Calcium and vitamins for your teeth

All living creatures with a skeleton, need a continuous supply of calcium in the body. Need calcium for teeth, bones, other organs and systems. But, unfortunately, the person throughout life consume such food in which calcium is negligible or can not be fully absorbed.

The health of our teeth and mouth in General depends not only on the quality of hygiene, but also on the concentration in the body of vitamins and minerals. Importantly, even when a balanced diet may be insufficient intake of micronutrients. All systems and organs must from time to time, feed, teeth is no exception. If any of nutrients is not enough, begin to appear, problems with the teeth, gums, oral cavity. An important problem with the deficiency of any trace element is tooth decay.

Why do teeth need calcium

The tooth consists, as is well known, not only from the visible part of us. He has the neck of a tooth hidden in the gum, and tooth root anchored to the jaw bone. The tooth is hollow inside, this cavity is called the pulp. Located in the pulp nerve endings and blood vessels that nourish the tooth from the inside. They are covered with a thick layer of material similar to the cement — dentin. It is protected by a thin invisible layer of heavy-duty substance — enamel. Enamel is the most durable material in the body.

If we consider the tooth under strong magnification, you can see on the surface of the crystal lattice like a honeycomb, which consists of particularly strong ties of calcium and phosphorus. This mass is 95% of the structure of the tooth, the rest is water. And the water is in two States, bound and free. Free water molecules can move through the grid, attracting the ions and molecules of other substances. Water can easily evaporate from the surface of the enamel, or, conversely, to be absorbed from the saliva. However, it can take a molecule of any substance. It could be salts of heavy metals that enter by inhalation from the environment, or calcium ions and fluoride during the brushing treatment with tooth means. Thanks to a deep study of the structure of the tooth and the possibilities of water managed to understand the mechanism of the penetration and development of caries.

Tooth decay, probably, everybody. The main reason for the development of this disease is the demineralization of the hard tissues of the tooth, which gradually leads to the complete destruction, if not to begin treatment. Cause demineralization is the impact of organic acids on the enamel of the tooth, while there is a strong leaching of calcium and phosphorus acids. An acidic environment is formed from the products of vital activity of microorganisms in the mouth and bears the name of a cariogenic microflora. Increased acidity, which in the oral cavity is evolving pathogens, is formed with a large consumption of sweets and all products containing sucrose. The microbes eat sugars and processed it, the result is the formation of organic acids. The higher the amount of sugar eaten, the greater the amount of acids formed.

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Neutralizes acid saliva, but this is not always the case. For example, if before going to bed to eat sweets and do not brush your teeth, bacteria will begin to actively metabolize sucrose. Saliva night stands out a little, and she was not able to properly neutralize the acid.

What role in this process is calcium? The fact that calcium lattice is at rest and can easily be modified: how to dissolve and grow. When the saliva contains molecules of calcium and phosphorus, they are beginning to fill in the damage caused by the acid. With a stable and qualitative buildup of the mineral layer slows down the process of tooth decay and disappear white spots on teeth — signs of tooth decay. It is very important that as often as possible in saliva were three elements — calcium, fluorine and phosphorus.

What can compensate for a deficiency of the mineral

Person should consume the amount of calcium per day, which corresponds to age norms, condition of the teeth. There are three ways of getting the calcium crystals: it is a trace mineral preparations, food supplements and food products. The easiest method is filling by mineral nutrition.

Of course, in modern urban environments the person uses only highly processed meals often do not retain nutrients. This is one of the important circumstances, which blocks calcium absorption.

The quality of absorbability is determined by the presence of substances such as proteins and lactose, and the acids contained in black currants, lemons, cranberries, tomatoes. Citric acid promotes high-quality absorption of calcium and its deposition in the bones.

Important to know: the assimilation of calcium depends on age. The younger the child, the higher the absorbability, and the older a person is, the lower it is.

Perception of calcium your body still depends on one important element — vitamin d said. This vitamin under normal conditions can independently be synthesized in the skin in an amount of about 80%. Many factors affect its synthesis: the number of pigments in the skin, the area of unprotected clothing of the skin, where the region of residence, climatic conditions, the duration of the day and the season.

High levels of vitamin d said observed in fatty fish and dairy products, eggs. To compensate for the deficiency of calcium and vitamin d said, you can use various food additives and vitamin complexes. They are now a large number. There are products with calcium: monotherapies with calcium, multivitamin means with a certain amount of calcium, as well as combined supplements, which combined calcium, vitamin d said and some other minerals.

Monotherapies of calcium

Preventive measures and therapy with monotherapies of calcium in the absence of vitamin d said — is practically meaningless and useless. It is worth considering that the simple concentration of calcium in the salts is different. The largest number is contained in carbonate and calcium triphosphate. But in order for this calcium to be utilized fully, it must be combined with taking vitamin d said.

To monopreparatam of calcium include: calcium gluconate, calcium chloride, glycerophosphate, calcium lactate. They can be manufactured in tablets and in the form of solutions for injection.

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To replace the use of cholecalciferol in the cold season in Northern areas and countries sessions of ultraviolet radiation. The procedure is carried out with gradual biodozy. The course of treatment — 20-25 sessions, every day or every other day.

Multivitamins with minerals

Multivitamins with calcium — Kalcinova, Pregnacey, Elevit pronatal, Kaltsid and others — are mostly designed for the daily intake of calcium. They are all produced in the coated tablets. This dosage is not enough to prevention, not to mention the treatment of calcium deficiency, based on the age and physiological requirements of the organism.

Quite important point is the link between minerals and vitamins in one pill to receive. For example, the directory Mashkovsky tells us that the opponents of calcium are magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc. If to use both vitamins B1 and B12, C or E and B12, can develop serious allergic reactions. Therefore, the modern experts suggest to use separate vitamins and minerals, as some of them increase the digestibility and each other’s work, while others will block and destroy the opponent. It is important to increase the percentage of absorbability. The quality of learning depends on the time of reception of a particular vitamin or trace element.


One of the few manufacturers, who have correctly approached the issue of combined funds with vitamins and minerals, is the company «Akvion» with its complex Alphabet. Daily doses of vitamins and minerals is divided into 3 tablets, taken into account the time of admission and interaction of all components.

Vitamin D and calcium

For high-quality prevention and treatment of carious and securinega infection of the teeth, any other conditions that Deplete the teeth, diseases related to deficiency of this trace element or vitamin d said, you should pay attention to such combination drugs as Vitrum Osteomag d said, Vitrum calcium + Vitamin d said, Calcimin advans, Calcium d said Nycomed, Complivit Calcium d said, Calapan.

Homeopathic remedy is mineral-vitamin complex, which are calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, cholecalciferol, and others. The drug is in the banks to 30, 60, 120 pills. The drug can be used expectant mothers and women in lactation. Side effects appear in case of a serious overdose.

Vitrum Calcium + Vitamin D Said. This preparation consists of oyster mineral, it is derived from oyster shells, also it consists of calcium carbonate, cholecalciferol, and other auxiliary components. Pills should swallow, not breaking their integrity, it is not necessary to chew, grind. Use them during a meal or in front of him. Prescribed only for adults and children over 12 years. Dosage and length of treatment is determined by doctor only.

Calcium d said Nycomed — a combination of mineral and vitamin tablets to be chewed. They can be chewed or swallowed whole, in both cases it is necessary to wash down tablets with plenty of water.

Important: this preparation may contain minor amounts of salts of heavy metals, lead and aluminium that direct toxicity is not caused, but chronic administration can be deposited in all cells and tissues. Very dangerous these funds for pregnant, lactating and infants. The accumulation of elements of the drug in the body is fraught with intrauterine pathologies or disorders in the development of the unborn child.

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Complivit Calcium d said — it is a comprehensive tool. It is produced in the form of chewable tablets with taste and smell of the fruit. The present composition of the trace element in the form of carbonate and vitamin d said. For prevention, take the drug is permitted for children from three years old to adults. There may be side reactions in the form of digestive disorders — constipation, diarrhea, nausea, bloating.

Calapan is a drug designed for women and is a bean in the shell. The composition includes the vitamin d said, calcium triphosphate and extracts of different herbs.


Eggshell — this is the best resource on delivery of calcium to the human body. This trace element is absorbed in this form. In the composition of the shell about 90% of calcium carbonate and 27 different minerals from the periodic table. A century of research has proven the effectiveness of this tool in many branches of medicine, especially in dentistry. Eggshell is highly effective for prevention and treatment of caries, dentoalveolar pathologies and many other problems in the body systems.

Quite easy to prepare the egg shells before use. Eggs should be washed carefully in warm soapy water, rinse. Additional disinfection is not usually required. For children it is recommended to boil the shells for about 5 minutes in boiling water. Shell boiled hard-boiled eggs is not as effective, but it is completely processed.

Crushed egg shells to a powder only in a mortar (grinder reduces the effectiveness). Store the prepared powder in a jar of dark glass, well-plugging, protected from light. Take the powder with lemon juice. The dosage is calculated taking into account the patient’s age, health condition, time of year, area of residence.

However, handmade does not contain essential for the absorption of vitamin D. it can be Filled by appointment in the form of drops or sessions of ultraviolet radiation.

Pharmaceutical companies have developed drugs based on eggshell — Kaltsid, Sunama. In their composition includes the required cholecalciferol and other vitamins.

It is very important to correct nutrition and oral hygiene, try to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits with high calcium content and limit the use of sweets. It is especially important to teach to control dental health of children.