Can I smear green paint stomatitis: mouth, the child

Is it possible to smear the thrush green paint adult or child. Because aniline dye is worth a penny and has a strong antiseptic effect. Why you should think about the competence of a physician who recommends the use of a green paint with stomatitis in a child? Let us consider the properties of brilliant green and can it apply on mucous membranes.

What are the properties of the solution of brilliant green

Zelenka is a solution, which comprises ethyl alcohol. Having pronounced antiseptic properties brilliant green affordable for everyone and easy to use. Aniline dye prescribed for the purpose of suppressing infection after the surgical intervention. Zelenka accelerates the process of regeneration of tissues and dries the wound surface.

There is one drawback: if you apply an alcoholic solution of brilliant green on the mucous membranes, the patient experiences unbearable burning sensation. Widely used the drug to treat staphylococcal infections, treat boils and pyoderma. In this case green paint is applied directly on the inflammation.

It is impossible to put a solution on mucous membranes of eyes. Such actions can cause a chemical burn. There are many cases when applied to the skin of the antiseptic had an allergic reaction, manifested as itching and rashes.

Brilliant green is part of:

  • Adhesive;
  • Corn means;
  • Liquid Novikov.

For the treatment of stomatitis Zelenka was widely used in Soviet times, when to get other drugs it was difficult. Today, there are many drugs that in a short time and without pain will help cure the disease. Therefore, before curing green paint stomatitis talk to your doctor about all the pros and cons, especially when it comes to the baby.

Why is not recommended to use green paint on mucous

Stomatitis and Zelenka — two incompatible concepts when it comes to young children. A qualified doctor is unlikely to recommend treating sores in the mouth with a solution of brilliant green, because of the pain therapy and speech cannot be. Remember how it hurt when mother in childhood scraped knees smeared with green paint. And what about the ulcers in your mouth. People with stomatitis cannot eat, and if we act on the affected areas with an alcoholic solution of…

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Never use to treat stomatitis Zelenka. The disease can become chronic. Some doctors recommend treating language with an antiseptic solution to clean the plaque. The use is permissible if the mouth has no ulcers and cracks. But to determine under a white coating on the tongue the presence of micro impossible. General examination of the oral cavity does not give the full picture.

Why you should not apply a remedy for stomatitis:

  1. Aniline dye is very dry mucous membranes. As a result, cracks and crusts in mouth which are very painful and take not a small discomfort;
  2. The application of green fodder to the affected areas of the mucosa causing severe burning and pain. Child much easier to move the stomatitis than such therapy;
  3. Contact alcohol solution with a mucous membrane leads to chemical burns. In this case, the treatment of stomatitis will be delayed as it will need more time for tissue regeneration;
  4. Lubrication of the mouth green paint is dangerous, if the purulent inflammation. Masking aniline dye of inflammation leads to a latent infection that is difficult to see under the crust formed.

The drug causes hoarseness and a deterioration of the General condition of the patient, so before proceeding with this method of treatment weigh the pros and cons.

Absolute contraindications to the use of brilliant green

There are a number of cases where Zelenka, you should not use:

  • Pregnancy. The main component of the drug — alcohol;
  • Lactation;
  • Children and infants;
  • The presence of an allergic reaction to brilliant green;
  • Chronic course of the disease.

Stomatitis is an infectious disease of the oral mucosa. Children get sick more often. The use of green fodder entails injury to the mouth and drying the delicate mucosa. High risk that this method of treatment will only aggravate the situation, the child may get burned, not to mention severe pain.

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What do you do if the doctor still gave Zelenka from stomatitis?

If the doctor recommended Zelenka for processing of the mucous

Some doctors still allow the use of an alcoholic solution of brilliant green with stomatitis. Weighing the pros and cons, the dentist may find that this method of therapy is much more effective than the use of gels and ointments.

Aniline dye can recommend, if the disease progresses, joins temperature and appear purulent vesicles in the mouth. Together with the brilliant green prescribe antiviral and antiseptic preparations. But, as practice shows, to cauterize zelenkoj sores in the mouth — not a rational method of treatment. Lubricate the affected areas with an antiseptic should be every 2 hours. If the antiseptic solution to use disinfectant, then the burn can not be avoided after the third application.

If you are strongly recommended to apply the drug to ensure the competence of the doctor. Improper treatment leads to deterioration of the General condition. No need to replace the green paint on the iodine — it can also cause severe burns of the mucous.

If it hurts baby, if you can cauterize the sores with green paint? Not in any case! The consequences of such treatment, a deep chemical burns. You can only complicate the situation, if you compare the pain from sores and burns, the first to move easier. Seek help from a doctor that will prescribe effective and painless treatment, without causing micro-traumas and burns.

How quickly cure stomatitis

To protect the child from inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity difficult. Stomatitis often suffer adults. Correctly prescribed treatment will help quickly and without damage to health to cope with the disease.

The disease is accompanied by:

  • Pain in the mouth;
  • Swelling of the mucous membranes;
  • The increase in body temperature.

To identify the nature of the pathogen, the doctor will recommend to take a swab from the oral cavity. After diagnosis prescribe rational treatment.

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The basis of therapy include:

  1. Antiseptic preparations;
  2. Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agents;
  3. Vitamin therapy;
  4. Antihistamines;
  5. Analgesic creams and gels;
  6. Rinse oral cavity with herbs;
  7. Antifungal drugs;
  8. Immunomodulators;
  9. Treatment of affected areas with soothing oils.

Promote healing of ulcers and pain relief gel Holisal. The drug is applicable from 1 year of life. Children the oral cavity treated with a solution of baking soda or Chlorhexidine.

For the treatment of stomatitis fungal nature prescribed Candida. If the causative agent of the pathology of the virus taking antiviral drug Anaferon, Acyclovir, Oxoline.

To enhance the body’s defenses prescribe Immulon, Immunal.
Effective antimicrobial agent is a solution Furatsilina. It reduces inflammation and accelerates tissue regeneration.

Successful treatment depends on the frequency of treatment of the oral cavity. After each meal is recommended to rinse your mouth decoctions of medicinal herbs and plants. Strong anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties are:

  • Chamomile;
  • Calendula;
  • Sage;
  • The oak bark.


To summarize, we can conclude that for the treatment of stomatitis in children and adults has more alternatives. A definite answer to the question whether it is possible to treat thrush green paint does not exist. But comparing all the advantages and disadvantages of the answer suggests itself: green with stomatitis in adults and children is ineffective.