Crumbling teeth: causes of fracture, treatment

Crumbling teeth in people of all ages. Because the enamel is constantly exposed to the harmful influence of various factors. Jaw person performs chewing, otkazyvaya functions that affect its health, strength and service time. There comes a time when there is tooth decay, which destroys the strength of the enamel. What to do with it and how to fight? Why crumbling teeth in an adult and child?

The danger of chopping

Not to draw attention to the fact that crumbled tooth, not worth it. Especially the child. This affects the chewing of food and digestion its digestive tract. For an adult, the danger is that a poorly blended food may not fully digested and can cause stomach problems and gipoterioz.

An effective treatment when the cause is eliminated completely. For that, you should determine what caused it. To clarify precipitating factors cannot do without the help of a dentist.

Tooth enamel and the tissues are not able to recover themselves. The main preventive measures is a proper diet that has enough nutrients, as well as the proper and constant oral hygiene. The broken tooth is a result of tooth decay. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

The factors causing this problem

Why break your teeth?

  1. This change in strength of the enamel. Factor that provoke this process is the disruption of metabolic processes in the body. It changes the acid-alkaline balance in the mouth. Then the saliva is not able to disinfect mouth cavity, to clean and fill the teeth with calcium. It corrodes tooth enamel.
  2. Changes in the hormonal background. Start at the time of puberty. Also, when a woman bears a child, or the menopause. A man whose problems with the thyroid gland or failure in the functionality of the adrenal glands, has risks.
  3. Bad the care of the oral cavity. More at risk are people who have tooth gaps. Are food particles and accumulate disease-causing organisms. These processes are difficult to observe under seal or enamel, so it can begin the destruction of the tooth.
  4. Another factor, when teeth are destroyed — lack of vitamins. This causes low levels of calcium in the saliva. You need to eat enough foods containing calcium.

The reasons for the crumbling

The main reason — why teeth decay, is the occurrence of dental caries. It is a pathological process that first leads to demineralization of the enamel, then the occurrence of pits in dentine.

Finally confirm the diagnosis of chopping enamel can specialist. After reading all the negative factors, it is possible to minimize the destruction of tooth enamel. There are some causes of tooth decay. Why crumbling teeth in adults is discussed below.

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Improper diet

Teeth crumble and meager food to minerals (especially calcium and phosphorus). To have much of hard cheese, legumes, bran, greens, milk, dairy products and others. These products stop the negative processes.

Products made with white flour, sweets, protein foods, refined grains and soft drinks worsen the condition of the enamel. Therefore their use should be minimized.

The presence of chronic diseases

Chronic diseases have a negative impact not only on many human organs, but also on the condition of the jaw. Getting rid of them will lead to the health of the body as a whole.

Crumbling teeth due to diseases such as:

  • gastritis with high acidity. It is a great source of the formation of caries. As the chemical substances prevent good absorption of calcium and phosphorus. These substances create a healthy immune system in your mouth;
  • hypertension also causes the development of plaque and tooth decay. People take drugs when the disease such that reduced activity of the salivary glands. This causes the active reproduction of pathogenic organisms in a person’s mouth;
  • broken process in metabolism that is associated with thyroid diseases, the development of diabetes. They lead to enamel demineralization.

These are the main diseases that cause tooth decay. Negatively on oral health is influenced by antihistamines, sedatives, hypnotics and antidepressants.


Enamel grinds at pathologies of the jaw. Thinning which triggers the irregularity of the dentition and ill close the jaw. In these problems the tooth crown is under enormous pressure and starts crumbling. To avoid this, it is better to get rid of all problems at an early age when the jaw is still amenable to medical intervention, not allowing it to break down the teeth.

Improper oral hygiene and lifestyle

If a person neglects the rules of hygiene of the oral cavity, it causes the formation of caries and other diseases.

Stuck food particles create favorable conditions for the life of pathogenic micro-organisms. This increases the probability of cracking. It is therefore necessary to regularly clean the mouth. After meals it is recommended to use dental floss.

If one is not a specific time on the street, reduced absorption of sunlight and production of vitamin D. Broken, the dentin will be the result of household get-togethers. Only in conjunction with this vitamin absorb calcium.

A genetic trait

Long before the appearance of man on the light in the womb is the formation of the rudiments of the jaw. The defining characteristic of composition, size and shape of the teeth and thickness of enamel is a genetic inheritance from the parents.

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But despite this, genetic basis or is the main one, so prevention measures will prevent the disease of the dentition at an early age and will not allow the teeth to break off.

Bad habits

Strong reliance on alcoholic beverages will not retain healthy teeth. Along with alcohol from the body leaving the necessary for enamel sodium, magnesium, calcium.

With regular Smoking is formed on top of the enamel film of nicotine. It is a good hiding place for breeding of pathogenic microorganisms. Which crumbles the tooth.

The tooth may be destroyed and when you: drink hot or cold beverages and other fluids, lack of oxygen, the use of very solid food, snacking nails and other healthy habits. Not to destroy the tooth, it is necessary to eliminate all the above foods from the menu.

Spoil the children’s teeth

Lately, young children are increasingly began to crumble teeth. Directly into the eyes of the parent, the child develops tooth decay.

What spoiled teeth:

  1. negative factors acting in the womb;
  2. the use of antibiotics in under one year of age;
  3. the lack of measures to care for baby;
  4. the lack of proper nutrition and abuse of harmful products;
  5. artificial feeding;
  6. the impact of genetic factors, when not complied with the preventive measures of hygiene.

Destructive processes are developing with great speed, because the pulp in temporary teeth is large. This causes rapid infection and inflammation of the gums in which the teeth are destroyed.

Crumbling during pregnancy


In the period of carrying a child, a woman’s body experiences tremendous loads that are associated with providing the developing baby with essential vitamins and minerals. The accumulated vitamins and minerals come first to child, then to his mother. If a woman has enough of these substances in the body, it leads to tooth decay and problems with the oral cavity, in the future maybe crumbled tooth.

At this time there is a change in acid-alkaline balance of the saliva secreted, increases the level of acidity. These processes create additional load on the bone tissue of the jaw. Therefore, pregnant women need to consume a large quantity of food containing calcium, phosphorus and sodium.

Prevention of chopping

For healthy teeth, you should follow preventive measures. They will help in the early stages to stop the pathological processes and to improve the health of the teeth.

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How to stop the destruction:

  • to include in the menu dairy products: milk, cheese, cottage cheese and others;
  • eat foods rich in minerals. Liver, nuts and sea fish;
  • to take vitamin complexes in certain seasons of the year;
  • to properly care for the oral cavity;
  • to use special products to protect enamel;
  • rinsing the mouth with infusions of medicinal herbs;
  • do not open the jaw of glass bottles caps, not to crack nuts and bones;
  • to choose the right brush and paste;
  • visit the dentist not less than twice a year.

Adhering to these simple rules, you can protect the teeth from damage. Crumbling tooth — weak oral health.

Dental care

To assess the extent of damage to the enamel, the doctor will conduct the necessary research and prescribe the appropriate treatment. In modern dentistry there are many ways to eliminate tooth chipping. These technologies differ in price and service life.

What to do if teeth crumble?

  1. Restoration means the installation of different types of seals. They help to build up the tooth with the natural color and shape give it smoothness. This restoration preserves the full functionality of the jaw. Used for minor spalls on all the tooth row, except for chewing the molars.
  2. Inlays and crowns to restore teeth after a serious chip. Use of special materials, supports and tools to care.
  3. When crumbling the front teeth veneers are used. This material is applied to the chip, form the previous form and create a pleasant look.

Any person concerned about the health of the oral cavity. It is better to prevent damages than to eliminate it. It will take time and money. Using the above-described material about preventive measures, can improve and strengthen the health of the dentition and also to know why crumbling teeth and what to do with it.