Chemical teeth whitening: what is it, price, reviews

Increasingly, people are turning to the dental clinic for the services of a professional lightening of the enamel surface. It is a chemical whitening. That is, price and reviews of this procedure we describe below.

Unacceptable shade of smile can arise from the natural structure of dentin or the formation of plaque on enamel. In the second case, it is sufficient to have a good mechanical cleaning of the surface, in the ground – will help special compositions.

What chemical teeth whitening?

To affect the natural tint of the dentin requires the use of strong chemical compounds. Most of the professional whitening mean the mechanism of action with the help of special gels. Often they activate lights and lasers, and sometimes quite simple actions of the ingredients.

The gel contains a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide and urea. Due to the release of oxygen in the activation process you receive the lightening effect. This procedure is done once a year or less, and the result appears almost immediately. Additionally, the doctor recommends home treatments to enhance and consolidate the effect.

The pros and cons

Chemical bleaching, especially if we are talking about Cabinet mode, there are a number of advantages thanks to which it became popular and popular procedure:

  • Brighten the dentin, which cannot be influenced in another way.
  • The bleaching process lasts for 30-60 minutes.
  • Painless impact.
  • The effect appears immediately after the session.
  • Clarification occurs in several shades.
  • Safety procedures in compliance with the rules.

The disadvantages include:

  • The presence of contraindications.
  • You may receive increased sensitivity.
  • When getting gel on the mucosa, it is highly irritated and inflamed.

The before and after photos

Bleaching in the clinic

From professional in-office whitening systems using chemical materials such as:

  • The laser method.
  • Photobleaching, which includes methods to Zoom, Amazing White etc.
  • Chemical bleaching without the use of any devices.
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Each of them involves the use of a special composition. But in the first two cases further stimulate reflective lamps, laser, etc.

The latter option involves only exposure of the gel over time. Since the concentration of the substances in this case are very high and can damage the enamel or mucosa if used incorrectly, doing all this under the close supervision of a physician.

How is the procedure?

The dentist carries out the following steps:

  1. Initially, he inspects the cavity of the patient for the presence of disease or contraindications.
  2. When done treatments, protects the gums.
  3. Isolated, and the tooth surface from saliva and moisture.
  4. A special brush apply the gel evenly on the teeth.
  5. If used catalytic lamp or laser, then install them so that they affect the entire surface of the damage.
  6. The remains of the gel is carefully washed and clean protective equipment.
  7. The patient is given recommendations for the care of the enamel and prescribe additional protection by using fluoride toothpaste.

Chemical bleaching at home

In the case of using the home sets, for example, the Opalescence system should adhere to the recommendations. They pointed out the time that is necessary to withstand the procedure and what to do after it. Some of the tools enough to use a few minutes a day, others you should leave in your mouth for the night.

You can buy a standard mouth guard with gel in pharmacies, but they are capable of transmitting chemical composition on the gums. This is due to the imperfect fit to the jaw. It is believed that the use of home kits for bleaching teeth should be no longer than a month.

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The effectiveness of the method

If we talk about the effectiveness of chemical treatments, then much depends on the chosen method.

In the case of laser whitening, the result will be maximum 10 or more colors, which are fixed for several years. Photobleaching may show effect for a year and brighten the enamel of 5-8 shades.

Home methods are able to slightly change the tint of the dentition, and are recommended only as an additional procedure.

Is there any harm?

Chemical composition can harm tooth enamel and gums. But this will only happen in the case that were not considered contraindications to either procedure was carried out illiterate. From the strong concentration of hydrogen peroxide enamel thins quickly and becomes too sensitive.


  • children up to age 16 years;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • hypersensitivity of the enamel;
  • any disease of the dentition or gums;
  • the presence of structures in the mouth, for example, braces.
  • the open surface of the root;
  • a tendency to allergies.

If the procedure in the presence of at least one of these cases, the consequences can be unexpected.

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To determine how much a professional chemical whitening, you need to focus on each of the available methods. So, laser and photobleaching are the most expensive procedures and can cost 10-20 thousand rubles on average or more expensive.

If to speak about more affordable options, such a home will be the clarification of the enamel using kits or simple chemical bleaching in the doctor’s office without the use of special activators.

The cost of the procedure will be in the 5-12 thousand rubles, depending on the particular clinic and its costs. The same home whitening kits using gels will cost about 5000-6000 rubles. When ordering individual cap price could rise by one to two thousand.

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My desire to have a white smile was formed in adolescence. But then I almost had nothing to do with it. Having tried many home methods and folk recipes, I finally asked for help to the experts, and found that they have much to offer. I decided to use chemical whitening and was very pleased. Did not expect that the effect will be so stunning. My teeth have never had such a dazzling shade.


I recommend to whiten your teeth, but I hesitated. Finally passed the chemical procedure in the dentist’s office, but the effect was not such as promised. The doctor prescribed me extra trays and gels for home use, and only a month later, I could tell that the whole procedure was without success. Over time, the enamel is lightened completely and it shows.


I go through chemical bleaching every year and a half. Because of the way my life plaque is formed too quickly, and its yellow color does not suit me. The whitening effect of the procedure is good enough, but here began to notice that there was a sensitivity of the enamel. May indeed make sense to use the extra toothpaste with fluoride to protect it.