Dental abscess-pictures, symptoms, causes, treatment

Inflammation is at the root of the tooth, odor, pain, weakness — these and other signs give abscess of the tooth. Pictures, symptoms, causes, treatment — we will tell you all about what causes this disease and how dangerous they are.

Self-treatment for such a disease impossible, and hope for self-recovery is about. Late therapy threatens dangerous consequences.

What is an abscess tooth?

Purulent infection that is an abscess of the tooth. A guide to pathological bacteria may even become blood vessels or lymph nodes, sometimes megfelelne or intermuscular tissue. In these ways, further spreading the infection process.

The speed of progression of the pathology depends on boleznennostew microorganisms. Of considerable importance at this stage play a protective forces of an organism. If immune status is high, is much more likely to avoid abscess.

The disease occurs in 3 scenarios:

  • mild, even sluggish current;
  • the acute form, with numerous complications;
  • slow, chronic, with hidden symptoms.


The main cause of the abscess is getting into the pulp bacteria, provoking further the pathological process. This may occur after tooth extraction, but also influenced by a number of factors:

  1. Infection, cold or sore throat, especially if the disease severely damaged the immune system.
  2. The running status of oral diseases (periodontitis, cysts, tooth decay).
  3. Dislocation, a fracture or blow to jaw.
  4. Cleavage of dentin or injury enamel.
  5. Boils on the front part or the mucous membrane.
  6. Infection after injection during dental procedure.

The development of suppurative complications is often preceded by a violation of the integrity of natural protection of the tooth. Abscess and its symptoms manifest after inflammation. Than longer it is, the brighter intoxication.



To determine the abscess and the child and adult as soon as possible. If you know all the symptoms that accompany this process, then consult a doctor will work in a timely manner. Present when the disease the list of signs:

  • pain pulling, pulsating nature, sometimes paroxysmal sharp;
  • the bitter taste;
  • increase tooth sensitivity;
  • the lymph nodes in the neck swell;
  • swelling in the affected area;
  • poor appetite;
  • chills and fever;
  • sleep disorder, malaise;
  • headache;
  • inflammation, redness and redness in the part of the cheeks, where the pathology;
  • pus from sores on the gums;
  • the weakening of the immune system;
  • bad breath;
  • the increased pain response in compression jaws, and eating irritating foods.
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Gradually the symptoms studnet that is related to the death of the tooth root and sometimes part of the nerve. But pictures are expected as the infection continues to progress. In the worst case scenario it will spread to the jaw bone and deep tissue.

Improvement of health occurs after breaking out of purulent content. Against this background, subsides swelling, cheek becomes less hot, it disappears the inflammation, fever. All this testifies to the fact that the abscess myself. In fact, the disease was chronicals so patient waiting for the relapses and the formation of a fistula.

Even if all these symptoms — it’s not too common, you still need to consult a dentist. This measure will protect from dangerous complications.

Treatment abscess tooth

At home treatment abscess are not involved, as it is simply dangerous. If you try to open the resulting ulcer, such arbitrariness threatens to turn into a bigger infection, injury to the nerves and other effects.

Therapy is selected individually, but its primary purpose is the preservation of the tooth and prevent any complications. So first eliminate infection, local inflammation and toxicity. Most antibiotics contribute to this.

Further treatment is carried out for one selected scenario:

  • surgical intervention represents the full opening of the abscess and cleaned the cavity. The gums in the area of the abscess is opened, cleaned, and then disinfected;
  • laser therapy low-intensity cures the disease and is used to trenirovki of the tooth. This technique is less painful if you compare it with the operation. Healing usually also is faster;
  • drainage channels — apply the method in the case when it is possible to remove the formed pus through them and to not cut the gums. After cleansing use the disinfectant solution. Then often have to pick up a crown on the tooth, but if trenirovka did not bring results, then you need to remove. Just spend re-cleaning the wound from savings.
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What to do in the future? Therapy does not end with a visit to the dentist: for the doctor recommended time, the patient carefully monitors the hygiene and taking medications. Antibiotics better prevent the spread of infection Metronidazole, Amoxicillin, Trimox. In parallel, using painkillers. After completing the course it is recommended to pick up vitamins and medicines that improve the immune status of the organism.

Brushing — this procedure is carried out twice a day, and of traditional medicine use homemade broth-based oak, sage, calamus root, chamomile. Antiseptic properties and a saline solution, but you can replace it and rinse the mouth with Furatsilina. The procedure should be repeated every 2 hours to improve regeneration.

In the complex treatment of negative symptoms able to get rid of on the second day, and completely reverse the effects of an abscess happens a week later.

Video: dental abscess.


The consequences are not limited to loss of tooth. The abscess will eventually lead to the following problems:

  1. The deepening of inflammation, which inevitably will involve and bone. Such infection is threatening to spread along the nerve fibers of the face, and in the future will affect the whole body.
  2. Inflammation of the lungs.
  3. Meningitis happens when the long course of the disease.
  4. Formation in the oral cavity fistula — suppuration from it will be permanent, which would seriously undermine the immune system and provoke infectious complications.
  5. In the acute stage of an abscess so severe that this process affects not only bone but also soft tissue. It threatens to inflammation of the brain or even osteomyelitis.
  6. Tooth loss as a result of corrosion of the jaw happens in the most advanced cases. To bring this complication is able to distort facial traits, sepsis, heart disease, diabetes.
  7. Infection of the bone marrow.
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Discovering the signs of abscess tooth, should not postpone a visit to the dentist. Complications start to develop rapidly, so the delay is unacceptable.


The pathology treatment painful. But any discomfort can be avoided if you pay attention to the prevention needs. To help in uncomplicated case can methods for oral hygiene. You need to:

  • to remove Tartar;
  • cleaved, sensitivity or reel go to the doctor;
  • clean mouth electric toothbrush;
  • use throughout the day, rinses, dental floss;
  • to prevent diseases of ENT-organs;
  • to treat dental caries;
  • to choose 2 kinds of toothpaste.

If the mouth are artificial constructs, additionally you need to purchase the irrigator. The whole complex of preventive measures should complement visits to the dentist. Doctor visit required 2 times per year.