Bump on the cheek: a growth on the inner side of the mouth

The susceptibility of the mucosa in this region is high, so a bump on the cheek could be a consequence of her injury, but sometimes it is a sign of a serious disease. To seek professional diagnosis is necessary in any case, because over time, the benign one is able to acquire a very different character. In addition, the diseased begins to experience difficulty during eating and in everyday communication, a lump or papilloma has a tendency over time to increase in size.

Common causes of

Often lump inside the cheek appears as a result of any injury, this response is protective in nature and perfectly normal. It is not recommended to touch the tumor to let yourself heal properly.

Another reason is the occurrence of granulomas in the background of hormonal changes. But improper installation of the prosthesis is able to provoke damage, the edges of the teeth start to hurt soft tissue in the mouth, the mucous membrane does not have time to recover.

Usually this education has a high rate of growth in a week can develop up to 2 cm in diameter, sometimes more. Additional unpleasant symptoms — lump causes painful, begins to bleed, becomes a convex shape, color of the mucosa varies from bright red to a pronounced purple hue.

What can be done

After a biopsy can be assigned to the following treatments:

  1. Surgical. To do this, use the electric, after removal of tumors in the region prizhivaetsya. Therapy continues in the form of taking a course of antibiotics;
  2. Injection. This is a special injections containing alcohol, which do directly into the area of granulomas;
  3. Laser;
  4. Local injection alitretinoin gel.

Regardless of the size growth do not delay with the visit to the specialist, so you will feel comfortable and will avoid possible complications.


It is a soft lump, otherwise it is called a Wen, since it is formed of fat cells. Occurs when metabolic processes in the body, often has small size, does not cause much inconvenience. If the value of the Wen is minor, is assigned to medical therapy — introduced a special drug. When reaching at least 3 cm require surgical excision under local anesthesia.


When blockage of the sebaceous ducts secret begins to accumulate under the skin, there is a bump — and colorless round seal with a diameter of from 1 to 10 see If a palpation, it is possible to detect the mobility of the atheroma, pain is absent.

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This tumor requires careful study and therapy, as in severe cases, there are side effects: pain, accumulation of pus, inflammation, fever.

Even if at first you do not feel special discomfort, except for violations of aesthetics, to delay treatment is not recommended. Assigned surgery — excision of lump together with the capsule, there is a probability of scarring of the affected areas.


The so-called cyst arising in the mouth on the buccal mucosa and lips. It is characterized by a bluish color, without tenderness, palpation can feel the homogeneity of the structure. Also inside there’s a white turbid liquid, sometimes a dissection occurs spontaneously, otherwise, you will need excision of the bladder.

Probable causes — trauma to the salivary glands, the constant biting of mucosa, most often these are young people.

Cancer of the salivary gland

In this disease the mouth (ear, under the jaw, on the inner side of the cheeks), get a bump, the nature of the malignant. The result is the compression of the branches of the trigeminal nerve, the patient may feel numbness of certain parts of the face, muscle tone is deteriorating in the region of the tonsils may feel sick.

In addition to the biopsy is necessary to diagnose using computed tomography, the results of the specialist prescribes therapy.


This growth arising from the inner side of the cheeks, looks like a bump on the leg. The structure is soft, usually pale pink in color, looks like a wart has a rough surface and does not cause painful sensations. Education can be sporadic, but sometimes exciting and significant area, localization of the tongue, larynx, cheeks, gums, palate.

As a result of continuous interaction of HPV with different stimuli, especially during meals, she is injured. Further, the appearance of the wound begins the accumulation of bacteria in the affected area causing inflammation. The human papillomavirus, which is the source of the aforementioned tumors, if your immune system is strong, can never afford to not say, but with the weakening of protective forces of an organism, the probability increases dramatically.

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It can be removed using a surgical method or effects on tumors using liquid nitrogen. Do not use chemicals, as this can lead to degeneration of the tumor into a malignant form.

How is the infection

Papilloma is one of the most common diseases that causes tumors, not only in adults but also in children and adolescents undergoing complex hormonal adjustments. Most often this occurs for the following reasons:

  • The use of utensils or personal hygiene items together with a carrier of the virus;
  • Kissing with a carrier of HPV, if it is localized in the oral cavity;
  • Oral sex without the necessary protection;
  • If the mother is a carrier, there is still a possibility of his transfer to the child.

Affect the appearance of papillomas in the mouth of numerous factors that reduce the body’s immunity:

  1. Various bad habits;
  2. Disruptions in hormonal sphere;
  3. Diseases infectious catarrhal nature;
  4. Chronic inflammation;
  5. Pregnancy;
  6. Physical and mental fatigue;
  7. Long-term use of antibiotics;
  8. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

These circumstances only increase the risk of the appearance of papillomas, but it is absolutely necessary.


Papillomas are manifested differently depending on their location, so indirectly you can understand exactly where is localization. Consider a few options:

The larynx. The signs are as follows — difficulty breathing, hoarseness in voice, slight difficulty with diction. When not treated papillomas can grow on mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract.
Tonsils. Usually the diagnosis is difficult, it is likely to confuse the disease with bacterial laryngitis, the effects of cold. There is swelling of the vocal cords, the feeling of a foreign object in the throat scratchiness, hoarseness, difficulty breathing, meal.
Language. Usually there appear to be flat or peaked formation, the latter causing considerable inconvenience — due to regular injuries occur bleeding ulcers.

Professional help

At the same time to implement preventive measures to patients suffering from manifestations of HPV, mouth necessarily saniyede. You want to eliminate the inflammatory processes and caries, plaque and calculus.

After the preliminary events, the foci are processed with the use of antiviral ointments and gels. Further assigned to vitamin-mineral complexes, optionally immunomodulatory drugs.


If medication is not enough, you have to resort to techniques surgery. Used two ways — laser and radio wave removal, in the latter case, convenient to take part of the material for histological examination.

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How to behave after surgery

After excision of the affected area in the mouth the patient must be very attentive to his condition. For example, you need to revise your diet to avoid any roughage. First time if was wrapped up in bandages, you should be extremely careful not to touch the stitches need to be accurately delayed. In addition, during the excision of the areas on the lip there is a risk of scarring.

We must not forget that the surgery itself additional stress to the body, after it is important to strengthen itself from within. This requires proper nutrition, good sleep, avoiding harmful habits, avoid any unrest.

Home therapy

At home you can start the therapy in the case of individual instances, when the trend is to increase the size of the papillomas is not saved. Here are a few recipes that will help you cope with the disease alone:

  • If the symptoms of very fresh, try using the protein of raw eggs several times a day;
  • Take a small piece of cotton soaked in castor oil and apply to the affected area. Repeat the procedure twice a day;
  • Cut the clove of garlic on the plate, lubricate them growths two to three times a day;
  • Prepare a tincture — you will need green skin or leaves of a walnut. You need to fill a dry ingredient with alcohol and stand two weeks, then grease with medium education one to two times a day.