Class III malocclusion: treatment before and after photos

To correct malocclusion, as in other similar pathologies of zubochelyustny system, you will need the help of a professional dentist, at home the problem is not so easy to cure.

If you let the disease go, it can lead to disastrous consequences, as we will describe in more detail in today’s post.

What is mesial bite?

Mesial occlusion is the pathological development of dentition in which the lower jaw protrudes relative to the top (as opposed to distal, for example, in which the opposite is true).

The cause of this condition may be too poor development of the upper jaw and an overly developed lower jaw. This pathology is often referred to as the lower prognathia or progenesis bite.

There are three main types of malocclusion:

  1. Open.
  2. Deep.
  3. Cross.

This classification focuses on the arrangement of the elements of the dentoalveolar system, but also it can be divided into types and depending on the complexity of the deviations:

  • distance from upper anterior teeth to lower anterior teeth (sagittal slit) up to 3 mm;
  • sagittal gap of 5 to 10 mm;
  • sagittal slit more than 10 mm.

The higher the rate, the greater will be the inconvenience. Especially it will affect the chewing process, and consequently on the process of digestion. The disease affects the muscles as nadpochechnymi that can be deformed depending on the complexity of the deviations of the bite.


There are a number of reasons, which may appear an anomaly. The most common of them:

  • genetics becomes the cause in 30% of cases. The structural features of the jaw system, which affect the bite, can be formed and during childbirth;
  • tongue-tie;
  • early loss of milk teeth, or slow changing them on a regular;
  • wrong posture to sleep the baby in intensive development of the organism;
  • bad habits in children: thumb sucking, foreign objects, putting a fist under his head while sitting etc;
  • frequent putting of the hand under the chin;
  • complex illnesses (e.g. rickets);
  • the presence of diseases of the oral cavity and nasopharynx.
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This is the etiology of the disease, but specifically, to answer the question why there is class III malocclusion in a particular case can only dentist.


Mesial occlusion has a number of characteristics and they are shown visually noticeable. The main symptoms looks like this:

  • the upper teeth overlap the lower;
  • changing the position of the jaw joints;
  • the upper jaw is considerably behind in development;
  • visible changes the shape of the face (lower jaw moves forward, the upper lip seems to be much smaller than the lower, the lower part of the face looks unnaturally short, there is discomfort in the region of the jaw joints);
  • when chewing the jaw joints can produce distinctive crunch, while the function itself may be broken.

Also pathology characterized, for example, the complexity of the lateral movements of the lower jaw in patients.

The consequences

Perhaps one of the most interesting points of the article: what happens if not treated progenesis bite? In the absence of therapeutic measures, progeny can lead to serious consequences. Conversely, if the time to intervene is an expert, the problem can be solved radically.

  1. Jaw joints, too, cannot function normally, which leads to difficulties in the process of chewing and appearances of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which in turn leads to the aggravation when swallowing.
  2. Often also seen many diseases in most of the oral cavity. In fact, all its elements are subject to additional risks, especially the teeth (and the tissues around it) and also gums.
  3. Quick abrasion of enamel in the upper row of teeth, as they will have an additional unnecessary burden.
  4. It will be difficult to put implants.
  5. Can also occur disease of the temporomandibular joint, which in a moment: headaches and dizziness, swollen lymph nodes, ringing in the ears and muscle spasms of the face.

Photo: before and after

For more detailed acquaintance with the problem and the consequences of its treatment, we offer you some photographs. They depict people with irregular, mesial occlusion before and after treatment.

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As seen in the photo, malocclusion treatment is producing tangible results. A variety of methods offered by modern medicine can correct the pathology. This is important not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also extremely useful for the oral cavity and the entire body.

The solution to this problem is possible in several ways – both surgically and without surgery.

  • surgery — with surgery in the lower jaw and teeth, it is possible to change the structure of the dentition;
  • exercises for mouth and facial muscles (chemotherapy) — to develop the underdeveloped elements of the lower face;
  • orthodontics — malocclusion is corrected by wearing braces, plates and other orthodontic appliances;
  • all of the above methods give best results when integrated their use today, most doctors operate in this manner.

Prices of treatment is quite impressive. For example, the price of braces along with their installation will fluctuate from 25 to 100 thousand rubles. Price range is quite wide because it is influenced by various factors (complexity of the set, the adoption of additional dental measures, etc.).

Plastic surgery on the jaws will cost even more – from 80 thousand rubles, plus afterwards you’ll spend on drugs for post operational rehabilitation.

If need be getting rid of some teeth, the price will be around 900-3000 rubles apiece, it all depends on the complexity of the procedure and the clinic.

In adults

Because the dental system of an adult is already fully formed and extremely difficult to any change, the most appropriate method of treatment of malocclusion is surgery.

That is why, most people refuses to remedy the disease and is solved for it is only when the disease brings a very strong discomfort, so some wonder how to fix the problem without surgery.

Not always adult has to go on the operating table, in some situations it will be enough and braces. However before you install them, the specialist will remove a few teeth which will interfere with the fix. The duration of treatment can last from 3 to 5 years.

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Video: oral and maxillofacial surgery, anterior bite.

Correction of malocclusion in children

The main rule, which is applicable to the treatment of the child, is that the sooner it starts, the faster and more efficient is, to 11-12 years of plates and braces enough.

To increase the effectiveness of the treatment can be carried out with the baby myogymnastics, which will significantly affect the shape of the lower part of the face. Regularnie visits to the dentist will help to monitor the dynamics of changes of structure of dental system.

Remember that the adoption of these, maybe not the most pleasant for the child measures, will help him to avoid operations and other serious problems in the future.

Further questions

► Does it make sense to correct class III malocclusion?

Yes, it is a necessary stage on the path to a healthy oral cavity and the human body. The fact that over time, this occlusion will negatively affect the mouth, digestive system, nasal passages, not to mention the aesthetic side.

► Do in the army with this disease?

It all depends on what degree of the disease takes place in each case. If the space between the front top and bottom teeth more than 10 mm., that you can accept conditionally suitable. However, if there is a more mild form of pathology, it will not be an obstacle to service.