed without compromising the health and self-esteem.

Tips pregnant previously installed braces

If you’re happy event you found halfway to a perfect smile, a reasonable question arises — can pregnant women wear braces? The main desire of the mother not to harm the child, so consult a good orthodontist, listen to his professional opinion.

Braces pregnant you can wear this if there are no contraindications. For example, when lack of calcium in a woman’s body much teeth crumble — the additional load is highly undesirable.

While clearly difficult to predict the result after removing the system, in this case the experts have an adequate substitute for the — Kappa. The transparent plate support dentition, they are transparent and inconspicuous, in addition, they can be easily removed. Re-install the braces we recommend that the expiration of the period of lactation.

The justification for the installation of the braces during pregnancy

As already noted, to solve, you can wear the braces during pregnancy or not, need only a competent specialist. In defense of the system is to say, in recent years new materials and technologies have enabled significant progress in this direction. But there are some important factors that it is impossible to ignore:

  • Changes in bone tissue during pregnancy and without significant, additional load can lead to unpredictable consequences;
  • Don’t underestimate the psychological factor of wearing braces during pregnancy can cause irritability and because stress is the main enemy of women’s health in this period;
  • During orthodontic treatment need to regularly visit a specialist, but it becomes problematic with increasing duration of gestation;
  • Due to the installation of the structure will inevitably change the mother’s diet, she is forced to abandon solid food that is not justified in its position;
  • Deciding whether to wear braces during your beremennostej no specialist understands — ahead x-ray, other complex manipulation that can lead to harm for both mother and child.
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What you need to know the expectant mother about the braces

There are a number of organizational issues prior to the direct installation design. To begin with, what to do without x-ray examination is not possible, and this causes further complications to the fetus. That is, only when planning a pregnancy and thinking about correcting the bite, the woman should attend to the matter.

One more thing — the system can be worn at a constant adherence to thorough oral hygiene. This means brushing your teeth after each meal with the mandatory use flosses, brushes, rinses, irrigator. Otherwise possible development of caries and inflammatory processes (gingivitis), which is highly undesirable for immunity of pregnant women.

So, to put braces during pregnancy — a balanced decision, taking into account possible contraindications and giving a positive result only at the expense of all prescriptions.

Types of braces today

And now that can offer modern orthodontics. Braces — fixed design with brackets and arc, the resistance of which has an impact on the dentition. They can be put on the visible front side or on the inner surface is vestibular and lingual system, respectively.

The differences also concern the materials used, everyone knows about the “classics” — the metal brackets, but to replace them is at least a good system:

  • Plastic. Pros — accessibility and aesthetics, but the cons quite low compared to other options strength, a high degree of friction on the surface of the teeth, the effect of food dyes on the state of the structure, prone to staining, may eventually lose the appeal;
  • Ceramic. They are comfortable to wear, look good, but the system is quite expensive;
  • The sapphire crystal. They are virtually invisible, which is important — does not affect the quality of diction, they hardly accumulate food debris, staining is not threatened. Of the disadvantages — higher cost, brittleness, causing solid food undesirable for consumption.
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It turns out, braces during pregnancy do not have absolute contraindications, but is it possible to put braces or not, is decided only after consultation with an experienced orthodontist. Will act as a true professional, not so difficult to understand:

  • First it will offer comprehensive information on planned activities, pre-eliminating possible contraindications, choosing the right system;
  • Advise on activities needed to care for teeth while wearing braces, and if there are any changes in the food habits;
  • Will select special products for hygiene — offer conditioner, rich in essential elements to strengthen enamel (calcium, fluorine, potassium, etc.);
  • Explain how important it is to regularly come in for scheduled checkups, will accompany the patient during the whole period of use of the system, and is 1-2 years on average.

Equally important, a competent orthodontist will be able to psychologically adjust to a pregnant woman to the installation procedure, encourage her and will do anything to provide emotional comfort.

What you need to do in order to avoid complications

So, pregnancy and braces are not mutually exclusive, but there are a number of tips, which is to listen to expectant mothers. If the orthodontist said that the design can be put, gave the “green light”, then everything is under control. But you must take care of the following:

  • Do the tests, go through the x-ray and examination before conception — during pregnancy, there are some restrictions around which is not possible;
  • Accordingly try the very installation procedure to run before pregnancy, this will protect you from unwanted stress;
  • To arm the system, ensure that dental health is satisfactory — no untreated caries and gum disease, then provide a thorough hygiene at home;
  • Don’t forget about planned inspections by a specialist, it is very important;
  • Take special vitamin complexes that contain all the necessary minerals (potassium, calcium, fluoride and many others);
  • Exclude from the diet of hard, sticky, viscous food, start eating more suitable and useful products: cabbage, asparagus, legumes, egg yolks, milk, etc.

To say, you can wear braces pregnant or not, it is impossible. The decision is made individually, after examining the indications and contraindications, is based solely on the current condition of the expectant mother.

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Set the braces or not summarize

Before us three scenarios of development of events, each of which requires consideration. First — you are planning a pregnancy and braces is not already installed.

The solution: put aside your plans for the entire period of gestation and lactation, if you definitely want to proceed immediately to the procedure, be sure to research in advance.

The second scenario is a pregnancy, there are no absolute contraindications to fixing your system and you want to start the treatment.

Solution: follow all instructions mentioned just above, that will minimize the adverse consequences of the intervention. In the current situation the best will be to refuse the setting of construction, so as to begin therapy can be and later. No danger to the child is not responsible, but can have unpleasant consequences for the health of the expectant mother.

The third scenario — you get pregnant without going through the full course of treatment braces system. Solution: refer to leading you to a specialist as soon as you become aware of their situation. He’ll appreciate the time and risks likely to offer to temporarily withdraw from the design. This is the best option, guaranteeing a positive result of the correction of the bite and minimizing the risk of complications.