Conditioner for gum «Forest balsam»: user manual, reviews

Conditioner for gum «Forest balsam» — an important element of care for the oral cavity as a toothbrush and paste does not guarantee the absence of diseases.

In this article we will provide you with detailed information about the tool, describe the instructions and feedback to him.


This «Forest balm» diverse (more than a dozen items), but the main role is assigned to water and decoctions of medicinal herbs (which ones, depends on the specific drug). The important role played by chemicals such as fluorine (about 0.3%) and ethyl alcohol. They are part of all funds of this nature, and their number depends on the manufacturer.

Manufacturer of «Forest balm» digging «Kalina», the composition includes glycerin conditioner, antistatic agent and solvent. There are substances to ease the impact of funds on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. Flavors makes the drug much more pleasant to use (especially for children).

The main operating element of the conditioner: herbal teas and herbal extracts, fluorine and ethanol. All other elements perform functions focused on long-term storage of the drug, improving its taste.

Of course, they affect the state of the mouth, so dentists do not recommend often to use such means.


Depending on the actions and composition of the «Forest balsam» it is divided into several types. To choose the right means you should consult with a specialist.

  1. Forte — a stronger version of rinse, which cleans the oral cavity from harmful microorganisms, affecting the recovery of damaged areas of the mouth (177р).
  2. «For sensitive teeth» — suitable for those who have often observed bleeding during the care of the mouth.
  3. Anti-inflammatory — improves gums, helps restore tissue.
  4. «Bleeding gums» — improves the function of blood vessels and partially eliminates inflammatory processes in the gums.
  5. «To protect the oral cavity» rinse effectively removes the inflammation of the periodontal tissues, stimulates their regeneration.
  6. Preventive — means improves the turnover of nutrients in the gums and strengthens them. Perfect for daily use.
  7. Professional protection — ideal for prevention and General daily care.
  8. Natural teeth whitening is suitable to restore the natural whiteness of teeth and fights plaque, preventing the bacterial growth.
  9. Comprehensive protection (10b1) — recommended to use every day for complex care as the gums and teeth.
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► Price, we will not specify, as over time it may change, and our website used to give only relevant information. To familiarize with the prices can go to the official website — «Forest Balsam».

For correct use of each drug should be carefully read the instructions to him. To select the remedy in accordance with the existing problems, you will help only a specialist after a thorough examination of the oral cavity.

Video: impressions from the «Forest Balm»

Rinse «Forest balsam»: instructions for use

How to take the drug?

  • to use the tool twice a day, this should be done after brushing classic toothbrush and toothpaste;
  • the dosage is carried out using a capful (1 capful of product in 1 procedure);
  • the duration of rinsing should be at least 1 minute, that is enough for thorough and effective cleaning of the teeth.


For safe use of rinse aid you need to consider some points:

  • can not be applied to children under seven years of age;
  • swallow the drug banned, if there was a similar case it is necessary to consult a doctor at the first feelings of indisposition;
  • do not take any products within 40 minutes after rinsing the mouth, otherwise the positive effect actually disappears.

If all provisions of the instruction was performed correctly, the result will not keep itself waiting long. A comprehensive cleaning from dental plaque in the most remote areas of the oral cavity is guaranteed liquid form and the composition of the drug. As a result, significantly reduced the number of harmful microorganisms, and with them, diseases of the mouth.

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Is what the dentists?

Among experts there are different opinions about the firm’s mouthwash «Forest balsam», most do not dispute their useful effect and is often recommended. Especially it concerns strengthening and healing the gums and other soft tissues of the oral cavity. Positive dentists apply to preventive performance of the product, its anti-inflammation of the gums.

But some components of this medication, and the manufacturer benefits, cause experts some doubts. For example, the presence of fluorine in the composition can negatively affect the condition of the teeth in people who have it excess in the body. In the case of correct use fluoride should not harm, but it is absolutely impossible to swallow.

Dentists warn against too frequent rinsing the mouth with mouthwash as it can cause goiter. To use it more than harm, you want to have a week between treatments. This will allow the body to relax from the effects of chemical elements, which are included in a rinse aid to give the desired consistency and flavor.

Video: comparison of rinses


The important point of the characteristics of any of the funds are from the buyers who have used it. We will provide you with some of them, to have the ability to draw conclusions about the benefits of mouthwash.

Elena, 29 years old

«Loved the variety of rinses from the «Forest balsam», everyone can find something for themselves. And the price was pleasantly surprised, the drug meets her at 100″.

Svetlana, 36 years old

«Bought «Forest balsam» for dealing with bleeding gums. To the dentist to go he would not, and the problem has brought serious discomfort. After two weeks of daily treatments bleeding decreased significantly, but the problem was never solved.»

Antonina, 41

«I always use the mouthwash and have tried a large number of them. About «Forest balsam» I can say that the effect of it is mediocre, but rinsing the mouth and they are nice. And then, as he is definitely playing in his favor».

Further questions

► Are there any contraindications?

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Yes, contra is. The drug is not recommended to take children under 7 years of age and pregnant women. During lactation, the tool can be used with some restrictions, for details you should ask the dentist.

► Can I take during pregnancy?

No, absolutely not, because some elements of the rinse aid can harm the fetus, after being hit in the body of the mother.