Cystogranulomas tooth: symptoms and treatment

Granuloma, cystogranulomas of the tooth and the cyst are considered to be consecutive stages of development of one pathological process, which arises as a complication of peridotite. The insidiousness of this disease lies in the fact that for a long time it may not cause the appearance of characteristic symptoms, and then cause the patient severe pain. Cystogranulomas occurs in a situation when the accumulation of inflammatory fluid in the pouch granuloma. This pathological process can develop in children and adults.

Causes of cystogranulomas

At distribution on healthy tissues bacteria and germs develops a kind of protective reactions, which may manifest as a cyst on the tooth. The presence in the oral cavity of carious tooth and no efficient treatment is gradually developing such diseases as pulpitis. In addition, there is a significant increase in the number of pathogens and bacteria in the human oral cavity.

There is a transition of the inflammatory process and infections to healthy teeth via root canals. The main objective of body is to prevent the destructive process and so it begins to defend himself, creating around the source of infection a tight cavity with rigid walls. Within such education accumulate dead cells and various bacteria. The original size of this bubble is small and it is actively growing various microbes.

In fact, this pathological process occurs under the control of the immune system and in most cases this happens unnoticed. Present in bones blood vessels supply to the cystic formation of the immune cells that are trying without any help to solve this problem. Effects on the body precipitating factors leads to the fact that reduced the protective functions of the body and the result is a worsening of the disease.

To cause exacerbation of cystogranulomas can:

  • stressful situation;
  • severe hypothermia;
  • colds;
  • increased physical activity on the body;
  • the abrupt change of climate.

In some cases there is a spontaneous opening of the cyst, which causes the formation of a fistula. This complication granulomas and cysts of the tooth are seriously hampering the further treatment of the pathology.

Symptoms of cystogranulomas

Surely, every person at least once in their lifetime experienced a toothache. The emergence of pain syndrome is one of the main signs of this pathology like granuloma and a cyst of the tooth. Symptoms of cystogranulomas may not be available for a long time and the patient does not feel any discomfort. Tooth its appearance may not stand out amongst the rest, and the gum is absolutely not swollen.
At the slightest hypothermia, colds and the decrease in the protective functions of the body a cyst and a granuloma is sure to declare itself. The aggravation of this pathology leads to recurrences, which are accompanied by the following symptoms:

  1. the rise in body temperature;
  2. General weakness of the body;
  3. severe headaches;
  4. swelling of the gums;
  5. education flux.
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In some cases, a symptom of a cyst is the emergence of a sharp pain when biting hard food. Signs of granulomas can be combined with staining of the tooth in a dark color, swelling of gums and pain acute.

Possible complications and prevention

A cyst and a granule of the tooth may suppurate, and the result is the formation of purulent foci, abscess or development of the inflammatory process in the bone tissue of the jaw. The risk to human health is a further progression of such complications. Sepsis is a very serious condition of the patient in which there is penetration of infection into the bloodstream and its distribution throughout the body. Cellulitis sometimes develops in which there is an accumulation of pus under the muscles of the face, neck and the heart, which can end up quite sad.

In that case, if the human body caught cold or suffered infectious disease, the possible appearance of pus granuloma. The progression of this pathological process leads to the fact that fistulas are formed.

To prevent the development of cystogranulomas, consider the following rules:

  • to visit the dentist for a checkup is recommended every six months;
  • when the diagnosis of caries and gingivitis necessary to carry out timely treatment;
  • it is recommended to change toothbrushes as often as possible;
  • you should lead a healthy lifestyle and to eat right;
  • for rinsing the mouth is recommended to apply special means and herbal infusions.

It is important to know that self cystogranulomas and use of traditional medicine can lead to tragic consequences.

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Diagnosis of the disease

In most cases patients don’t have a clue about what they have in the oral cavity formed cystogranulomas. Often, this pathology is diagnosed in children and adults during preventive examination or in the treatment of other dental diseases.

One of the most accurate and informative methods of diagnostics of the pathological process is the radiograph. With its help it is possible not only to diagnose the presence of cystic masses in a patient, but also to assess the General condition of the root canal. With the appearance of specialist suspicion on the tumor process in the jaw can be assigned additional research.

Methods of treatment of this disease

With timely treatment of caries possible to eliminate all paths of infection and clean the nerve canals, it is possible to prevent the formation of granulomas and cysts. In that case, if an abnormal condition has arisen, the specialist selects the most effective methods of eliminating it.

Treatment of granuloma of the tooth can be conservative therapy, which involves taking antibiotics and sulfa drugs.

Drugs are assigned to specialist and they are accepted at the specially selected scheme. Treatment of granuloma conservative method allows to reduce inflammatory process and save the entire tooth or part of it. Therapeutic treatment is considered to be quite a long process and completely get rid of pathology is possible in 70% of cases.

In that case, if the granuloma is severe, then resort to surgical intervention. To remove the purulent content of the gums is cut and installed a special drainage. Its main purpose is to prevent premature healing of wounds and accelerate the process of outflow of purulent content. In addition, the patient assigned medication, which is aimed at reducing the inflammatory process and destruction of pathogenic microorganisms. Extracting the prescribed drainage of gum is carried out through three days.

Treatment of cysts of the tooth is carried out in the following areas:

  1. Cystectomy is a surgical manipulation for removal of cystic masses, during which cut off the damaged tip of the tooth root. This method is quite effective and you can quickly get rid of the disease. Medical practice shows that such surgical intervention is not practically performed on molars because of its complexity.
  2. Hemisection is gentle the surgical removal of a cyst, in which the specialist removes the cyst, the affected part of the root and the molar above it.
  3. Depoforez is a modern non-invasive method of getting rid of cysts and granulomas of the teeth, which in advanced root canal introduced a special substance. Using this method of treatment can get rid of the infections in not one, but several root canals.
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In recent years, widely practiced treatment cystogranulomas laser, which is carried out after the diagnosis of the oral cavity and determine the size of education. After this specialist through the root canal a laser fibre is introduced under the impact of which is the destruction of granulomas and disinfected root. The main advantage of this method of treatment is considered to be possible to save the tooth and eliminate the risk of infection. This surgical intervention is performed without the use of anesthetics and is completely bloodless.

Cysts and granulomas are considered to be dangerous pathological conditions of the tooth root which require treatment. This disease in any case do not leave without attention and need to visit a specialist as soon as possible. It is important remember that the sooner the patient to see a doctor, the more convenient method of treatment of cystogranulomas be able to pick up.