Can I smoke after wisdom tooth

Can I smoke after removing wisdom teeth? Many smokers are concerned about this issue. Sometimes a tooth cannot be saved. It happens at a significant defeat inflammation or topographically tooth is not in proper place, the bones, creating inconvenience nearby object. The process of removing eights is quite complex and requires serious medical and surgical training. In the postoperative period it is important to create optimal conditions for healing, preventing the aggravation of various processes and the occurrence of complications. Let’s talk about the features of life of smokers after extraction of eight.

Particular care for the first time after surgery

Before the operation the patient should note the presence of allergies to medications whether they have been recently, the intervention used currently, the drugs available to disease, pregnancy, and other aspects, reflected in the health survey. Those who smoke, it is important to make a note about it.

After executing the seizure of eight many people concerned with questions about diet, drinking, Smoking. As a rule, operation is performed at the outpatient clinic and do not always belong to the category of difficult perform manipulations (depends on the clinical picture in the oral cavity). However, the injury to the bone, the mucosa at the site of traction occurs. After the extraction is formed an open wound in the bone tissue of the jaw of a large enough size. In order not to result in the postoperative period to the development of complications it is important to follow the recommendations of a dentist surgeon.

After removal the doctor puts on released hole a cotton ball. If manipulation was done for a long time, the resulting cavity should be made antiseptic («Alfoil»). If during the operation it was noted severe bleeding from the hole, after the traction imposed by the swab should be moistened styptic. A cotton ball is applied for 20 minutes. During this time the patient is not recommended to perform the articulatory movements. At the expiration of this period you should remove the tampon.

Usually a blood clot, contributing to the restoration and growth of tissues in the region of interference is generated on average for 15 minutes. A tampon and applied to the hole, helps to protect the formed clot from accidental leaching and ingestion. After spitting you can not touch the tongue to the hole remote eight, trying to spit bloody contents. Not allowed to perform rinsing and the mechanical load on the side of intervention.

Tooth extraction is a traumatic intervention of nature in the oral cavity and the body needs a certain amount of time to restore the tissues of the body. The patient needs moral and physical rest, in which it is desirable to limit the use of harmful addictions.

If the doctor, in the process of deleting notes that the reserve abilities of the body to heal will not be enough, makes the introduction of drugs that have regenerative properties. After removal of the tampon and it is not possible to attempt to remove.

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Usually before surgery, the doctor performs x-rays eight, preferably sighting. In identifying the anatomy of the roots in the form of twisted and sprawling type, the physician should appoint reception of antibacterial drugs in the course of dosage.

Immediately after removing the eight not recommended to drive a vehicle, because in the background of anesthesia is carried out, as a rule, locally, there is a decrease in concentration, less drowsiness.

What is done at home

Each clinical situation is the removal of eight requires an individual approach in compiling the rehabilitation period. For recovery to happen in the shortest possible time it is important to follow the doctor’s orders.

However, there are some General recommendations given by the doctor to the patient:

  • Water treatments in the form of rinsing, brushing on the affected side for a day should be eliminated. When failure to do so may damage the formed blood clot, promoting regeneration. Thus susceptibility to intruding bacteria, remains of food;
  • Bathhouses, saunas, hot tubs is prohibited until complete recovery of damaged tissues of the mouth. If you do not fulfill this condition, it can provoke an exacerbation of the process, manifested by inflammation of regional tissues compared to the remote wisdom teeth. There is a alveolitis, periostitis, osteomyelitis, and other complications;
  • Physical activity should be reduced. Body tension during mechanical loading also contributes to exacerbation of inflammation;
  • When performing the removal of the complex, which is characterized by the incision of the mucosa, drilling cortical plate alveoli with the vestibular surface corresponding to the eight division of the tooth into pieces and removing, at the end of surgery suture. In the period 7_14 days not to smile widely and actively talk as it may lead to dehiscence, against rupture suture material;
  • The diet should be adjusted: the food is the consistency of sour cream, cream. You must exclude hard, irritating the lining of the foods (sour, sweet, salty, fried). Perform the chewing movement is important on the opposite side.
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To facilitate the General condition of the home is permitted within two hours, maximum of 10 minutes, you should apply ice or another cold object to prevent the development of edema. Is allowed to perform oral baths with infusions of herbs, better a day after intervention. Analgesics are used if necessary. You cannot use aspirin or other drugs that may cause thinning of the blood.

What do smokers

Can I smoke after removing wisdom tooth? Because the resulting wound becomes very sensitive to outside influence, that Smoking should be avoided for several hours after the intervention. This is because the chemicals present in the smoke that can prolong the process of tissue regeneration, and even provoke bleeding from the wound. When Smoking forms a backing pump, contributing to the beginning of deviation and subsequent biasing of the bunch.

In the absence of difficulties in the process of removing the eights, the application of standard methods of removal of Smoking should withstand a minimum of time after operation of several hours if a blood clot has formed. Because Nikitin, parabens and other harmful chemical compounds can irritate the area of intervention, disrupt the process of blood coagulation.

However, if the bleeding continues and clot not had time to fully formed or originally blood after traction was noted minimum, it is possible to smoke after removal of wisdom teeth only after complete healing of the tissues and the absence of inflammatory symptoms. If the patient starts Smoking in the presence of dry socket, you can trigger susceptibility to the effects of microbes that can cause deterioration in the state in the form of infectious process. There is a deterioration of the body, manifested by fever, pain in the head, with swelling of the gums. It is also possible the emergence of alveolitis. In the case of occurrence of such changes in the body consult the doctor to prevent the development of further complications.

If the tooth extraction was difficult and had been stitched, the smoker has to limit their addictions for a period, corresponding to full tissue regeneration and dissolution seams that fit within 2 to 10 days.

If you are using cigarettes course of healing will be hampered. Generally, for the prevention of complications after removal of wisdom teeth the doctor recommends that all smokers eliminate the habit for a period 7_10 days. Each clinical situation should be considered separately, even when closing the wound surface if there is pathology in other parts of the tissues and organs of the oral cavity, it is recommended to continue to refrain from Smoking. Therefore, even when apparently complete well being condition of the patient after extraction, the presence of means able to cause prolongation of regeneration.

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Compliance with doctor’s recommendations in changing diet and life, promotes more rapid healing of the tissues and returning to the physiological condition of the tissues and organs of the oral cavity.

How to quit the habit

Sometimes a contributing factor in the elimination of harmful habits Smoking, may be the removal of wisdom teeth. Freed from the disease of addiction can be purchased a number of advantages in everyday life.

Pros without Smoking:

  1. The lack of excitement about the availability of cigarettes;
  2. There is no smell on clothes, skin and hair;
  3. The skin is a nice color;
  4. Do not suffer shortness of breath at the slightest physical exertion;
  5. Saving money and time.

So a trip to the dentist the surgeon about removal of wisdom teeth can lead to changes in quality of life for the better.