Cracks on the tongue: causes and treatment, pictures

Cracks on the language talking about breaking in the body. The causes of this phenomenon are different, and therefore the treatment in each case. Photos of the lesions is unattractive, however, allow you to identify if you have such language feature.

Clean, not covered with heavy bloom, unbeaten and the more cracks, the language speaks of good health of its owner. External changes of the body are a signal to necessary doctor visit and survey.

Why is the language in the cracks? The main reasons

The reasons, from which are formed the folds on the tongue, a lot. To identify the source of problems need to be screened not only at the dentist, but highly qualified doctors of a therapeutic profile.

Diseases that lead to cracks on the tongue:

  • diseases of the stomach and intestines;
  • parasitic lesions;
  • vitamin deficiency;
  • hormonal diskarella;
  • diseases of the blood;
  • thrush;
  • dysfunction of the Central nervous system;
  • low quality dentures and subthalamic designs.

Often as the oral cavity can assume a patient’s HIV, talking about pathological changes in the mouth. Among these signs are nonhealing, painful, sometimes bleeding, progressive mucosal damage.

Cracks, accompanied by swelling and redness may occur as a response to the allergic effects of some toothpastes and elixirs. However, the most frequent source of changes in the language are traumatic lesions were scraped from fish bones, biting, burns with hot drinks. All this against the backdrop of a weakened immune response and deficiency leads to slow healing of wounds and formation of bleeding cracks.

From birth

Sometimes cracks are innate. Such manifestations do not bring discomfort to man and do not need treatment. The main reason for the formation of changes on the back are considered a «syndrome of folded language.»

Children and adults who are born with the diagnosis «scrotally language» do not make complaints do not feel discomfort, sometimes only mention the fact that the RAID is excessively accumulated on its surface. The cracks are along the tongue and transversely, are arranged symmetrically relative to the Central line.

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Appeared in adulthood

Crack initiation in the adult, evidence of grave violations in the body. The main causes leading to the formation of lesions on the tongue, form two large groups.

  1. Local causes is a reflection of your dental health.
  2. Diseases of internal organs.

Inflammatory disease of the tongue is called glossitis. It was the main source of occurrence of cracks and sweet. Around them deposited a white film. In addition to structural changes, the patient complains of a burning sensation, worse when eating hot or irritating food.

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The disease occurs due to frequent prokusyvanie language or allergies to dental hygiene tools, manifested in the form of pimples.

Glossitis come in several forms:

  • diamond – occurs due to disease of the gastrointestinal tract and manifests with redness of the area on the language in the form of a rhombus, while the disease can occur years and have chronic, not causing the man any discomfort;
  • desquamative the disease initially manifests itself as small lesions, increasing with time, the pain is mild but if untreated the disease progresses and delivers a strong discomfort;
  • fold – formed longitudinal and vertical cracks on the back of the tongue that cause bouts of severe pain.


Cracks on the tongue can have a different arrangement, which changes not only the appearance of this body, but there is the characteristic symptoms in this case, each localization type corresponds to a certain internal reasons.

  • cracks on the sides of the main sources of cracks on the side are the changes in the gastrointestinal tract, occurring due to the violation of absorbability. In addition, the folds on the side surface are formed as a result of iron deficiency anemia and in diseases of the thyroid gland;
  • the crack in the middle – occurs when rhomboid glossitis, «geographic» language, burdened by folding. The disease occurs low immunity, develops dryness of the tongue, where the surface develops deep folds;
  • the crack on the tip – defeat the result of mechanical injuries of the language obtained as the result of burns, prokusyvanie and the emergence stomatitah ulcers.

Deep cracks

Cracks that exceed more than 5-6 mm deep, is considered to be deep. The reasons leading to their appearance are the same as for lesions of low and medium depth. They are more difficult and bring suffering to their owner.

Often accompanied by high fever, fetid breath because of decay penetrating into the depth of destruction of food waste, General weakness and severe pain. The cracks are bleeding, covered with white bloom and long-haul.

The disease is called «geographic tongue» because of its similarity with the map of the world. The disease occurs:

  1. In women during pregnancy and lactation.
  2. In children.
  3. In the period of hormonal changes in adolescents.



During the formation of indentations in the surface language refers the patient with the following complaints:

  • feeling pain when eating and sometimes during a conversation;
  • burning sensation in the affected area;
  • swelling and puffiness of the tongue;
  • a violation of taste perception;
  • there is a dry mouth.

Common cause of cracks on the tongue is glossitis – inflammation of it. While there are symptoms, among which the redness of the mucous membrane, the formation of bubbles on the back of the tongue and swelling, there is increased release of saliva (sialorrhea). In the case of accession of infection possible signs of intoxication and hyperthermia.

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How to treat cracks on the tongue?

Causes that provoke the appearance of cracks on the tongue, a lot, and therefore methods of treatment to remove the disease, enough. Main therapeutic actions are directed to the main internal problem of the body and in the oral cavity is carried out by local symptomatic treatment.

  1. To do this, the dentist makes a complete reorganization of the mouth and treats the wound surface.
  2. Then assigns antiseptic baths in the home.
  3. When in the mouth there are low-quality orthopedic braces and fillings with overhanging edges, a dentist primarily deals with the elimination of these problems.

Many patients it is unclear if the language in the cracks of what that means. They visit the dentist, but the treatment sometimes does not bring visible results. If this happens, you should get a complete diagnosis and to identify the disease, the manifestation of which is gusseted tongue.

Doctors recommend medications, improves cerebral circulation and extend the vessels. The primary objective of such therapy is to increase the flow in the head of blood.

After decoding the expanded data of biochemical studies of blood, deficiency of certain vitamins or minerals. To resolve this reason is enough to balance the power.

► The main points in the treatment of a gusseted language are:

  • the identification and elimination of problems in the oral cavity, including the replacement of defective restorations and correction of prostheses, and the restoration of orthognathic occlusion;
  • diagnosis of the patient by specialists, including a gastroenterologist, endocrinologist and neurologist;
  • prescription medication as well as physiotherapy;
  • correction of the diet, including the increase vitaminosoderžaŝej products and the rejection of irritating substances;
  • struggle with bad habits and Smoking cessation.

► Drug therapy based on the intake of certain medications.

  1. Substances anesthetic spray or gel on the basis of the lidocaine helps to reduce pain response.
  2. Drugs that improve the tone of the autonomic nervous system.
  3. : – A solution of potassium permanganate and furatsilina.
  4. Vitamins.
  5. Medicines, whose action is directed on correction of cerebral circulation.

During the course of treatment is necessary to monitor the hygienic condition of the oral cavity, rinse your mouth after eating. Irrigation well to use products with extracts of oak bark, sage or calendula.

Treatment at home

When cracks on the surface of language the result of traumatic mechanical destruction with the accession of the infectious process and not a manifestation of internal diseases, it is possible to alleviate their condition with the help of folk remedies.

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Before you self-medicate, it is better to be examined by a specialist to rule out any pathology.

  • the broth is based on oak bark to prepare a medicinal infusion should be in a fireproof container to pour 20 grams of bark and pour 500 ml of water, bring to a boil and soaking for about half an hour. After straining, rinse mouth 5-6 times a day;
  • broth from chamomile flowers – a tablespoon of raw pour a glass of boiling water and let it brew in a thermos. Rinsing means three times a day. To enhance the anti-inflammatory effect it is allowed to add calendula, sage or celandine;
  • lotions with sea buckthorn oil and olive – to get rid of unpleasant feelings in the language allowed for 10 minutes of applying to the surface of gauze soaked with oil.
  • rinsing with peroxide after meals is good to rinse the mouth with hydrogen peroxide solution of low concentration (up to 1.5%). This will eliminate pathogenic germs from the cracks in the language;
  • treatment with bee products before going to sleep is good to chew a piece of propolis or a bit of honeycomb. After the procedure, you should not drink and eat until the morning;
  • potato juice – grated fresh potatoes, place in cheesecloth and wring out. The compress is applied on the tongue, and the juice should rinse your mouth several times a day.

What to do is strictly forbidden in order to avoid amplification of inflammation? To use irritating, pungent or hot food. Also limit consumption of acidic juices and fruits, plus give up cigarettes.

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Further questions

► To what doctor to address?

At detection of cracks on the tongue sruzu to see your dentist, it will help to improve the condition if the problem has only local character. Often folding of the tongue is the symptom, talking about the existing disorders in the internal organs. To pinpoint the cause of necessary additional researches and consultations of doctors-interns.