Complications of tooth decay: what happens if the caries is not treated

Many people in the bustle of everyday life do not notice an obvious starting dental problems as a result of complications of caries. This is due to the fact that the tooth is destroyed gradually, and if the decay characteristic of a surface lesion, with the penetration of infection through the Dura deep into the tissues begin more serious inflammatory processes.

What is the danger of tooth decay

Caries education on a hard surface of the tooth appear as a result of the toxic action of bacteria. They are capable of breaking down carbohydrates to acids, which adversely affect the tooth structure. Highlighting predisposing factors for this phenomenon, it is possible to highlight two fundamental points:

  • insufficient oral hygiene or a complete lack of it;
  • an unbalanced diet with a predominant presence of large amounts of carbohydrate.

Also the reason can be attributed untimely visit to the dentist. After all, when starting the lesions the Clinician will remove dental plaque and prevent thereby the development of complications.

If you do not take any measures for treatment of dental caries may experience the following consequences:

  1. pulpitis;
  2. granuloma
  3. periodontitis;
  4. cellulitis;
  5. flux;
  6. osteomyelitis.

The most common is tooth loss, however, is not the worst at running the carious process.


With pulpitis, pathogenic microorganisms can spread through the thinning of dentin on the pulp, and otherwise in the neuro-vascular bundle. That is why the patient suffers from severe pain. The inflammatory process is characterized by the gradual death of the cells under the aggressive influence of bacteria and their toxins. As a result of structural changes in the pulp tissues, the patient may experience severe continuous tooth pain, especially at night. In the exacerbation of the pathological process pain syndrome will be aggravated by chewing, talking. Infrequent aching pain grow in growing pulsing, and then become very strong.

Once the nerve is destroyed, the pain will decrease. But this does not mean that the patient has recovered. In this case, the inflammatory process will involve the pulp, but the tooth as a whole. Possible complications in the treatment of caries, particularly of the pulpit. Sometimes it is in a situation of unqualified actions of a dentist.


If untreated periodontitis in the acute form there is a further spread of the infection and the appearance of granulomas. Simply put, this violation is one of the manifestations of chronic periodontitis. The exacerbation of the disease is possible in such situations:

  • hypothermia;
  • obstruction of the tooth’s cavity;
  • decreased immunity, etc.
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As a result, at the base of the tooth is formed purulent pouch, which can only be diagnosed through an x-ray. In many cases, the granuloma shows no sign, however, when inflammation purulent contents is separated, there is an acute throbbing pain, and the enamel of a tooth darkens. When conservative treatment is not always possible to retain the tooth at present, however, there are special pastes, which are introduced into the root canal for a certain period of time.


The result of running caries, the consequences can be quite severe. Alternatively, it is the appearance of flux. In medicine, this term is called periostitis. This disease is characterized by purulent inflammation of the periosteum. Its complications are serious enough. The breakout of pus with the blood, may develop sepsis (blood poisoning). However, this occurs rarely and most often with cellulitis.
Recognize the disease for such symptoms:

  • the presence of seals and swelling of the gums and pyorrhea;
  • the contours of the face altered;
  • the appearance of weakness and fever;
  • the presence of symptoms of intoxication;
  • the affected tooth pain more and more intensified;
  • the patient does not wish to talk or eat;
  • the lymph nodes are enlarged, etc.

These symptoms are put off the reason for going to the doctor.


Periodontitis is not simply a complication of tooth decay, it’s pretty launched the pathological process. When the patient is visiting the doctor prefers to pain pills, it can damage not only the tooth nerve, but ligament that holds the tooth. According to statistics this disease is fixed at approximately 40-50% of all registered cases. To notice such a violation can be for a number of symptoms:

  1. when biting, tapping or pressing on the aching tooth the person experiences a sharp pain;
  2. possible feelings of «videotest» tooth;
  3. damaged gums hyperemic;
  4. in the case of accumulation of pus, the formation of fistulas and as a consequence bad breath;
  5. the pain is clearly localized to the inflamed site;
  6. if the disease is neglected, there may be symptoms of intoxication and fever.
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Above we described the clinical manifestation of periodontitis in the acute form. For chronic of the disease characterised by a long asymptomatic period.


Complicated tooth decay can lead to such a serious disease, such as cellulitis. In contrast to the abscess in this condition there are no seals that prevent the spread of pus in the body. In this case, the purulent contents are the cause of the development of many inflammatory processes in the human body.

Cellulitis is developing very fast with fast lose healthy tissues. The patient may experience a clinical picture of:

  1. the body temperature rises up to high levels;
  2. the patient has hypotension (low blood pressure);
  3. there is a strong weakness and reduced efficiency;
  4. marked shortness of breath and tachycardia.

Treatment in this case is a surgical intervention with removal of purulent exudate from the damaged cavity. It is very important to consult a doctor because these consequences of dental caries can lead to death.


What is osteomyelitis? If we are talking about the disease, then the pathological process is running so deep that damaged the bone structure of the jaw. Destructive changes impose such clinical manifestation:

  • there is pain when swallowing and eating very difficult;
  • person able to talk because of the pain;
  • sleep disturbed;
  • there is a weakness in the muscles;
  • from gum pockets stands out purulent contents;
  • there is an inflammatory infiltrate in the soft tissues of the face;
  • increased body temperature;
  • teeth movable;
  • breathing is difficult;
  • his mouth felt putrid smell, etc.

If to cure the disease in time, the prognosis is reasonably favorable.

If tooth decay during pregnancy

Many women are concerned about, and what is the danger of tooth decay during pregnancy? There is a perception that the disease begins as a result of rapid destruction of the teeth due to the increased needs of the child in calcium and fluoride. However, according to most research there is not one confirmed study in this case. Caries in pregnant women most often occurs as a result of these reasons:

  • insufficient oral hygiene or a complete lack of it;
  • changing food preferences and consumption of large amounts of acids, and carbohydrates that promote the growth of pathogenic microflora.


What is the impact of decay on the fruit? In its development, according to international research there is a clear correlation between the caries on the tooth, and premature birth and a baby born with low body weight. There are suggestions that such bacteria are able to stimulate the production of cytotoxins by the body of a pregnant woman. They cause expansion of the cervical canal and the contractile movements of the uterus. It is therefore very important to treat the teeth at a very early stage.

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What if the caries is not treated? In this case, develop all the complications that the fetus can have such a negative impact:

  1. When developing purulent hearth and the pulp inflammation, the secreted toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body of the pregnant woman. Naturally the toxins make it to the fetus, causing can disrupt its development.
  2. When severe dental pain a woman is experiencing severe emotional stress that leads to the release of certain hormones. In severe situations it can cause premature birth and other unpleasant consequences.

Best before pregnancy planning to go to the dentist. The doctor will perform a debridement of the oral cavity, eliminating all existing dental problems.

Prevention of complications

To avoid dental caries complications, it is necessary to adhere to preventive actions. To do this, follow these recommendations:

  • timely treatment of all carious formations on the tooth;
  • elimination of plaque;
  • conduct daily hygienic measures;
  • access to a doctor if you experience any dental problems;
  • annual preventive examinations by a doctor;
  • the observance of a balanced diet, etc.

Regular inspection of the oral cavity will allow to avoid occurrence of problems and complications of dental caries. Control teeth and treatment at an early stage will help to avoid many unpleasant consequences.