Cream Fittydent for fixing dental prostheses

Cream Fittydent for fixing dental prostheses is designed for comfortable use of these structures patients.

In this article you can read about the composition and characteristics of the funds, its types and about contraindications.


Cream Fittydent from the Austrian manufacturer is intended for fixation of removable dentures, it is released in the firm «Fittydent International». The company offers both fixative cream, but the locking strip, cleaning tablets. They are used for both full and partial dentures.

Composition allows to fix dentures for 12-13 hours. Water resistant formula prevents the dissolution of cream in the water or due to exposure to saliva.

With his help, managed to significantly improve the comfort use of dentures, as it has undergone many clinical trials which showed its high efficacy and safety in use.


In pharmacies you can meet a number of tools Fittydent in different forms:

  1. Creams in tubes of 20 and 40 grams. As a test you can take the tube smaller if the effect of the cream has satisfied the requirements of the patient, it goes to the large tubes.
  2. Strip Fittydent — suitable for fixing prostheses of the mandible. This improves the comfort of use of prostheses in that part of the mouth where they hold the worst. After installation, the patient may feel some discomfort, but this passes after a few days after the start of use.


The composition of fixative cream for dentures Fittydent includes the following elements:

  • petrolatum;
  • polyvinyl acetate;
  • carboximetilceluloza;
  • ethyl alcohol.

The PVA is a PVA glue, its concentration can safely and effectively carry out the fixation. Has good water resistance and does not dissolve with saliva.

The advantages of PVA also include its relative resistance. On the other hand, the glue is soluble with alcohols, which effectively clean the surface of the denture after use.

The ethanol in the cream used solely to generate a desired consistency. Binding effect of the cream is provided with petrolatum, which includes the paraffin.

The combination in the correct proportions all of the above ingredients allows you to securely fix the prosthesis in any part of the oral cavity.

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Video: measuring the Ph of the cream Fittydent.

Cream Fittydent for prosthesis – features

Key benefits and features of cream for fixing dentures Fittydent inherent in its composition. Effective combination of polyvinyl acetate with other elements allows you to securely attach the prosthesis for 10-12 hours. Other positive features include:

  • water resistance;
  • the duration of action and ease of washing;
  • the tastelessness;
  • loose, regardless of the functions that are performed by the prosthesis (talking, eating, etc.).

It is shown for the fixation of complete removable dental prostheses and partial dentures when necessary, can be fixed with it, in this sense, Fittydent is a generic drug.

For more reliable fixing of the prosthesis on the lower jaw, the manufacturer recommends the use of special gaskets.

The main drawback of the cream Fittydent — possible hypersensitivity to the whole product or its individual components, in this case, its use should be abandoned. This happens rarely since the drug is created based on possible allergic reactions in most patients.


Contraindications are associated with individual intolerance of the individual elements means that can trigger an allergic reaction in the oral cavity.

Use the cream as and prostheses, during chronic diseases of the oral cavity or the oral surgeries require prior consultation with the doctor.

Typically, the drug is not a special threat, in such cases, but should be safe. The presence of other side effects after using the cream Fittydent not detected.

Usage instructions

Method of application the following:

  • remove and dry dentures carefully evaluate their condition for defects;
  • apply the cream Fittydent on the plastic base of the prosthesis by light short taps on the tube. Depending on the required reliability of fixing is recommended to apply appropriate amount of cream. To improve the efficiency of the means it can be spread in a thin layer around the plastic base of the prosthesis;
  • to attach the prosthesis in the oral cavity, for mounting it you need to bite down on.
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After installation of removable dentures, you need to refrain from eating for the next 15 minutes. This period is enough, the cream has taken the necessary condition and securely fixed prosthesis in the oral cavity.

If the patient has increased salivation or a long time he did not use removable dentures, for fixing the manufacturer recommends laying Fittydent. The fact that after some time, the mucous coating of the mouth tend to be drying and shrinking.

How often should I use?

Cream Fittydent able to hold the denture in the correct position from 10 to 12 hours. Thus, it is used once a day in the early afternoon. Before sleep, the prosthesis is removed, excess cream is removed with a special solution.

If you cannot remove the prosthesis because of too much attachment, it’s possible to sleep with him, and the next morning again to try to remove it from his mouth. It happens quite frequently and worry about it not worth it. This means that the next time you need to apply less cream.

Cost and where to buy?

The price of cream for fixing dentures Fittydent is in the area of 180-200 rubles. The difference is dictated by the pricing policy of pharmacies where you can buy this product. Also cream you can buy in the stores, official distributors, but not so much.

It is not necessary to be seduced by low prices, which may indicate the forgery. Cream Fittydent is a very popular tool for fixing dentures and he is in almost every pharmacy. Therefore, it is recommended to buy it there.

Video: the tested cream Fittydent in cold water (stage video).


Oleg, 55 years

Dentist suggested to go with Corey Fittydent, the reason for the change of the cream became unreliable fixation of the prosthesis. For quick cleaning use also pills Fittydent. With their help, to monitor the cleanliness of the prosthesis has become much easier.

Alla, 64 years

Recently bought a cream Fittydent, the previous fixed is not very reliable. Compared to him Fittydent holds the denture much longer and wash off easier. The upper jaw has ceased to wander during meals. For three weeks using it, so far all happy.

Anton, 59 years

In comparison with other creams for fixing prostheses, Fittydent there are serious advantages. It is only on artificial limbs, fastens them securely. To wash off the cream is not difficult, taste in your mouth, almost none. Upper jaw it keeps much longer than the lower, so the second should be spread more thickly.

Further questions

► Harmful cream?

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Cream Fittydent made with all the innovations in the field of fastening of dental prostheses. The damage it could do only in case of incorrect use or whether a patient has allergic reactions to some of its components.

► Fittydent, Protefix or Korea – which is better?

Most patients report that the cream Fittydent secures dentures are much more reliable than other means. Its advantages also include the lack of unpleasant taste in the mouth and ease of flushing. It is worth noting that all these creams are in the same price category.

► What are the analogues?

Closest in price and quality to retaining the cream of Fittydent are drugs Corega that are a bit more expensive, but differ by the presence of several species means. This helps more accurately select the cream in that particular case.