Coating the denture teeth: what it is, price, photo

Modern dentistry offers a large selection of various designs, capable of restoring the dentition even though it is loss. One of them is coating the denture teeth – what it is, price and photos will provide below.

Though it is difficult to find the ideal solution for most patients, since such designs have a number of contraindications still coating the prosthesis is considered to be one of the best. After all, it is possible to correct the smile, restore chewing function and to keep it will last longer than any other.

What is coating the denture teeth?

In essence this design is a removable prosthesis made according to a tight fit to the remaining dental units and durable fastening. Because live it fully covers the teeth and is often installed on in-ear implants, and justifies its name.

Provide a detailed description of prosthesis the new generation with all its components. It consists of:

  • Basis that best replicates the look of natural gums. It is made from nylon, acrylic, etc.
  • The artificial teeth are fixed on this basis and restore the appearance of the smile. All units can be made from a variety of materials available today in dentistry. And this pottery, and porcelain, and precious metals, and more.
  • Mounting the system can also vary. But, in any case, it is designed to firmly set the prosthesis in the oral cavity to the active use had no impact on its location.

Among the fixtures of the following options:

  • Attachmen that install on a live tooth one part, and the artificial elements of the other.
  • Magnets are also made of two complementary parts, the strength of which is ensured by the force of gravity.
  • The clasps on a conventional removable denture or skeletal structures. They represent hooks and cling on the base unit. The disadvantage of this fastening, it can be seen while smiling or talking.
  • Telescopic crowns are also often used to cover prosthetics that are comfortable, most aesthetic and provide lasting adhesion to the base.

Whatever mounting system is not chosen, it is desirable that the elements for this were at least two and better 3 or 4. So, if you do cover dentures in edentulous, for a good anchoring structures set four implant. Otherwise his name – all on 4.

Such prosthesis is considered a conditionally removable, so as to remove the implants, but make it optional. Artificial teeth respond well to care and in the mouth, and discomfort never hurt even with constant wear.


Depending on the availability of support elements and the possibility of removing the prosthesis, there are the following types:

  • partial or complete;
  • fixed and removable.

Partial coating structures installed even without the implants, because there are natural roots and dental units to which and install the mount. And in the case of the final loss, is available only to full dentures. This is a more complicated and expensive procedure, but the natural dentition restored whole, without causing any discomfort to the patient.

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Fixed and removable prostheses differ in that the first can be removed at night and cleaned separately. And the second require constant securing on the jaws and care for them, will be like for their teeth.


Advantages and disadvantages

Often the choice of patients and dentists that is, the coating of prostheses is based on the many advantages, which distinguishes this type of correction dentition:

  • This new generation of prostheses, which takes into account the shortcomings of all the previously created structures. So it is often used when other types are unavailable due to contraindications.
  • The lack of allergies in patients to the majority of the materials used.
  • Available to install the prosthesis, even when atrophy of the alveolar processes.
  • Good strength and durability due to the uniform distribution of masticatory loads along the entire jaw.
  • Quality mount and full adhesion to the support, which eliminates loss or chafing.
  • Short adaptation period and the ease of correction.
  • Such a prosthesis can be installed even to those patients who suffer from a heightened gag reflex.
  • Prevents atrophy of the remaining hard tissue.
  • Is no horizontal pressure on the teeth.
  • Comfortable operation due to its convenient anchorages, and other details.
  • Not necessary to remove for the night.
  • High aesthetics implies that the appearance is adjusted of a smile is excellent. Color and shape do not change with time and correspond to the natural.

However, there are a few downsides:

  • The high price, which, however, meets not less than high quality.
  • The long process of manufacture of the prosthesis and the preparation phase.
  • The complexity of care of the design, as the quality of hygiene will depend on the period of its use.

Indications and contraindications

The main reasons for choosing the coating of the prosthesis are:

  • Fracture or other damage to the tooth crown when it is itself disappears or it is assumed to be amputated.
  • When increased abrasion of hard tissues.
  • Complete or partial absence of the dentition.
  • The inability to set absolutely fixed structures due to bone atrophy.
  • Weak from nature teeth.
  • It remains only unit roots in the jaw, a complete lack of crowns.
  • Increased dryness of the mucous membrane.
  • Contraindications for other options of prosthetics.

But with the following problems and diseases to establish such design is not recommended:

  • Diabetes.
  • Serious violations of the immune system.
  • Heart disease.
  • Low blood clotting.
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  • Cancer.
  • Any pathology of the nervous system or mental disorders.
  • Disruption of the thyroid gland.
  • The presence of infection in the acute stage.

Features of the unit

The installation process is the coating of the prosthesis is long and complex, it happens in several stages:

  1. Examination of the oral cavity, the establishment of contra-indications, rehabilitation. In some cases, the patient is asked to take the tests.
  2. Make impressions of the jaw.
  3. Based on them create a plaster model and finally decide on the choice of the future prosthesis.
  4. Install a temporary structure, which the patient will be able to use all the time waiting for your order.
  5. A special way to dissect the abutment teeth or implants set. So, made the full preparation of the oral cavity to the future prosthesis. This can include removal of pockets, partial withdrawal of the gums in case of periodontal disease. Also eliminate too high of a bridle.
  6. Install the permanent prosthesis, give advice to care for them and, if necessary, a correction.
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It is considered that to combine the installation of the prosthesis on the implants and healthy roots is not necessary, as the living teeth to deteriorate quickly and the load will be uneven. In any case, we should dwell on any one kind of attachment.

If reliability is in doubt, for additional fixing use beam system. Between installed implants stretch the beam, which will help to increase the strength of the basis.

The difference between coating and prosthesis full

Coating type of prosthesis is considered to be more advantageous and gentle, as it excluded a lot of pressure on the gums, the formation of degenerative phenomena and the use of the remaining dental units.

Also more available in various options of materials from which will be made of attachment, the basis themselves of artificial elements. Contraindications and allergies are easier to avoid, which gives the possibility of applying for a greater number of patients.

The details and care instructions

The care of the design is difficult, but it is necessary to avoid various problems in the oral cavity, and also to better preservation of the prosthesis. Among the main procedures that we recommend, the following:

  • Periodic visits to the doctor for correction.
  • Quality cleaning with special tools, brushes, brush, irrigator, etc.
  • Regular rinsing after meals.
  • In the case of removal of the structure, it is kept in a special solution.

In a situation when the basis breaks or the mounting, they are easy to replace with new parts. The fixation of these implants is performed in the same clinic.

It is important to clean all the hard to reach place and not to allow bacteria to spread through the mouth to avoid any other diseases.


To determine the final cost of the installation procedures will be difficult. After all, the price includes all treatments, the material and the chosen design, mount, the number of artificial teeth, the complexity and volume of work of the dentist, and more.

So to calculate how much coating the denture teeth, it is necessary to assume the presence or absence of natural dentition, the number of lost units, additional gum disease, the choice of material for artificial elements, fasteners, etc.

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For example, the price for an implant is around 15-20 thousand rubles. And can install them as two pieces, and four. Telescopic crowns will cost more than the clasps. The most expensive is the implant beam mounting and can reach 70-90 thousand for design. The cheaper option is a spherical installation and use live healthy teeth. The price of such a prosthesis will cost 25-35 thousand rubles.

Video: the coating on the prosthesis.



All I was afraid that I will remain a toothless old age, because oral hygiene is not being followed, and to go the dentist when a toothache became particularly unbearable. Partly it happened. Only now my doctor gave me a top denture, and now the teeth are like new, eat all you want and no problems.


With age and various diseases began to fall out and deteriorate teeth. I was so shy and worried. Still not that old, with a large number of people communicate, work. But smile, and even just to open your mouth was so ashamed. But with the installed prosthesis, the picture changed radically. I like to re-live the youth smile on all 32 and look was younger. The same feeling as when his family was no discomfort!


Had to choose dentures because of the dropped units. A common thing among friends – bridges, had them installed, probably everyone I know. But dentist advised a more modern solution – coating the prosthesis on the upper jaw. I agreed, though not fully understand, what is the difference from bridges. Now it is noticeable that it is much better – the food does not get stuck, and feel like your teeth. I advise everyone to use who are need.

Further questions

► What distinguishes the coating from a removable prosthesis?

Any removable design is not always perfectly adheres to the jaw. In addition, at night it needs to be removed, and used to be quite difficult. Because the material from which it is made, is significantly different from the natural. The creation of the coating of the prosthesis takes into account the shortcomings of other removable structures and eliminates them. In addition, it does not get food debris and looks the most natural.