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Toothache is one of the strongest in the world. When there is no possibility to get on reception to the dentist, you can try teething drops. They temporarily help cope with the pain, and the patient is given the opportunity to finish the important things and decide on a visit to the dental office. But to cure and get rid of such problems you need a specialist. This remedy has been used for a very long time, because the drug has many benefits. It acts quickly and never brings harm when used correctly. The tool is popular due to its composition, because all the components are natural and harmless. It is often prescribed even for pregnant women, but in any case before use, you need to consult with your doctor.

The composition and detailed description

This tincture on alcohol, which temporarily relieves pain. Such a tool can not replace a visit to the doctor, but helps ease the state. It is perfect for those people who like unconventional or most natural therapy. The drug is ideal for patients that are forbidden to take the pill. Use dental drops for toothache; they are not absorbed into the bloodstream, so it does not cause systemic effects on the entire body.

The drug is available in the alcohol solution. When applied to the affected area, you can see that the drops are red in color. They consist of infusions of Valerian and mint, and also contain in its composition of camphor.

Due to the fact that this drug has a complex structure, it has a number of useful properties. For example, camphor fights bacterial infection and germs in the mouth, the mint oil can disinfect and Valerian soothes sore gums. It helps to get rid of the pain in my teeth for some time.

This product is sold in every pharmacy and can be bought without a prescription. It is available in glass bottles of volume from 5 to 30 ml. the Drug does not one manufacturer, but the composition and technology of preparation, as a rule, do not differ.

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Indications and contraindications

Independently and should not blindly use the tool if there is a problem in the mouth. Drops have specific range of indications in which they are effective and necessary. The product can be used in such cases:

  1. Initial caries.
  2. Gingivitis.
  3. Periodontitis.
  4. Periodontitis.

This medicine can be used in the postoperative period if you did the manipulation in the oral cavity. How to make tooth drop prescribed in the regulations, therefore, before the intake of fluids is necessary to study carefully the recommendations to follow your doctor’s instructions.

The remedy is contraindicated if you are allergic to mint, camphor, Valerian and other components of this medication. Patients should not use dental drops, if they have the tendency to convulsions and epileptic seizures. To ensure the absence of allergies, you first need to briefly make a means to rid the pain. If no allergic reaction appears, you can safely use this solution.

Fluid contraindicated in children under 12, as there is no data on the safety of the drug for young patients. Due to the fact that the composition is alcohol, it should not be applied to people during alcoholic intoxication.

Acquisition technology

In order not to harm the health, you need to use the tool only as directed. Method of application is very simple, so all tooth preparations are used on the same circuit;

  1. Take a cotton swab.
  2. Moisten it in 2-3 drops of the drug.
  3. 5-10 minutes to apply it to the aching tooth.

Sometimes when you apply the drops may experience a burning sensation because the liquid enters the damaged mucosa. To avoid any discomfort, you need to follow the regime that is specified in the instructions. If the discomfort arose, it must be immediately rinsed with mucous and stop taking the drug.

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Women in the situation you need to consult your gynecologist before using such funds. If the pregnancy is normal and with no visible threats, the doctor may authorise the use of dental drops. In any case, it would be safer than taking chemical drugs. Nursing mothers also need the permission of the attending physician.

Many pregnant women use these medications, since pain pills are prohibited. Such safe dental drops effectively relieve the pain without harming the baby. How to use the funds and what is the dosage in this position, tell the doctor.

The alcohol contained in the liquid is not absorbed into the blood, does not cause intoxication. But for their safety during treatment with these drugs should refrain from driving and operating mechanisms that require increased attention. In rare cases, such droplets may cause drowsiness and dizziness.


You should not use the drug more frequently than prescribed in the instructions, as this can cause harm to the body. Overdose the local application can not be, but there are cases when given orally. Most often this happens due to incorrect method of application, when the fluid is instilled from the bottle directly into the mouth. If patients use the tool correctly it will not cause harm.

For internal use, this medication can cause serious side effects. An upset stomach may manifest these symptoms: pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and rectal ulcers. Using a tool correctly and as intended, you can protect against any discomfort.

From the nervous system can develop problems: dizziness, convulsions, loss of consciousness, flushing, drowsiness, respiratory failure, headache, decreased blood pressure and a heart disorder. If you have these symptoms you need to go to the doctor.

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Side effects

Sometimes when you apply the drops may develop adverse reactions (local or systemic). The first version of an allergic reaction may manifest as unpleasant sensations in the mouth (itching or burning). To protect yourself from allergies, before use must carefully study its composition. Maybe it contains components that previously the patient was allergic.

On the skin the patient will develop itching and a rash or redness. Systemic use may cause such symptoms: headache, dizziness, drowsiness, tremor, convulsions, bronchial spasm, slow heartbeat, and nervous excitability.

Storage conditions

The product does not require special temperature regime, so it can be stored in normal conditions (between +5°C to +25°C). The drug is available in the orange glass, which protects the liquid from sunlight, but do not leave the container under the action of the sun. Store used means preferably in the first child could get to him and casually drink. If the baby has used used vehicle, you should immediately clean out his stomach and call a physician. Uncontrolled use of this tool causes a number of side effects.