Dark spots on the gums — causes of

A serious cause for concern can be dark spots on the gums. This not only spoils the appearance, but can also be the consequence of serious violations. Most of the problems with gums becomes a cause of bad breath and pain. Because of this, people may suffer from sleep disorders, reduced performance. He will be shy of communicating with other people. To little problem do not let the life, it is necessary to consider the reasons for dark spots can appear. It will also consider some methods of how to not only get rid of the manifestations, but the underlying causes of their appearance.

Amalgam stains

If after visiting the dental clinics on the gums formed a grayish-black or bluish spots, it may be caused by the following reason. When tooth filling can be used a special material amalgam. Its disadvantage is the adverse effect upon contact cured thus of the tooth and oral mucosa. The result may appear dark spot on the gums. If you have multiple sealed teeth can be more. They can appear both suddenly and gradually.

The nature of the formation of spots depends on the degree of interference with the tooth filling, the length of its contact with the mucosa. Hot meal or a higher temperature may enhance the effect.

The appearance amalgamate spots in humans is not believed to cause anxiety. Remove them by surgery only to improve the aesthetic effect. If the stain begins to rise above the rest of the fabric or cause other discomfort, you may be assigned to the analysis on a biopsy to exclude the possibility of tumor development. The reason for this will be a visual change spots.

Syndrome Patna-Jeghers and Addison’s disease

This disease is caused by the emergence of a large number of polyps in the stomach. The first signs of the disease doctors diagnose from early childhood. In the process of growing outward manifestations of the syndrome are dark brown dots on the lips, gums and in the mouth.

Although by themselves, the symptoms do not cause much anxiety, the root cause of their appearance is very serious. They provoke the development of cancer of various internal organs. So people with this disease usually live less than others.

Currently not developed a comprehensive treatment of this syndrome, although it was discovered long ago. Among the few that can offer doctors is the regular examination. With the aid of gastroscopy or colonoscopy specialist can control the situation. Women can schedule a mammogram to prevent breast cancer.

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If the doctor sees that the HPV reaches a critical size, then they are removed surgically. Thus patients suffering from this disease face operations a few times in my life. Another direction of therapy becomes taking drugs to prevent onset or development of tumors.

Grayish-black, bluish, brown-purple spots may be manifestations of Addison’s disease. The main reason of this disease are disorders of the adrenal glands.

In order to determine why mouth came such formations, the first is to pay attention to the spots themselves: they can be flat and irregular in shape, sometimes go in streaks. This is due to changes in the hormonal balance, leading to deposits of melanin.

Along with this there are other signs of the disease as weakness, fatigue, decreased appetite. The skin and body gets a bronze tint. To eliminate the consequences we should primarily pay attention to the cause of the disease. To consult and prescribe treatment in this case can only endocrinologist.

Melanosis smoker

If a smoker has darkened gums, this may be a consequence of his addiction. Nicotine is a little reversible changes in the body. In addition, the gum darkens, it is accompanied by symptoms such as the acquisition of the yellow shade of the teeth and unpleasant mouth odor. In some cases, such pathology can cause cancer.

Before you begin to display altered pigmentation on the gums, it is necessary to change a way of life. First, you need to quit Smoking. The experience of many, it’s hard, because now you need to find another way to relieve stress and to deal with other consequences of withdrawal. But the result will be a gradual recovery of the body and protection against further destruction of the health of this addiction. After fixing the underlying problem, you can deal directly with spots. Usually remove them by laser correction.

What to do if the gums had turned black.

However, if instead of spots observed blackening of the gums, it have their reasons. So, prolonged tooth decay, getting a foreign object and trauma can trigger this phenomenon. This effect may result and incorrect installation of dental crowns. In addition, plaque on the teeth can gradually form deposits. So can form Tartar.

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To prevent the development of illness, need expert help. First, the black dot on the tooth is a symptom of dental caries. It is treated by drilling the diseased tissue and sealing. Prolonged pain can lead to inflammation of the nerve, pulpitis. And since the condition of the teeth affects the gums, first of all, can begin their irritation, bleeding. And blackened gums in the most severe cases.

If the cause of the problems was calculus, it is necessary for a comprehensive teeth cleaning. This is carried out in the dental office. And all the issues with crowns or implants first be resolved by anti-inflammatory therapy. If it fails, will require re-prosthetics.

Common treatment patients gums is rinsing them:

  1. Black gums can be treated with an alcoholic solution with the use of herbs: «Protocanon».
  2. The affected areas smeared with the drug «Metrogyl Denta». The period of such treatment may last up to 1 month.
  3. Preventive effect has the soaking solution «Chlorhexidine». But keep in mind that improper use can cause burns to the mouth. Therefore, use a concentration of 1:1 and continue the procedure should be no more than 3 minutes. The use of the drug more than 2 times a day is contraindicated.
  4. The use of medicines for rinsing can be combined.
  5. If the blackened gums, the can help the compress. It should hold approximately 20 minutes.

Traditional methods against inflammation of the gums

When you notice that you have on the gums appeared a dark spots, they can be removed using traditional methods of pain treatment or treatment. Remember that before using any prescription you will need to consult with a dentist. You should know that herbs have a number of side effects and contraindications. But if the disease carries the risk of developing cancer, a pain will not be enough:

  • You can use mint, sage, oregano, and Melissa. Adults need to brew 2 tablespoons per 12 liters of boiling water.
  • Another way to help heal the blackened tooth is to brew the leaves of St. John’s wort, thyme, sage, chamomile and calamus root, taking them in equal amounts.
  • If the appearance of dark spots on the gums accompanied by swelling, can be applied to the affected area aloe pulp.
  • In the absence of access to herbs the problem can be solved with the help of improvised means. Effective in this disease will become the club soda. Its action can be enhanced with salt or 50 ml of solution with sage leaves.
  • If darkening of the gums has the infectious nature, the doctor may recommend rinsing the mouth with hydrogen peroxide.
  • A good antiseptic is sea salt. It is used for rinsing and rubbing.
  • To remove the inflammatory process and eliminate unpleasant mouth odor use an infusion of oak bark.
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Whatever the reason that color of the gums became black and acquired a shade of other unnatural colors that require a doctor’s consultation. A qualified person after examination of the condition of the mouth, will be able to determine the nature of the phenomenon and prescribe treatment, not only consequences, but also caused the disease causes.

To sum up: dark spots or blackening of the mucous membrane of the mouth or gums can be due to many reasons. Some of them can be solved by simple methods in proper dental care (brushing after meals, floss and so on) and regular visits to the dental office.

Others can be caused by more serious reasons. So, a sign of inflammation in the gums is formed as a symptom of Patna-Jeghers or Addison’s disease. Ignoring the signs of these diseases can lead to serious consequences, such as malignant tumor.

For Smoking people over 30 years old black gums may not be a surprise. One of the consequences of nicotine effects on the body. Before to eliminate the unpleasant color of the gums and the smell from the mouth, you must end this bad habit.

Although there are many methods of combating this disease, you should not self-medicate. You need to visit a specialist and be diagnosed.