Canal treatment tooth: retreatment

The root canal therapy is a time — consuming process. Toothache is the most terrible. The presence of this pain significantly impair quality of life indicators: with a damaged tooth is hard to work, hard to sleep and think. Currently, increasingly concern the health of teeth and the resulting tooth pain instantly brings to people’s lives uncomfortable. The reasons for this status may be mass. It is important in this situation to make timely root canal treatment of teeth because most often, such discomfort arises as a result of their defects.

Methods of root canal treatment

How is root canal treatment? Inside the bone element, in the thickness of the layer of dentine is present in insignificant parameters of the cavity, located where blood vessels and nerve endings. They originate at the apex of the tooth root, rooted, focused and concentrated in a small camera, positioned inside the crown. All of the above structural elements, referred to as the pulp.

If not promptly implement procedures for the treatment of tooth decay, the infection reaches the pulp and cause inflammation, called pulpitis. It is accompanied by swelling of the pulp, and in view of the fact that the space of tooth is closed, the pressure of the exposed nerve, and it causes severe intensity pain. Due to the fact that the teeth are interconnected with nerve endings, a certain difficulty of diagnosing the disease lies in identifying the problem areas.

The pain characteristic of the entire side of the jaw. If the syndrome does not abate, and at night is enhanced, it means that inflammation has spread to the channels. If you do not see a specialist, and attempt to drown out the discomfort of painkillers, the infection will not go away. It will go out of channels in the jawbone, and the process will flow in this place.

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Such an inflammatory process of the bone tissue directly around the top of the tooth is called periodontitis. Treatment it is extremely difficult. If you do not see a doctor, then an inflammatory process will spread further or go into a chronic course.

This period of the disease the bone tissue near the top of the tooth is replaced by granulomatous, or granuloma. In these cases, the tooth may be removed. Therefore, if the decay to the end not cured and pain, especially at night, it is necessary to urgently go to the dentist. The deeper the cavity located in the tooth, the higher the chance that you should cure channels.

Deep caries — pulpitis potential. A simple inspection once a year will keep the nervous system in the full sense of the word, and the finances, since treatments canals is an expensive and complex business. If the decay has moved into the pulpit, the account goes on a minute. The sooner a person goes to the doctor, the more likely that after the implementation of measures to root canal treatment the tooth can be saved, and not have to remove.

How is root canal treatment? Immediately before the process specialist makes the. Teeth have multiple roots. For effective treatment of the inflammatory process should find all available channels. This is currently used a modern instrument intraoral radiology, produces pictures of teeth in a digital format. Such photos give the opportunity to diagnose and plan the treatment with the highest degree of accuracy.

Prepare to be at the stage of treatment would have to be done at least 3 pictures. Once the roots are sealed, perform tests for the evaluation of quality indicators of therapeutic interventions. When the x-ray shows that the treatment was incorrect, the doctor performs a re-treatment of tooth canals. If the roots of a complex configuration, you will need manufacturer of volumetric 3D image. If modifications in the bone tissue behind the upper part of the roots are not available, the process of root canal treatment is carried out according to the traditional scheme.

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After anesthesia specialist through the use of diamond Bur enters polyarnoy camera, looking for channel inputs that is not easy to do. Later with the help of special endodontic tools is expanding the channels for all the available length. The doctor may use specially made with latex fabric, designed to isolate the tooth from the mouth.

What methods and tools used in therapy

In endodontics this technique is called rubber dam, and for measuring the length of the root applies electronic apex locator. After calculating the length of the channel for the expansion uses a special manual and mechanical tools. In modern dental treatment rooms are widely used rotating nikelid-titanium instruments with memory form. These devices have the ability to deflection and assist with:

  • in the passage,
  • in the expansion,
  • in otkalibrovani complex or curved channel.

For cleaning and rinsing of the root canal is perfectly suited to subsonic handpiece sonic-air. Its application makes it possible to wash and clean the channel from the microorganisms before the process of installation of the seal. Dentin is a porous structure, so to achieve an optimal level of sterility at the end of the processing is a time consuming process, but the use of specialized solutions and application of infrasonic sonic gives you the ability to do everything quickly and correctly as possible.

After drying duct holes dentist hermetically sealed its entire length. For this purpose use hot and cold gutta-percha, which is special durable cement. To provide sealing for a long period in the field the tops are used several types of cement foundations, for this reason, the material gradually dissolves.

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There are cases when there are impassable channels. The reason for this is deposits of calcium salts occurring in, or a complex root canal configuration processes, but these are rarely noted. The channel is sealed, a temporary filling is set, and in a follow-up visit is made the regeneration of the crown.

What kind of doctor treats nerve canals

Tooth often subjected to amplification by one or a pair of in-ear pins, and at the end of regeneration has its crown cover. Forecast qualitative canal filling depends on their anatomy and degree of obstruction.

If the simplest job could be done by the relevant practitioner, then the channel with the existing distortions or rugged able to do-trained endodontist.

Such a specialist is specialized endodontic courses, has the ability to use all innovative techniques in filling the root canal.