Braces how to wear: how long do I need to walk with braces

For the duration of the course is influenced by many factors: age, clinical picture, model design of the system, the desired end result. On average, may need a year at small deviations up to three years, if we are talking about a different kind of pathologies. An experienced orthodontist will determine how braces in each case, will be phased treatment program.

What determines the period of wearing braces

If you are obsessed with malocclusion, it is impossible to stop halfway. The question of how long do I need to wear braces, occurs in patients not least. In this case, each should prepare for the fact that the therapeutic period can be long, you need a minimum of about a year.

Consider the factors that determine the commit time of orthodontic structures to teeth:

  • The source picture. The first thing that looks specialist, is the neglect of the state. Real dates are assigned after the diagnosis — if there is pathology, it is especially important to ensure proper condition of the gums;
  • Overcrowding. Upon detection of such anomalies often patients are worried about how much you need to wear any braces to align the teeth. Indeed, the course may be delayed due to the need to expand the range by removing some molars;
  • Age. To install the system can be almost any age, it is advisable to catch up to 30 years, but during puberty, changes occur much more quickly;
  • Design. Today prefer modern braces systems that demonstrate higher quality effect, although the time of treatment is not reduces.

The comparison of modern braces

Braces first appeared in the early 20th century, today there are many varieties of this device. Each has advantages and disadvantages, in this case, is seen the wear time of the system, let’s see which of them operate for a shorter time period:

  • Metal. The improvement goes from a year to a year and a half, this is the best result. Among the disadvantages — estetichnost, the possibility of irritation of the gums;
  • Plastic. Here may be required from one year to 2.5 years, the main drawback — the fragility, the budget is comparable to metal;
  • The sapphire crystal. Duration of therapy is from one to three years, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, but fragile at relatively high cost;
  • Ceramic. Life — 1 — 3 years, durable and safe, while expensive, can negatively affect the diction, are not assigned to complex treatment;
  • Lingual. The first improvement comes after six years of treatment, a maximum duration of 2.5 years. It is durable, comfortable design with a high cost and restriction to patients with short front teeth.

Pathology requiring a short course of therapy

At physiological malocclusion period of treatment with braces may not be very long. We are talking about the characteristics of individual molars, when there is no need to radically affect the development of the entire jaw. The minimum period of wearing braces for about a year, the factors that can make adjustments, this is the age of the patient and the used design.

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For example, such a pathology possible to take the presence of a secondary diastema a small gap between the incisors or Treme disappearing after eruption of permanent molars. That is, the first defects may be visible even before the beginning of adolescence, at which point the orthodontist will recommend braces.

And if dystopia or tooth eruption in the wrong place before staging system is surgery. The nature of this disease lies in the wrong tab dental germs, the transferred diseases of the mother during pregnancy, sometimes in birth injury. The treatment program depends on how the molars with pathology managed to affect adjacent units.

When the braces have to wear longer

If an anomalous development concerns the whole of the jaw, respectively, complicated the process of alignment of the dentition and increasing the time required for this. How much will the malocclusion as a whole is hard to say, takes into account not only the timing and the complexity of the situation, the amount varies in accordance with region of residence and pricing dentistry.

Complex malocclusion

There are five common anomalies of the jaw:

  • The distal occlusion. Due to the underdevelopment of the lower jaw there is a overhang of the top over it. How long to wear braces for a patient with a given problem is solved individually, it is about 2 years;
  • Anterior type. Here we are talking about the nomination of the mandible forward, in addition to that defect spoils the appearance of the person, there are problems with diction, rapid grinding of the enamel;
  • Cross-type. There is a shift of the mandible relative to the upper horizontally — with a slight degree of change, the course may take no more than two years;
  • Deep incisal overlap. The uniform development of both jaws occurs overhanging upper teeth over the lower. The optimal age for correction of the bite could be between 5 to 9 years, but experts say about other figure of 12-15 years.;
  • The open form of the bite. Characterized by incomplete closure and occurs in children at an early age, among adults this type of reach is much less. To teeth are aligned, use braces, plates, trainers, camera Frenkel and Andresen-Couple.

Why treatment may be delayed

Often the patient, for the first time faced with the necessity of installation of orthodontic design, a lot of questions. For example, how to choose braces, how much to wear or what can go wrong and how to speed up the process. And not the last role in the success of therapy plays a proper nutrition. Here is a list of products that have to be deleted:

  • Chewing gum;
  • Nougat, toffee (sweets with viscous and viscous texture);
  • Baking;
  • Red wine, coffee, berries — coloring products are not compatible with transparent braces.

The importance of proper hygiene to explain also did not have to use floss, irrigator, conditioners, brushing your teeth after each meal. Otherwise, instead of after the removal of the system to Shine snow-white smile, you have to go to a specialist to treat the gums or fillings running caries.

The duration of children’s braces therapy

It should again be repeated, to wear orthodontic design can not earlier than 12 years. All in not fully formed oral and maxillofacial tissues, after a complete change of deciduous molars risk for further interventions no. To not have to install braces in adulthood when it is much harder to affect the original data, the best time to go to the orthodontist and to follow his advice.

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In appointing therapeutic course takes into account personal characteristics of the young patient: how bone tissue is susceptible to outside influence, and with some scale changes, occlusion has to deal with. Good immune system of adolescents to cope with their tasks, the main thing — regularly to monitor the hygiene of the oral cavity. They often wear braces with pleasure, especially if it is a color model.

Returning to the question, how much you need to wear braces to children, it is not less than one and a half to two years, if we are not talking about serious pathology.

How long is the treatment in adult patients

Finally, the bite is registered for 25 years, up to this point there is a risk that the most effective changes. Although age is not the determining factor, the duration of the course increases by 6-8 months and the question arises whether to wear a system after thirty.

The answer is clearly positive, the choice made here will pay for itself. At this age there is a slowing of metabolic and regenerative processes in the body, the tactics of the current changes first adjusts the size of the dentition, then there is the impact on individual molars. How long to wear braces for adults, also depends on the clinical picture.

The duration of wearing braces may increase due to selection in favor of less effective but more presentable structures. This short-sighted strategy, sapphire and ceramic systems will make life more comfortable, but efficiency may be reduced. For example, due to the increase of wear time, patients begin to neglect the careful hygiene.

The answer to the question, how much are braces adults, a cause for optimism, but 2-3 years is not a long time.

When to expect first changes


Regardless of how much you need to wear braces in each case, there are common standards. During the first month of small improvements, for three months, and more significant, indicating the correctness of the chosen treatment programs.

If the specified term does not occur in a visible improvement, do not hurry to get upset. How to walk with braces defines the specialist, after a careful examination and selection of the design, the main thing — to tune in a positive way.

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Remember, improvements happen gradually, and therefore they are invisible for your eyes. There is a good solution — have to assess the situation of a loved one, from the side, perhaps it will become clearer. Remember that if you’re not a teenager, do not expect quick results, be patient.

How to build on the success after removing the system

Retention period — a full-fledged part of the therapy for malocclusion are designed to obtain a stable effect. If you have been thinking about how to walk with braces, multiply this term by two — so much required to wear retainers.

What is it? Special orthodontic device in the form of an arc attached to the inner side of the jaw, often additionally appointed Capa to align teeth. New design removable, for an adult it is a guarantee that will not happen rollback to the previous state, in some cases, the retainer can be administered for prophylactic wear in a lifetime.

It is worth to mention that it is not always the duration of the retention period depends on how much braces put. Children with their strong root system consistently positive effect is observed already after 2-3 years.

On the other hand, if the patient is over 35 years and have a tendency to relapse, are assigned a fixed locking design. Prerequisite — regular visits to the orthodontist, you can’t stop half way.

How does Capa

This orthodontic equipment is fully repeats the bite of the patient, transparent and does not cause discomfort during fixation. It is made of transparent plastic and is completely hypoallergenic. Sometimes the patient may be a retainer, but at the same time the cap is used to achieve maximum results.

The wear time — about a year, first few months it is recommended to use the device every day and night. After further visits to the orthodontist may be decided to apply Kapu through the day and then periodically as a prophylactic.

Plate as an alternative

It happens that there is no need to wear retainers, are assigned more simple in design orthodontic braces. It is made on an individual cast plate of polymer and wire, fixed on the gums, as well as the sky. To say for sure how many years of medical worn orthodontic braces, it is impossible, it depends on the specialist’s recommendations, but not more than two years.