Cross-bite: causes, treatment, pictures

One of the rare but rather complicated problems in orthodontics is considered a cross-bite. About the causes, treatment and pictures of this disease will tell you more. After all, if time does not pay attention to him, then the consequences can be serious.

Usually the dentist will apply only when worried the pain is unbearable. Simple preventive checkups at the orthodontist is not in Vogue. And that’s too bad. Thus, it is possible to miss the anomaly on the time when to fix it.

What is cross-bite?

Orthodontics allocates different types of malocclusion. One of them, the most dangerous in terms of consequences, is considered to be cross. Thus, there is a displacement of the jaws relative to each other in the horizontal plane, which in some cases has even the asymmetrical appearance of the face.

Most often, this disorder occurs in childhood. And the sooner it is identified, the easier and faster will be the correction. Although there are cases when such problem affects the adult.


Medical history and everyone has their own reasons for anomalies can be a variety of situations. The doctors in determining the etiology and pathogenesis of this problem explain the following:

  • genetic predisposition, hereditary factor;
  • congenital cleft in the sky;
  • various inflammatory processes that prevent normal growth of bones;
  • the metabolic disorders, poor absorption of phosphorus and calcium;
  • problems when chewing, jaw muscles lack of coordination as a consequence of other diseases;
  • the lack of rudiments of some units;
  • difficult breathing through nose;
  • too early loss of milk teeth;
  • bruxism, that is, night grinding;
  • podkladyvanie hand under the cheek during sleep;
  • other adverse childhood habits – thumb sucking, pacifiers, grimaces, biting inside of cheeks, etc.;
  • teeth removed because of extensive caries;
  • congenital anomalies of the shape and size of the jaw;
  • injury;
  • significant violations of posture.

Himself cross bite can cause the development of such effects:

  1. Due to problems when chewing affected the entire gastrointestinal tract, because the food is not crushed in the mouth as it should.
  2. More rapid development of caries and periodontal diseases.
  3. This problem leads to frequent inflammation of the throat that can go even in the chronic form.
  4. The difficulty of breathing.
  5. Broken it. it’s hard to pronounce sounds.
  6. The appearance of the face in some forms of cross-bite has a pronounced asymmetry.
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Thinking about why it became difficult to eat, talk, breathe, a person needs to see a specialist and the time to begin treatment. What to do and how to fix this problem tell orthodontist.



When considering cross-bite has its own classification:

  1. Buccally – side problem of closing the teeth, where the chewing of food difficult. This contributes as the offset, and the narrowing of the jaw.
  2. Lingually – in this case, there is no contact of teeth-antagonists. This happens because of too narrowed or expanded a number of one of the jaws. The problem can become both one-sided and two-sided.
  3. Boccalino-lingually manifests itself in the maximum variety of causes and types of violations and combines both the first and second option in the most bizarre forms. The reason for this may be a violation of the bone, with displacement of the lower jaw horizontally, underdeveloped dental alveolar arcs, etc.

Any of these forms of the disease brings its own difficulties to the patient. The doctor, in setting forth the specific cause and a kind of bite, assigns the most acceptable and effective therapy.


To conduct a qualitative diagnosis of such problems can only be experienced orthodontist. However, he uses as a visual method, i.e. examination of the patient and x-ray examination of the jaw. The basic symptoms that characterize this anomaly:

  • The visible asymmetry of the face when the naked eye is noticeable that the chin is moved in any direction.
  • Patient complaints on lack of motion of the mandible.
  • In the mouth opening dentition is markedly shifted to the side, and sometimes diagonally.
  • Changes in the shape of the chin.
  • People periodically bites his cheeks from inside during the meal. While clearly disturbed chewing function.
  • In conversation the patient is not able to clearly pronounce words speech is given to him with difficulty.
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These visible symptoms are enough for a full examination and diagnosis.

Treatment of crossbite in an adult

The doctor prescribes certain procedures or apparatus for correction only in strict accordance with the age of the patient, form of the disease, presence of complications and so each case is individually treated and different techniques.

How long will this process depends on the adequacy of the chosen method, as well as the complexity and violations. In the treatment of adult patients whose bones are already formed, you can do so much:

  • Use special orthodontic appliances, which try to widen or narrow dental arch.
  • Normalize the tonus of chewing muscles.
  • Fix the lower jaw in the correct position.
  • Sometimes remove deformed dental units.
  • In the most difficult cases there remains only the correction by surgical intervention.

After treatment you also need to fix the result. For this doctors recommend for a night to put on a special plate, or make use of retention apparatus.

How to get rid of anomalies in a child?

The sooner treatment begins, the more effective it will be. Because the causes of crossbite are often congenital problems and childish, and shall be corrected at a younger age. How to fix such violations. Doctors recommend the following:

  1. Parents have to fight with the bad habits of the child – not to suck fingers or a pacifier, pick up hand out from under his cheeks when he sleeps, etc.
  2. A dentist performs sanitation of the oral cavity and eliminates problems in the nasopharynx when it is detected.
  3. If there are bumps in the side portions, they are ground off.
  4. In the formation of the jaw is quite effective is the method of separation of dentition. This is done with the help of special plates with screws.
  5. Also very useful in this period of activators that help the bones to form properly.
  6. Much less frequently, but still in the children’s orthodontics, there are times when you have to do the surgery.
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In addition to the treatment, you need to make some preventive measures:

  • to monitor the posture of the child;
  • to teach him how to clean teeth properly;
  • diseases of ENT-organs treated promptly;
  • to follow proper nutrition and intake of all important trace elements in the body of the child;
  • periodically visit the dentist to detect any dental problems at the initial stages of their occurrence;
  • in case of early loss of milk units, it is desirable to provisionalization.

Video: cross-bite and the anomaly of the face.

Further questions

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The duration of treatment largely depends on complexity and neglect of the breach. Also this process is influenced by the patient’s age, formation of bone, the difficulty level of the variety and causes of crossbite.