Corega cream for fixing dentures: manual

Cream Corega is a popular remedy for fixing dental prostheses, the instructions for use which should be examined closely.

With proper management and use of it ensures reliable fixation of orthopedic structures of any kind, prevents their displacement and falling under them unwanted food particles.


Due to the expensive cost of dental treatment not everyone is able to pay for the installation of dental implants so the dentures of today are a very popular way to restore the tooth functionality and aesthetics. This method involves the use of fixation means, which include cream Corega.

The production of the product has been one of the leading in the industry company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), which has offices around the world. Despite the fact that the cream Corega long ago gained popularity, the company regularly improves the products.

Using the tool ensures secure mounting on the gums prosthetic throughout the day, testifying that it would provide strong fixation and prevent the ingress of food particles inside. The cream is also suitable for the strengthening of removable full and partial dentures.

Unfortunately, even high-quality dentures cause discomfort in contact with them particles of food the patient may experience discomfort and tightness, implying that there is a risk of detachment of the prosthesis.

What cream? Can help to simplify socks dental structures, performs an hygienic function and guarantees a pleasant breath that contains menthol flavored supplements. When used correctly is able to capture structures up to 16 hours.


There are three types of cream each with its own characteristics. The differences are only in additional refreshing properties, but they all contribute to strong fixation.

Types of creams Corega:

  1. «For all hair types. Mint» — contains the composition component, contributing to the feeling of mint taste.
  2. «Refreshing taste» — is a neat fit and provides a softer effect. Has a mild mint flavor, suitable for those who need to apply to the gums with special care.
  3. «Neutral taste» — like those who don’t like extra add-ons, as the cream does not contain zinc and other additives that may affect smell and taste.
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Fixative cream Corega has the following composition:

  • gantrez salt (calcium, sodium) — suggests a strong hold, because the effect of the drug is enhanced by such connection;
  • the gum — resin of natural origin, a feature that provides a binding action that complements the gluing action of salt gantrez;
  • dyes – give the tool a pink shade, creating an invisible effect as the pink color blends with the gums;
  • mineral oil – due to their presence in the composition, a cream elastic, evenly and rationally distributed on the surface;
  • peppermint or menthol extracts contained in the composition depending on the kind of cream;
  • additional elements, such as liquid paraffin, various flavors, and petrolatum.

Corega cream – usage instructions

To learn how to use the cream before use should be thoroughly acquainted with the instruction manual, which consists of two parts – the application and removal of prosthesis, fixed with its help.

To fix:

  1. Apply short, intermittent strips to clean and dry the denture before reaching the edges of the structure – specific distance depends on the consistency of the data viewer.
  2. Thoroughly rinse the oral cavity before installation.
  3. To insert the prosthesis to a certain place, tightly pressed over the entire surface, and then tightly squeeze the jaw for 5 — 10 seconds.
  4. Remove excess gel with a dry cloth.

For withdrawal is required:

  1. Rinse mouth with clean water at room temperature.
  2. Soft and neat rocking motion to detach the denture from the gums.
  3. Use a soft toothbrush and warm water to clean the surface of the structure, optional use of auxiliary means for cleaning.

► Should be applied no more than once per day.

For the first time the use of the fixing means will do it a small amount. If that’s not enough, the second time you can increase the dose. The appearance of excess cream from under the installed prosthesis shows that the cream was applied in an excess amount.

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One tube (40 g) is enough for three weeks. There is a reason to go to the dentist, if during this period spent more money that can attest to the fact that the prosthesis has to be adjusted as customized bad.

Contraindications and side effects

The tool is available without a prescription, so you should carefully review the components of the composition prior to use. If the patient can be intolerant to any component, there is a probability of occurrence of allergic reactions of varying strength. Strongly recommend to test the product on a small area of the mucosa and to observe the emergence of effects.

Cream Corega absolutely safe in pregnancy and during breast-feeding, and ingestion of a small amount of funds will not be harm.

At the disregard of the recommendations there is a risk of adverse reactions:

  • nausea, diarrhea;
  • a strong secretion of saliva;
  • weakness;
  • allergic reactions;
  • in the case of use of zinc-containing of the drug can appear intoxication, nausea, drowsiness, diarrhea, dizziness, vomiting.

The cost

On the Internet, you can first compare the prices and find out the value of this drug in a particular pharmacy. Almost all kinds of cream have the same price, the price may vary depending on region and place of purchase.

► In Russia: from 278р.

► In Ukraine: 48 UAH.

Video: how to use the cream Corega?


Inna, 38 years

«My mother recently installed dentures, the clinic advised her cream Corega. We purchased extra strong cream to prevent ingress of food under the denture. Cream with mint flavor, smells good, very like the mother, but that’s just hot soups and beverages can reduce its fixative properties.»

Ludmila, 59 years

«Use the cream for more than a year: before was normal (stuck in the morning until the evening is not cleared), now worse — lasts a couple of hours, reacting to hot food. I think there is a risk of buying fakes. Beware of fraud, because the drug is expensive enough».

Eugene, 42 years

«It turned out that after the accident left without teeth and very worried about this. Fortunately, a professional prosthetist and Korea did the trick. The cream keeps much tried it all in the city that you can find, but with this cream I forget for a day that I have dentures. Bad records just in case it caused a lot or a little, and even if the prosthesis is wet. Calm eat anything and drink hot liquid.»

Further questions

► Protefix or Korea — which is better?

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Protefix boasts of its versatility, it can be applied on dry and wet denture that will not affect holding power. One or the other managed to win recognition from dentists and ordinary buyers.

► What are the analogues?

There are many variations of the locking adhesives, from cheap to expensive. Dentists recommend: Protefix, Dentipur, Ointment dent, President, ROX.

► Is it possible to fix the fallen crown Choregoi?

After the dental crowns you need to go to the doctor, but if not expected, it is really temporary fix with glue for dentures.

► How to remove Corega from the sky?

The remnants of the cream with the gums or denture can be washed off with warm water or wipe a specific area with a cloth moistened with oil.

► Harmful or not?

Korea is a totally harmless remedy, even though the zinc content, since such a small amount of the substance in the composition will not bring the body harm.