Child teeth grinding during the day: what to do

Many parents complain that the child creaks teeth during the day. Whether this is due to the presence of pathology in the body or a physiological process not requiring intervention specialists? Why children grind their teeth during the day and how to deal with it, take a closer look.

Causes daytime teeth grinding

Teeth grinding doctors call bruxism. Pathology can occur both during the day and at night. In the examination of young patients no abnormalities doctors do not reveal, but still there are some reasons why the child tightly clench teeth:

  • Stressful situation;
  • Violation of the sleep mode;
  • Diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract;
  • The period of teething;
  • Malocclusion;
  • Heredity;
  • Abrupt cessation of breastfeeding;
  • Muscle spasm;
  • The manifestation of aggression.

There is a myth that a child’s teeth grinding due to helminthiasis. This statement is more conjecture than fact. The fact that the presence in the body of the worms developing a deficiency of B vitamins needed for normal functioning of the nervous system. Worms and gnashing of two incompatible concepts, but still not be amiss to take a stool sample to confirm the absence of parasites in the body of a baby.

What is the relationship of neurological disorders and squeak teeth

Kids are very susceptible to nervous strain and disorders. What to adults seems a trifle for the baby — a real tragedy. Quarrels of parents, loud cries, noisy games before going to sleep — all this affects the nervous system of the baby. Trying to compensate for the breakdown of the body reacts to a stressful situation creaking the teeth during the day.

The inability for a long time to fall asleep or frequent night waking — a symptom of disorders of the Central nervous system. Such children need careful examination by a neurologist. During daytime sleep, the mother hears the child grits his teeth. It is an eerie creak. During sleep, all body processes slow down: stabiliziruemost pulse, respiration and blood pressure. If sleep is disturbed, have the opposite action: emotional tension causes muscle spasm and closing of the jaws. The pressure increases, the pulse becomes more shallow breath. After excitation of the CNS, the child wakes up. This explains the frequent awakenings and short sleep.

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Spasm of the muscles happens involuntarily. To control this process. Deficiency in the human body of vitamins and minerals, necessary for normal functioning of the CNS occurs muscle spasm, jaw muscle, in this case, is no exception. To a disorder of the Central nervous system results in lack of magnesium, calcium and b vitamins.

Heredity or teething

Many children bruxism «pass» by inheritance parents. This is also a kind of pathology of the nervous system, which is based on genetic predisposition. Hereditary bruxism is not confirmed by doctors, so you should not rely on the fact that the Pope has been and gone and the baby will be held. All the time.

Time actually plays an important role. Baby bruxism is by school age, but to let things drift is not necessary. It makes sense to consult the experts.

Many moms find that your baby during the game grinds her teeth. Very often this symptom is seen when the appearance of the first milk teeth. The gums swell, become swollen, causing discomfort in the mouth. The creaking of the teeth is a desire to scratch the gums. If the cause is teething, do not worry. In a short time from the bad habits will remain only memories.

Dental problems or diseases of the respiratory system

Malocclusion in children are very common. This is due to the love for the pacifier. By the way, children who prefer whole day «hanging» on the chest mother, no less iskusstvennomu suffer from malocclusion. The inability to fully close the jaw leads to the fact that the baby’s teeth grinding day and night. Routine inspection specialist will help to identify the problem.

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Diseases of the respiratory system is one of the reasons why the child’s teeth grinding during the day. Inflammatory processes lead to dryness and irritation of the mucous membranes, the body, trying to intensify the work of the salivary glands, causes the muscles in the mouth to shrink, the teeth being somewhat of an obstacle RUB against each other, causing a squeak.

Weaning or angry child

Abrupt weaning of the child from the breast entails emotional breakdown. In a difficult period of life children can receive a temporary bruxism. The sucking reflex causes the child to bite the bullet, causing them to rattle. After stabilization of the emotional background, bruxism recede.

Very often, little rebels show anger or aggression towards peers, adults whether. Some protest, accompanied by a hysterical scream, the other — tight clenching of the teeth.

What is the danger of bruxism, and who cures the disease

If a baby has observed a rare occurrence of bruxism, accompanied by a short creak, the special concern causes.

If the grinding becomes a habit, there is a risk of violation of the integrity of tooth enamel. In children it is too weak and easily subject to damage.

Children that constantly grind their teeth may suffer from headache and toothache, due to the constant tension of the facial and jaw muscles. Subsequently, this can lead to serious complications.

Your child creaks teeth during the day what to do and whom to contact? To identify possible problems, be sure to take the survey at:

  1. Dentist;
  2. Neurologist;
  3. Orthodontist;
  4. Infectious diseases.

You may have to pass a series of tests to identify or disprove any disease.

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How to help your child

After you pass the examination from the experts and you have found the reason why the baby teeth grinding day, the doctor will give some advice to parents. In childhood bruxism recommend:

  • If you have problems, neurological prescribed sedatives, sedatives, as well as aromatic baths, vitamins;
  • If the problem is in occlusion, the dentist may recommend wearing the trays or protective lining;
  • If teething, give baby latex teether. It does not injure the gums and relieves itching;
  • Distract the child with toys, talk. If you heard that the baby grinds her teeth break his habit of offering treats;
  • The bedtime should be 1 hour before the usual time. Emotional tension can be removed with a dream.

More walk with the child. Transfer visit day. The child should rest. Now you know why child grinding teeth during the day, and who can help to get rid of bruxism.

As practice shows, the bruxism is the result of a breakdown, so you should adjust the mode of the day kid, so as not to expose his body to overload.