DataNorm Baby teething: instruction and feedback

DataNorm Baby is a great natural remedy for teething and to combat various inflammatory processes. Detailed instructions for use of the drug and real reviews patients.

For more informative our tour, we thoroughly analyze the analogues. This will help to determine the choice means for your child.


The entire composition of the drops for children DataNorm Baby is based on three main components: chamomile extract, ivy and pharmacy of rhubarb. You should understand the medical properties of each of them:

  1. Chamomile – has long been known to man as a great antiseptic. Chamomile helps with any inflammation, and mild action does not cause problems in the body.
  2. Rhubarb extract – has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, which is one of the most common foci of health problems in childhood.
  3. Pharmacy ivy – has excellent soothing action, able to cure not too much pain.

As you can see, the basis of the preparation of Dantherm Baby exclusively of natural origin. It should be noted that it is a homeopathic drug. In addition to the above components, it includes purified water, the amount of which does not exceed 1 ml in a standard dosage of the drug.

DataNorm Baby: instructions for use

Despite safety resources for children, parents need to know how to use them correctly. The first is to pay attention to the form of release: the drug is available for purchase in the form of one dose in a plastic bag, he soldered together in a package of five pieces.

  • in the period of the most intensive eruption of tooth of the baby (especially the eye teeth), Dantherm Baby use up to 3 times daily, with calculation: one procedure – one sachet;
  • if the peak growth of the teeth and the characteristic of the process of pain passed, then the drug can be taken once a day for several consecutive days.
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The method used is the following:

  • take the bag of drugs from the rest;
  • then we open the container with all the contents and bury the baby in the mouth;
  • between doses of the drug should be measured 3-4 hours.

Thanks to a convenient and compact package, the tool can be used not only at home but on the street or at a party.

► When it begins to act the drug?

The speed of action of Dantherm Baby is carried out by contact with the blood of the baby through the stomach wall, there is promezhutke time from 10 minutes to an hour. More precise actions depend on each specific case.

Teething is often used with other drugs, for example, medical gels and ointments. They have good sedative and analgesic effect, but are local. DataNorm Baby affects the entire body, allowing you to cover a wide range of problems, and thanks to natural composition this product does not cause allergic reactions.


Despite all the natural components of the drug, it has some contraindications, most often this is due to improper use.

  • it is not necessary to apply the remedy in other inflammatory reactions in the body of a baby — even though it has a broad spectrum of action, intended solely for use in teething, the child;
  • should not increase the dose means a child — cases of overdose DataNorm Baby is not fixed, but the risk should not be. If three vials of the drug a day was not enough, we should stop self-medication and go to the clinic;
  • you should make sure the child doesn’t have intolerance to the components of the preparation, which is listed on the package — doctors recommend the first time to take remedy in the morning before eating and to carefully monitor the condition of the baby. If no side effects were found, it is possible to continue the treatment. Otherwise, you should stop receiving money and to go to the hospital.
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Currently no documented cases of adverse effects, but in the Internet you can find testimonials of people whose children according to the description, suffered from Dantherm Baby. In most cases we are talking about different rashes on body of kids and lack of analgesic effect of the drug.

To avoid any complications closely monitor the health of the child during and after procedures. In the event any complications immediately contact the doctor.

Opinions of dentists

In General, dentists have a positive attitude to the facility, in his favor play a natural part and principle of operation. But the experts have some criticisms for this reason.

  1. It is not recommended to use the drug at their discretion without consulting a doctor, because of this there can be a lot of trouble. Parents without special medical education will not be able to calculate all the factors that will influence the kid’s body when taking the means, and this applies not only to Denting Baby.
  2. When you receive dentists are urged to act exclusively in the framework of the instruction and the remarks of the doctor, otherwise there may be side effects. Despite natural and relatively safe composition, we should not neglect precautions.
  3. DataNorm Baby, unlike ointments and gels, it acts on the body from the inside. Before hiring you should make sure that the digestive system of the baby is acting normally.

Video: moms choose DataNorm Baby


Most young mothers the first thing to note fast action DataNorm Baby, and this factor, along with safety, is key.

Alina, 29 years old

«The child started teething, already mentally prepared for a sleepless night, but a friend advised DataNorm Baby. Chose it because of the natural ingredients and do not regret it, after 15 minutes after administration child began to calm down. The effect lasted for several hours.»

Tamara, 25 years

«The drug pleasantly pleased with naturalness and speed of action. The baby stopped crying within twenty minutes after ingestion. However, the effect did not last too long.»

Masha, 26 years

«The baby cried a lot during teething upper teeth first, and I gave him a drop of Antinori Baby, but the cries of the baby did not become less. Moreover, in a few hours, once the skin started to be covered with a red rash. Not sure what precipitated it was the meds, but I use it stopped».

Further questions

► Analogues cheaper DataNorm Baby

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To drugs with a similar action and a more reasonable price include Besident, Conident, Kalgel, Pancoran «First teeth». Before buying and taking each of them is to familiarize yourself with the instructions for their use and consult with experts. The similarity of their actions with Dantherm Baby does not mean that they have the same indications and contraindications.

► How much?

The average price of Dantherm Baby is 350-400 rubles depending on the pharmacy.

► How often can be given drug and at what age?

The statement specifies that the maximum number of doses per day should not be more than three vials of the medication for three days. There are no age restrictions.