Corega — tablets for cleaning dentures

Pills Corega — the perfect tool for cleaning dentures, it is used by patients who wear them.

Components pills help whitening, removal of sediments and refresh the oral cavity. If you use them daily, they prevent inflammation and even remove old stains difficult.


Effervescent tablets are dissolved and well, this is due to the special additives used specially for the emergence of more. The solution is ready to store long or to prepare in advance.

One tablet is enough for disinfection and cleaning of the denture. Available in carton packages (30 PCs), one cell contains 6 pieces.

The manufacturer produces 2 types of this tool:

  1. Bio Formula is designed for everyday use. Pills in this case, substitute the usual dental cleaning that is the traditional morning and evening routines of hygiene of the oral cavity. In the first case, they are used before installing, the latest, after removing the prosthesis. Despite the rapid purification from bacteria and plaque, the abrasive particles in the composition, so the implants are not damaged. Bio formula has a short expiration time (15 minutes), gives a minty fresh and prevents prosthetic stomatitis.
  2. Bleaching — has a pronounced effect, so popular among people Smoking or consuming products with a high content of dyes (coffee, tea). Whitening results implant noticeable after only 5 minutes, but for best effect, hold in solution the prosthesis need to 15 minutes.


Mechanical cleaning is not enough for a thorough cleansing of dentures. Use bleach, not medicinal paste, coupled with a medium-soft brush, good for him, because the artificial teeth do not possess the natural protection of the enamel.

Damage to the surface leads to the fact that the cracks not just to accumulate plaque and dyes used in food, but also the reproduction of bacteria. Pills Korea was created to cleanse that would be not just effective but also safe.

If it is good not to rinse the denture after dilution, may have some symptoms of overdose:

  • a change of taste;
  • irritation and itching at the site of contact structures and gums;
  • hyperemia of the mucosa;
  • burning sensation.

Store the tool in a place where the temperature is in the range of 15-25 degrees, dry and dark. On absorption of other drugs it has no effect.


Brand «Korea» known to a wide circle of people through the fixing cream, specially designed for different type of removable structures. Under the same title, releasing and purifying pills.

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Manufacturer of both tools is the company «GlaxoSmithKline», proven on the entire pharmaceutical market. What features distinguish this firm? Why its products are trusted? The answers to these questions are formed from a number of advantages:

  • the prescription of work of the manufacturer — since 1715 began the history of the company, so the reputation it cherishes;
  • the head produces a number known and proven pharmacological lines: Solpadeine, Parodontax, Aquafresh and a number of others;
  • constantly conduct a series of studies to improve the quality of the products;
  • for the most part, are available over-the-counter remedies that are suitable for a large number of people;
  • introduction of innovations in production;
  • highly qualified personnel — about 5 Nobel prizes awarded to scientists of this manufacturer, which speaks to the quality of products.


The claimed pharmacological effect cleansing of tooth structure, but functions in tablets Corega much more extensive:

  • deodorization in combination with cleaning helps to maintain the mouth the freshness during wear of the prosthesis;
  • disinfection, as they have antiseptic;
  • prevention of periodontal disease and a number of gum diseases, especially inflammatory;
  • stain removal from hazardous habits (Smoking) or after a meal. For example, addiction to drinks with lots of dyes (wine, tea, lemonade, etc.) is disruptive even on the artificial teeth;
  • prevention of bacterial plaque — this feature of the tablets is directly related to the disinfection and prevention of periodontal problems. The abundance of plaque through time can change the acid-alkaline balance and cause inflammation;
  • the increase in period of operation of the prosthesis integrity and aesthetic appearance detachable design directly formed from the above-described effects of the pills Corega.


What are tablets Corega? They present a number of components:

  • sodium carbonate;
  • tetraacetylethylenediamine;
  • PVK-30;
  • polyethylene glycol 8000;
  • sodium bicarbonate;
  • essential oil of peppermint;
  • sodium benzoate;
  • the polymethylsiloxane;
  • proteolytic enzymes;
  • laurylsulphate sodium;
  • mono potassium persulphate;
  • citric acid;
  • blue dye;
  • the sodium perborate.

Corega tablets for cleaning dentures: instructions for use

How to use the tablets?

The correct application is the key to their best efficiency, therefore, all steps must be performed in stages:

  • prosthesis to extract and carry out mechanical cleaning — the procedure is similar to normal tooth brushing, but the brush pile has to be the lowest rigidity. The paste is also chosen with minimal whitening effect. It is important that it was not abrasive! It’s always best to buy a children’s paste;
  • take warm water that is slightly warmer than room temperature. In this capacity immersed tablet. Liquid should be enough to detachable design it was fully covered;
  • next, a solution very quickly immerse the denture, leaving it there for the next 15 minutes. It is not forbidden to leave it overnight if you need a more thorough cleaning and disinfection;
  • in the morning, when the design is removed from the liquid, you cannot immediately insert it in your mouth. First it is washed in a sufficient quantity of warm water, only after that you can use dentures.
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Daily you need to prepare fresh solution, to re-use the same highly undesirable. Forbidden is full of cleansing to rinse your mouth dissolved tablet.


Helen, 57 years:

Earlier I was cleaning the dentures and special powders, tooth powder and even soda. Didn’t know that there are such tablets. Very soon the whole structure fell into disrepair, and my artificial teeth look, to put it mildly, not too good. Had to be replaced. Grateful to the doctor for what he told me, as they are better to clean and disinfect! Most often I leave the dentures in all night and in the morning wash them and calmly wear. No side effects from the tablets Corega I didn’t notice. Moreover, the teeth look like they I recently made (and in fact a couple of years ago!). In short, I am very happy!

Vyacheslav, 60:

Good tool. My only complaint is that the stated 3 minutes is clearly not enough for fast whitening, though this result was stated on the pack, and I expected to see. I smoke, so I have to bear the dentures for several hours in the solution, which for me is not very convenient.

Boris, 63:

For a single purification approach, if suddenly laziness mechanical cleaning to do. But for several hours their «teeth» I am afraid to leave in such a solution. Even though I washed them carefully, even 3 times in running water, but still there was a feeling itching at the site of attachment of the structure to the gums, in pain all day. It should be noted that I have allergies. Apparently, because of this pills I came. Therefore, before using is better to check whether there is Allergy.

Further questions

► What is the price of the pills?

The pills Corega is usually about 250 rubles. The average price varies by city and depends on the specific pharmacy.

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► Whether there are analogues?

What to replace Corega? There are a number of means, the action is similar with this brand:

  • Dentipur — available and relatively cheap means of equal efficiency Marche Korea;
  • MyoClean — remove stubborn areas of stains, provide antibacterial effects;
  • ROCKS decontaminate the surface of the gums with stomatitis, prevent bacterial reproduction;
  • Protefix — well-destroy microbes and clean. The pills not just help to restore the color of the prosthesis, but still struggling with dental stone;
  • Paro Care — prevent the onset of caries;
  • LACALUT — quickly dissolve the plaque, well disinfected;
  • Fittydent — safely cleans design;
  • President — suited for quick removal of plaque and complications;
  • Decodent Intensiv-Reiniger Tabs and Zahnspangen-Reiniger. The composition has an active oxygen, so along with the bacterial bloom manages to get rid of stubborn stains.

► Are there any contraindications?

The main contraindication is intolerance or hypersensitivity to the components of the funds. In other cases (i.e. lactation and pregnancy) the use is not prohibited.

► Pills Corega or proteins — which is better?

Protefix presented in one price segment with tablets Corega, but the latter is more expensive. Both tools have good cleansing qualities, but proteins in the composition has an active oxygen. Component helps to achieve the cleansing in a short time, accelerates the process and does not impact destructively on the surface of the implants.

Some people have noted the efficiency of using Proteica. So, half tablet is enough to cleanse during the night from the accumulated sediments and to whiten.

The issue of choice is more personal preference, since both are about the same action, the composition and method of use. In each case, feedback is left satisfied with the quality of people, so Corege and Protefix you can buy without fear. Allergic reactions when using each of these tools is unlikely.

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