Catarrhal stomatitis: symptoms in children and adults, treatment

Catarrhal stomatitis in children and adults is a common unpleasant disease. Despite its mild currents, pathology of the oral cavity accompanied by the symptoms, which worsen life. If untreated, the disease constantly recurs. To get rid of the problem forever it is necessary to consult the doctor to eliminate the causes provoking the development of pathology.

About the disease

Catarrhal stomatitis is accompanied by an inflammatory process in the oral cavity. The disease affects the tissue of the tongue, inner lips, cheeks and gums. In some cases, the process proceeds separately and inflamed only one site.

Catarrhal (surface) stomatitis symptoms:

  • Unpleasant sensations in the mouth. Initially, they appear only when eating. Later, with the development of inflammation, appear constant pain. They are much aggravated by the use of sharp, hot, cold, acidic food;
  • Increased salivation. Saliva is a biological fluid. It normally present in the mouth and performs a protective function. With the appearance of certain diseases, the salivary glands begin to produce increased amounts of the secret. But the liquid has high viscosity and fluidity, bad does its disinfectant features. People do not have time to swallow a large amount of saliva. As a result, it flows from his mouth. Young children begin to choke the biological fluid. They have a wet cough. It is alarming and sometimes causes a wrong diagnosis of the disease the kid has inexperienced personnel or parents;
  • Bad breath disease indicates the presence of inflammation and active reproduction of pathogenic flora. Halitosis does not remain invisible. He is stopping to meet, communicate, work and learn. Unpleasant symptom indicates many pathological processes in the body. Upon detection of halitosis do not a long time to mask the smell of special hygiene products. Exclude pathology of the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, dental causes;
  • The plaque is of white color at the site of the lesion. In most cases, infection atriums are small abrasions, wounds, cuts;
  • A sense of pripuhanie, flow off of the tongue;
  • Dryness of the mucosa. Despite the excessive saliva, biological fluid can not cope with one of its main tasks — hydration. The patient experiences thirst. After drinking for a few minutes brings relief. After some time, the dryness reappears;
  • On the inside of the cheeks and lips show teeth marks;
  • If the inflammatory process involved the gums, there is redness, swelling and tenderness. When brushing your teeth and eating hard fruits and vegetables on the brush or the products remain the bloody footprints. This symptom reflects not only the presence of stomatitis. This indication is detected when: gingivitis and periodontitis;
  • The decline in overall health. Small children are cranky and whiny. Babies behave restlessly at the mother’s breast. Older kids refuse eating because of the presence of a painful symptom. Sleep disturbance usually occurs. The body temperature rises rare. It does not reach high numbers and is called low grade.
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In most cases, the pathology ends favorably. Some children and adults don’t even notice the symptoms of disease and do not resort to treatment. Despite the fact that the recovery is on their own, we cannot ignore pathology. When recurrent course in the body is a factor that contributes to the triggering mechanism of the inflammation. It is necessary to find and fix.

The causes of dental disease

The cause of the disease from person to person. To determine the contributing factors to the dentist is required to conduct a survey and compile a detailed history of the disease.

Identify the main causes of dental disease:

  1. Continuous traumatic factor. It occurs when: incorrect occlusion, the presence of mouth poorly installed orthopedic or orthodontic appliances. Sharp corner spall dental wall hanging seal, the absence of interdental spaces — all this becomes the cause of inflammation in the mouth. Microscopic injuries leads to the decrease in the protective mechanisms of the mucosa. She’s become susceptible to occurrence of inflammation.
  2. The decrease in protective forces. Low immunity is observed when persistent viral infections, chronic diseases of ENT organs, digestive tract, AIDS.
  3. The teething gums of infants is often complicated by stomatitis.
  4. Carious teeth are the accumulation of a huge number of bacteria. To cope with this problem will help experienced dentist.
  5. Bad habits. Smoking and alcohol adversely affects the mucous membranes of the mouth and the health of the organism as a whole.
  6. Plaque consists of harmful bacteria and particles not processed foods. If the food is not hygiene with toothbrush and toothpaste, the plaque under the influence of calcium salts converted into hard stones. They can be removed only in medical clinic. Dental plaque lead to permanent soft tissue injuries. If untreated, develops gingivitis, periodontitis.
  7. Medication. Some medications reduce the protective properties of the mucosa and lead to dysbiosis. To trigger the pathology, can also prolonged use of hygiene products, which includes Hlorgeksidin.
  8. Allergic reactions. Catarrhal stomatitis frequently occurs when an allergenic predisposition. Culprit the development of inflammation becomes a factor: food, environment, hygiene, and medications.
  9. Parasites in the body reduce the overall immunity and lead to weakening of protective forces of an organism.
  10. Bad oral hygiene. The lack of systematic tooth brushing, incorrect movements during manipulation.
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In most cases, the person knows which stomatitis recurs in his particular case. He informs the dentist. To eliminate plaque, cure tooth decay doctor can. However, to save the patient from bad habits and laziness has the better of him. This should worry himself sick.


Catarrhal stomatitis is not related to complex diseases. He alone passes within a few days. But the symptoms that accompany the disease quite frustrating. To help quickly deal with the disease, the prescribed treatment is:

  • Rinsing solutions Furatsilina, Chlorhexidine, Miramistina, Rotokana, Malavit, Hlorofillipta. The procedure is carried out 5 — 6 times a day, using the same amount of time. Manipulation allows for the treatment of the affected area, eliminate inflammation, remove the pathological process.
  • In the absence of special drugs to hold the rinse water solution of baking soda and salt. For the preparation of therapeutic fluid take 250 ml of water, add 1 teaspoon of salt and soda, stir. Use the solution 5 to 6 times a day.
  • Treatment of the mouth is carried out with infusions and decoctions of herbs: chamomile, calendula, oak bark, St. John’s wort. Folk treatment methods will help reduce inflammation and speed up recovery.
  • For pain use Lidocaine Aseptic Hexetidine, Kalgel, Holisal, Linklar.
  • To speed up healing, the doctor will prescribe rubbing the sites of lesions sea Buckthorn oil and Rosehip, Aloe and Kalanchoe. Sometimes the drugs of choice are spray based on propolis.

If a person showed signs of pathology of the oral cavity, they should start treatment using the treatment, local drugs. However, at the first opportunity, you should contact your dentist.

Cases where a visit to the doctor needs to implement immediately:

  1. The presence of persistent fever, fever of over 38 °C;
  2. The emergence of foci of infection in the form of bubbles or aft;
  3. Soft tissue swelling;
  4. Constant unbearable pain in my mouth.

Helping your body

A set of measures that contribute to the rapid recovery:

  • Eliminate bad habits. Remove from the menu, a large number of sweets. Avoid spicy, sour, hot, cold products;
  • Will propecia comorbidities. In order to get rid of worms in the body refer to the infectious disease. He will direct the patient for examination and smear feces on eggs of helminths. In some cases, the infection is detected by examination of blood from the cubital vein. Upon detection of the parasites, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment;
  • Follow the hygiene of the mouth. Remember, teeth should be brushed morning and evening, after meals. In between meals be sure to rinse your mouth with warm boiled water. To remove food from the oral cavity use floss, a Waterpik. If a person suffers from recurrent stomatitis it is necessary to review the hygiene products that he used. Perhaps they are a contributing factor in the development of the disease. Reason: too hard bristle brushes allergic to toothpaste or mouthwash;
  • Eliminate dental caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, periodontitis, gingivitis. In order to bring the teeth in order may need a lot of money. However, after you have eliminated chronic foci of infection, the patient will get not only from disease, but also accompanying unpleasant symptoms are: unpleasant mouth odor, increased salivation, pain when eating. After treatment, the patient will feel confident that his quality of life will improve;
  • Exclude the consumption of dirty food. Parents need to monitor children to avoid chewing nails, not licking dirty toys and fingers. Teach your kids to abide by hand hygiene. Nursing mothers should monitor the cleanliness of the breast;
  • Strengthens the immune system. Good results are obtained by tempering, systematic gymnastic exercises, proper nutrition;
  • Refrain from self-prescribing of drugs. Remember, medicine has the right to prescribe a doctor!
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Catarrhal stomatitis is not of very serious pathologies, however, it often indicates the presence of more serious problems in the body. They can be suspected if recurrent inflammatory processes in the mouth. To preserve the health of do not delay your inspection, contact your doctor.