Braces installation: systems, stages, training

We all dream of a perfect smile. But to some it is given by nature, and someone who achieves results only with the help of the orthodontist. To put braces on the teeth — are the most popular option used for correction of malocclusion. This design aligns the teeth and puts in place both the upper and lower jaw. How does the installation of braces? The process of installing braces is a very important part of orthodontic treatment.

Preparing to install

The bracket system is in any case not be installed without prior preparation of the oral cavity. For this purpose the reorganization. The number of stages will depend on in what condition is your mouth. All this procedure usually involves three stages, but in some cases appears and the fourth:

  • Treatment of dental caries.
    Improperly positioned in the jaw teeth are not a hindrance to install the system, but the decay is very even dangerous, braces are placed only in his absence. All that hampered oral hygiene therefore it creates a great environment for bacteria.
    If you get rid of cavities before installing the system, it is possible to save on the ultimate cost of correction.
  • Eliminate inflammation.
    You won’t like, if you have inflamed gums while wearing the system on the teeth. So this mishap did not happen, it is recommended to err, and to avoid even the most frivolous of periodontal disease. Besides, this course will help you to reduce the cost of braces can be fitted.
  • Professional cleaning.
    Due to the fact that the plaque deposits are noise good clutch system with the surface and reduce the hygiene of correction, braces are placed only on the pure teeth. Procedures for cleaning are made with fluorochemicals or ultrasound. The entire session lasts from half an hour to one hour and the cost ranges from two to three thousand, but it depends on the city and clinic where you adjust the teeth. Because bleeding gums, orthodontists do not recommend to carry out this procedure in one day installation system.
  • Removal of teeth to install braces, fours and eights in particular – in some cases very necessary procedure. It is due to the fact that all chewing items should be in one row of the jaw without displacement. So if you don’t remove individual chewing items that dentition will not be smooth due to the lack of space. Also the braces require the removal of wisdom teeth, if you leave them, the face of the patient will not be able to take a symmetric shape, and the shape of the face will be uneven.
    In emergency cases, the teeth can be removed if the bracket system is already installed. In such situations, orthodontic arc is removed for a short time, and the teeth that you want to delete, free from locks and cleaning up. After removal of the fixed arc back. Work design, despite the intervention continues.
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Preparing for installation of the braces does not end there. Also conducted training in proper hygiene. After all, if you don’t know anything about the care, trips to the dentist to eliminate dental caries is guaranteed.

The installation process

The procedure for installing braces generally painless, as the elements are glued one to each tooth. Uncomfortable feelings can only cause fixation of the arc when it is put into the slots.

In order to understand how the process of installing the system, you need to understand what include the braces, and the installation contains many parts:

  • ring;
  • locks;
  • braces;
  • alloys that do not exist in self-ligating designs;
  • arc;
  • elastic pull.

There are two types of braces:

  • lingual – mounted on the inner side of the teeth where they cannot be seen (a great solution if you need to correct a deep bite, or if the patient has miniature teeth);
  • vestibular – fastened to the front side of teeth.

First inserted waterskiier, at this point becomes perfectly clear all the teeth in the oral cavity. The enamel is polished with a special paste, and then at places of fixing of locks applied etching gel. After about thirty seconds it was removed and the teeth dried. Then begins the installation of braces on the teeth. Depending on the chosen tactics of treatment and clinical condition at first capture system for the upper jaw or the lower.
For installations using a strong adhesive, which is applied to the enamel. After the fastened structure. All the locks covered hardens under ultraviolet light orthodontic cement.
Once the design is set, the dentist will remove the excess material.
The whole process takes no more than a half hour. Teeth and jaws not feel much inconvenience.

The installation process depends on which system you use.

Installation vestibular structures:

  1. gluing the braces on each tooth;
  2. the connection of the braces arcs, fixed with suture (if the system is self-ligating, the fixation occurs with the help of little locks);
  3. install orthodontic rings and lock on 6 or 7 teeth;
  4. possibly adding to the system of special hook locking elastic rod.

The installation process lingual system:

  1. we will take impressions of the patient’s jaws for the manufacture of the system;
  2. design fabrication in the laboratory using a dental impression by means of computer technologies;
  3. the attachment of ceramic, metal or metal braces on the teeth of the patient;
  4. the connection pads using a special bridge.

There are two types of lingual braces: actual and self-ligating.
If the design of the ligature in the groove of each element of the system includes arc and well there is attached.
Self-ligating systems are attached by means of two locks.
Alloys need to adjust every month or once in two months. With the same frequency, you should activate the arc.

About the installation of braces for adults

After thirty years, the growth of the skeleton was finally completed, and in the body slows down the processes of tissue regeneration. In this regard, the correction of malocclusion in adults is much longer than in children. Also in Mature people is the installation of braces is very often necessary to remove the tooth, sometimes even not one, but patients do not want to do that. For these reasons, many refuse to braces, which can be extremely necessary. But despite this, many still decide to take such an important step.
Among adults very popular lidery — removable braces. Most often they are men, as these devices they consider more convenient. They need to be worn 22 hours a day, but they are acceptable only in case if you need an easy correction.

Many people prefer lingual braces, as they do not cause discomfort, do not interfere with speech, and they are not visible, while the downside is their cost. But most of the same sets and self-ligating designs that are a cheaper option.
In Mature people the bite is aligned very long time, so doctors recommend to wear braces for two years, in some cases, this period may be shorter or longer. The main factors in the correction are systems as well as muscle memory. The teeth will try to return to its previous state. Below this are unable to occur, orthodontists fixed retainers after wearing the braces, it should be all patients over twenty-five years. If we neglect this occlusion may again deteriorate.


Adaptation all patients are different, but the first pain appears a few hours after the braces and continue on average for another 4 days. This means that the adjustment process has already begun. Also after a couple of hours, may be feeling that the teeth began to stagger, this is absolutely normal.

Pain in the jaws can be muted with the help of anesthetic or rinse the mouth with warm saline solution. Besides the fact that my jaw hurts because of unusual pressure, can be pain on the surface of the cheeks. This happens when on your teeth is a metal structure, it scratches the lining. To avoid this trouble, it is enough to smear an annoying part of a special wax.

Young and old people are much easier to walk in biketech in that case, if the installation of this structure was a deliberate intention, not imposed on family need. Because when you realize that all the inconveniences and difficulties are paving the way to a delightful smile, indecision dissipated, and even if the pain ceases to be so strong and annoying.

How are the braces

How to install the braces we reviewed, but it is time to remove the system. The elements of the bracket system attached using the special glue on each tooth, so the removal of the design is peeling off: a doctor with special tweezers removes every particle. As soon as all the elements of the system will be removed, the orthodontist a drill will remove the glue residue from the teeth, and then hold a prevention to protect and strengthen the enamel.
Lingual and ceramic braces split with forceps. Sometimes braces are cut with the help of a drill.
After removing the braces treatment is over. Orthodontist will fix you retainers, or will remove the mold for making individual retentive plates help to fix the result(wearing time during the day is determined individually) to teeth certainly not returned to his former place.