Can you cut teeth at 2 months

Women, for the first time experienced the joy of motherhood, often wonder whether to cut teeth at 2 months? Any paediatrician will respond to it positively. The timing of the development of the dentition is so unique that defy any predictions. Some teeth erupt quickly and quietly. But there are cases when the body difficult to cope with such loads.

Signs of teething

The first child causes parents a lot of unexplored feelings and experiences. However, in addition to enjoyable and touching moments in the lives of young children, there is plenty of cause for anxiety. Restless behavior, his fists in his mouth and lack of appetite are often born in the mother’s head a large number of disappointing thoughts. What can be more frustrating a little restless, even when he is warm and comfortable? What symptoms should be a warning signal that the baby begins teething?

  1. Causeless weeping;
  2. redness and swelling at the site of the gums, which is preparing to erupt;
  3. quick and sharp increase in temperature;
  4. single or multiple diarrhea;
  5. violation of sleep and wakefulness;
  6. refusal to eat;
  7. diseases of the ear or nose;
  8. his fists are constantly in his mouth.

It is very important to monitor the overall condition of the child, as some of the above symptoms are also symptoms of food poisoning or heat stroke. Therefore, lack of energy, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea have become an occasion for a full examination and treatment of the baby.

The average age of

Most often the lower jaw is the first to participate in the process of formation of the dentition. Central incisors slowly make their way out already by the sixth-seventh month of life. Usually to year in your baby’s mouth develops a full set of cutters. Then comes the turn of the posterior teeth. The upper and lower first molars take their places around 13-15 months. In 2 years the dental system of the child is quite able to function fully. By this time, the canines and the second molars are in the final stages of the eruption. 3 years in the upper and lower tooth row has 10 teeth. All these teeth belong to milk (temporary) bite, which over time will change to permanent.

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No doctor is not able to predict in which order will begin to erupt, the different types of teeth. Their formation can begin in two months and be finished a half years. For the later the teeth characterized by more short breaks between stages of development. Moreover, they tend to appear even not in pairs, and 3-4 pieces at a time.

How to ease the process

As a rule, the body of each baby responds differently to the appearance of the teeth. Many mothers are surprised to notice that the tooth is already peeking out of the gums. In some cases, a small teething comprehensively, 2-3 immediately. Therefore, the task of every mom is to be ready at any moment to come to the aid of his child. First and foremost, the essential medical consultation. An experienced pediatrician will help the woman to choose the most safe and effective drugs that will bring relief to the baby.

Pharmaceutical companies offer a choice of several types of anesthetic gels. «Kamistad», «After», «then came baby» and «Kalgel» have cooling, analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. One of their drawbacks is the short duration of action (they briefly block discomfort).

Great help in the suppression of increased body temperature will become antipyretics. It can be not only syrups, but rectal suppositories in dosage corresponding to age. Ibuprofen and paracetamol, are part of medicines not only alleviate the symptoms, but also dampen inflammation in the body. This is especially true in those moments when you already got the eye teeth.

Non-pharmacological methods

Among modern children’s accessories are available such unique things as teethers. The materials used for their manufacture, tested and absolutely safe. Due to the different shapes and sizes these elastic objects massage the gums, so no child will remain indifferent to such an interesting lesson.

The teethers, which is located inside the water or a special gel, you must put in some time in the fridge. After they are sufficiently cooled, it will be possible to offer one of them kapriznaya baby. He’s happy to send in the mouth of a toy having a cooling effect.

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In order to relieve the itching during the period when the tooth’s cut, apply a gum massage. It should start with light strokes the top of the gums, gradually moving to the inflamed area. The degree of effectiveness of this method is determined by the reaction of the child.

Early teeth — is the norm or pathology

Pediatrics has repeatedly encountered such situations when the newborns at the first examination in the delivery room suddenly reveals one or even several teeth. This individual feature of the body must be under the supervision of a dentist. If the teeth took their designated area and will not interfere with the proper development of their «neighbors», they just recommended to periodically monitor. Additional teeth outside of the row, are removed.

Can be cut first teeth at 2 months? Of course, you can. Early teeth are the reason that expectant mother diligently replenish the calcium and vitamin D in your body. Accidentally discovered a two-month-old child a small white spot on the gums, you should not panic and look at this as some sort of anomaly. But to ignore such an important factor, too, is not recommended. Therefore, it’s advisable to show your baby to the dentist.

Later the eruption: causes and consequences

Quite often, in conversation, you can hear that the later you get teeth, the stronger they are. In fact, age does not play any role. On the speed of eruption can affect circumstances such as:

  • Failures in the endocrine system;
  • rickets;
  • disorders related to diet and digestive system;
  • childbirth before the due date;
  • heredity;
  • infectious diseases.

In that case, when the pittance, which already has celebrated its first birthday, the teeth fail to erupt, apply a routine visit to the dentist. More often than not, the teething is a variation of normal, but still sometimes a little body is just not enough minerals for proper development of the dentition.

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Caring for baby teeth

Dentists advise to start taking care of the first teeth as soon as they erupted. For that in children’s shops it is advisable to purchase a special device that looks a bit like a toothbrush. They are very convenient to use, since mom wearing them on your finger can gently remove plaque formed on the tiny teeth.

To carry out the oral hygiene of the baby daily is recommended. Approximately one year of age the child appears a real toothbrush with soft bristles. Of course, brush my teeth, he is able, but he formed a wonderful habit to copy the actions of adults. Therefore, the standard hygienic procedures take place for him in the mode of imitation.


When canines erupt, the baby is very restless. But this is not the reason for the rejection of systematic brushing. In the future the kid will learn to perform all the necessary manipulations.

Of course, not always mean Creek current drool that will come out of the treasured tooth. The fact that approximately two months of age the child begin to actively work the salivary glands. Many parents are wary of these symptoms and fear that the baby will not be able to cope with so many secret. Of course, sometimes the baby is not easy, but after a while the process of selection of saliva is normal.