Building up teeth: what is going on and how

Capacity teeth — a procedure which confronted every day dentists. Thanks to modern materials after the restoration, the smiles of patients Shine with beauty and health. Treated teeth do not differ in appearance from natural, have excellent features, and serve their owners.

Medical care

Increasing the tooth is required in the following situations:

  1. The destruction of enamel and dentin under the influence of caries;
  2. The replacement of natural tissues after root canal treatment at pulpitis, periodontitis;
  3. The restoration of enamel in situations of high abrasion. The risk group includes people with malocclusion who suffer from bruxism;
  4. For removal of cosmetic defects (wide gaps between the units, a wedge-shaped defect, malformed crown, presence of pigmentation, fluorosis);
  5. The restoration of the integrity of tissues after an injury.

The defect in the mouth in the absence of a tooth is a serious problem. Some people treat the situation lightly and neglect visits to the dentist, even if they have violated the aesthetics of the smile. Such an approach is wrong.

The lack of units in the mouth is not a visual problem, it concerns the health of the body. If you postpone visit to the doctor, with time there is a problem:

  • Malocclusion, pathological displacement units;
  • Failures of the gastrointestinal tract. The person is not able to carry out the act of chewing, in violation of the integrity of the series. Food enters the stomach is not fully chewed, not moistened with saliva, in the form of a solid piece. The stomach is forced to work with the increased load. As a result of developing gastritis, gastric ulcer. There are the first symptoms of pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract: burping, heartburn, nausea, bloating. To recover health in this case, the person has to apply to 2 doctors: the dentist and the gastroenterologist.
  • Destruction of tissues adjacent units as a result of increased load;
  • Unattractive smile hinders the ability to communicate, it leads to social problems. The person becomes withdrawn, shy, reduced working capacity.

You can avoid problems if you go to the clinic on time. To return the unit to its rightful place in several ways, which will fit in this case will become clear only after initial inspection.

If it was a full removal, will have to go through the procedure of prosthetics. Modern dentistry allows for a choice depending on personal preferences and the availability of savings. Significant factors: the presence of allergic reactions to the materials and the presence of chronic diseases. During pregnancy to hold the prosthesis not recommended. In the case if the root is saved and there is no inflammation, the bone augmentation using composite is the best way to solve problems.

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The tasks of aesthetic medicine

To learn about how build up the tooth in dentistry. This complicated procedure. Some patients seem to form a crown with composite just, but it is not. Fine work, forcing the doctor to be a skilled Creator, can achieve full identity with natural incisors, canines, molars.

The buildup of anterior teeth is a responsible and complicated procedure. To do the job, the physician must:

  1. Choose the color and shade of the composite.
  2. To undertake the processing. Before the treatment of dental caries removes the affected tissue.
  3. Thoroughly dry the cavity. The lack of contact with saliva is a guarantee for a long lasting seal.
  4. To form a unit, retaining the natural shape. After applying the composite, the test is carried out in the absence of discomfort in the bite. Roughness and irregularities are removed and the patient leaves the doctor’s office with a beautiful and healthy smile.

People ask, what are veneers?

It is a special corrective dental records. They are mounted on the front of the unit (canines, incisors) to hide the visible defects. Plates are made from a special Hypo allergenic materials. After the procedure, smile is naturally white, is beauty and harmony. To install veneers, there are some contraindications, which will tell the doctor.

The build-up of teeth is possible if the saved root system. In the treatment of pulpitis, periodontitis, the procedure is performed a few days after the root canal. If the natural tissues are significantly ruined, to strengthen the remaining walls and rebuild crowns, set special pins or tabs. After the treatment it is recommended to hold the prosthesis and to cover the unit with a protective cap crown. In this case, increasing the tooth is an intermediate stage of treatment.

The build-up of posterior teeth — a procedure that helps to recreate the fabric of the molars. Manipulation is carried out with modern composites. When using light material, is achieved aesthetics and practicality. Some experts recreate the fissures and grooves of the crown. As a result, the units are not different from natural, they possess not only functionality, but also beauty. The only negative aesthetic dentistry — the high cost of the procedures. If a person cannot pay for expensive treatment, it has the ability to build up the tooth with a chemical composite. The material has good characteristics: strength, low shrinkage, absence of allergic reactions and toxicity. The disadvantages include: small range of colors, the inability to use the material in some cases. In the end we can conclude that the increase of teeth chemical compound is a good choice.

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The goal of aesthetic medicine is to recreate the natural aesthetics and practicality of the molars, incisors and canines. In addition to basic therapy, the patient requires further consultation, orthodontist, podiatrist, dental hygienist, psychologist. Bite correction, removal of bad habits, learning the correct basics of hygiene care is very important for those who wish to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile.

How to choose a doctor

A trip to the medical clinic for many, it is quite scary and unpleasant event. In most cases, fears and hostility inspired by the stories of friends and acquaintances who have roots from my childhood. This is why:

  • Use the services of qualified doctors. Do not contact the clinic — by-night;
  • Before you enroll in treatment, find out the reviews of specialists and clinic people who have already received medical care. The ideal solution is a visit to one permanent dentist;
  • Do not trust clinics that offer valuable services for a cheap price. Discounts and promotions — excellent saving money for patients, but remember, quality service can not cost less cost;
  • Before the treatment require the administrator of a contract for the provision of medical procedures, verify the presence of required warranty service;
  • During the direct visit to the clinic, tell the doctor about the presence of chronic diseases, pregnancy, breastfeeding, allergic predisposition, and reactions to medications. In the presence of contraindications, the doctor will use the safest materials and anesthetics. Remember, to make the prevention of diseases of the oral cavity in advance is necessary for all women planning pregnancy.
  • If the patient needs to strengthen a tooth, or conduct another procedure, but he feels fear and excitement, not despair. A few drops or tablets of Valerian, motherwort, will help morale for the forthcoming treatment.

It is important to remember, dentist are necessary and useful specialist. If to undergo constant professional supervision of a specialist, the treatment may not be necessary at all, or will it be done quickly and painlessly.

Save your teeth — the right decision!

If you’re wondering how the build-up of tooth in dentistry, see below. Before the treatment, the doctor prepares the patient, collects anamnesis. Upon inspection, he talks about the upcoming manipulation. If the process has not involved the pulp, treatment is quick and takes 1 visit. With the development of pulpitis or periodontitis, the therapy takes much more time. Before installing the seal, it is necessary to conduct primary root canal treatment. To confirm the diagnosis, you may need the x — rays.

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Bone grafting is carried out using modern materials. They are:

  1. Does not cause allergies.
  2. Have a wide range of colors and shades.
  3. Are characterized by high aesthetics;
  4. Practical and durable.
  5. Have no shrinkage, do not contribute to the development of traumatic pulpitis and periodontitis.
  6. Successfully applied before the prosthesis.

Bone augmentation is a superficial caries is painless. If the affected dentine close to the pulp chamber, hold the anesthesia. The dentist injected the anesthetic injection, after the beginning of action of the drug, achieved a complete numbness of the jaw.


The doctor:

  • The elimination of the affected tissues with the help of a drill;
  • The formation of a cavity;
  • Conduct antiseptic treatment;
  • Thorough drying;
  • Tissue repair using modern materials. If necessary, the doctor uses a special pre-medicated pads.

After formation of the crowns, you need to adjust the seals: smoothing sharp edges, irregularities, roughness, testing facilities for the bite. The final step is polishing with special brushes.

Is it possible to increase the tooth if it is badly damaged? Yes, this is possible. To strengthen the special unit set pins, tabs. After restoring the tissues to increase lifespan, carried out prosthetics. The bone graft composites — it’s fast, aesthetically pleasing and practical. If any problems do not delay the treatment, then visit a dentist and get professional help.