Can hurt ear from the tooth?

When a person is faced with the ear pain, it generally does not reflect whether the ear ache of the tooth, in fact it is a fairly common cause. A lot of people don’t even realize it, and treat it, not paying attention to the real cause, which can lead to serious complications.

In this article we will try to tell you how to determine the cause of the Earache if it is caused by diseases of the teeth. This in turn will help to avoid many problems and complications associated with incorrect treatment of such problems.

Why dental pain experienced in the ear?

The reasons why dental disease can contribute to ear pain are quite diverse. Diseases of the teeth, especially in the upper jaw, tend to affect the ears due to the location of their roots close to the ear system.

There are several common dental problems that can be complications on the ears:

  • the teething «wisdom teeth» — this reason is the most common, the fact that «wisdom teeth» erupt all different and sometimes this process takes place with certain pathologies. Often due to abnormal growth of these teeth inflamed soft tissue or even the muscles of the face, precisely because of this, and you receive the ear pain. If the symptoms are only getting worse, you should immediately consult a doctor, otherwise, the situation with the ears, and the tooth will only get worse (in the region of the tooth may appear pus);
  • injuries to teeth and soft tissues, also can cause ear pain, as sometimes during a dental surgery or otherwise injured the root of the tooth or soft cloth, then eventually there is formed a swelling. Patients noted a throbbing pain, sometimes can «shoot» in the ear. A similar situation may take place after tooth extraction, when the hole which once housed the root begins to rot or swelling;
  • tooth cyst can also cause ear pain. Due to improper treatment of this disease in the dental office can appear alarming symptoms – swelling and suppuration of the problem areas. If this process is not stopped, the ear canals will greatly suffer.
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But pain can take place not only after surgery to remove a cyst, but up to this point. After all, if the cyst in the upper jaw already beginning to rot and had reached a substantial size, there is nothing surprising in the ear pain will not. Then the root of the tooth, which had a cyst, gives the ear.

Toothache and ear at the same time

Quite often the tooth and the ear on one side of the face hurt at the same time, this situation occurs because of problems with teeth, however, not in all cases. It is extremely unpleasant, as in fact the whole half of the face lends itself to the morbid impulses, and independently the patient is not able to determine what is cause and what is consequence.

  1. Inflammation in the middle ear can lead to pain in the oral cavity. For otitis media pain can radiate to the jaw and have the feeling that at the same time with the ear ache and even tooth, however it is a wrong feeling.
  2. A common cause of concurrent pain and teeth and ears is an inflammation of the trigeminal nerve. In this case the pain occurs suddenly and without very clear to the patient the reasons, but sometimes it can be aching and constant in nature. The face, where the inflamed nerve, can blush. In such cases it is necessary to address to the neuropathologist. It is this specialist and not a dentist or an otolaryngologist, can help in this situation.
  3. Inflammation of nerve tissue of the tooth (pulp) can cause the pain in the ear and teeth. Such pain can be removed by the adoption of conventional pain medication, but it will be a temporary measure that will help to check whether the ear pain is the consequence of toothache. Then, it is necessary as soon as possible to go to the dentist.

What to do if the pain experienced in the head?

Tooth pain really can often give in the head, patients complain of pain in the head as a whole: in the temple, jaw, ear. The common cause of this problem is inflammation of the trigeminal nerve after failed dental procedures.

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The fact that the trigeminal nerve runs from the temple to the center of the forehead, cheek and jaw. Thus, his inflammation would be extremely painful for all affected parts of the face. In this case, it is necessary to take painkillers and go to the neurologist and the dentist.

Inflammation of the pulp can sometimes cause pain in the temple and ear, in this case, you must take a painkiller and to go to the dentist, which will quickly and effectively be able to remove inflammation of nerve tissue of the tooth. Remember that all other means in this case inefficient, since it will act to eliminate the symptoms and not the cause of the disease.

If not go to the dentist, the damage of the pulp will only increase, which will lead to extremely negative processes: destruction and loss of tooth, increased pain in the ear and temple, which often will not be outletsa even a fairly strong painkillers.

Thus, in cases where the tooth pain experienced in the head, you should not rely on its own medical talents and resort to folk methods of treatment, it is necessary to hurry to the specialists: dentist, ENT specialist and a neurologist.

Video: tooth pain experienced in the ear.

Further questions

► After tooth extraction pain in ear. Is this normal?

Most likely, this means that the «hole» that is left after a tooth extraction, began the process of Gnote, there can be formed the impressive size of the swelling and pain will give ear. In this case, you must immediately contact your dentist, he will quickly resolve the problem. He can use the treatment of the wound disinfectants or laser treatments that will help to relieve swelling and soreness. If it’s not in the teeth, the doctor will send you to be examined by an otolaryngologist.

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► Aching ear and teeth with one hand – what to do?

Initially you should contact your doctor. Likely to the dentist, since often the source of such problems is the oral cavity. If pain does not allow you to endure until the time of coming to the doctor, you can take some painkillers, for example, Nurofen in case of pain, which is caused by previous operations at the dentist, it will not only eliminate pain but also relieve swelling and inflammation.

To eliminate edema in the oral cavity it is possible to use and folk remedies. For example, from inflammation can help to rinse the mouth with decoction of chamomile, but such funds should be used only as an auxiliary to the main treatment.

► Pain because of the tooth on the right and left sides

Usually tooth pain gives pain only on one side and the ear on the side which is a problem area in the oral cavity. If you have sore ears from both sides, it is probably not related to the tooth pain and you should consult an otolaryngologist. If the problem is not in his jurisdiction, he will send you to consult a neurologist or dentist.