Dental abscess treatment at home: how to treat a dental abscess at home

Periostitis – inflammation that develops in the periosteum. In people, it is called flux. The disease occurs as a result of the development of the infection on the root tip of the tooth. Gradually the process extends to the surrounding tissue, provoking the development of the corresponding symptoms: toothache and headache, the appearance of unpleasant bulging in the gums. In the absence of timely treatment there are: fever, swollen lymph nodes, pain when swallowing, swelling and swelling of the tissues of the face, neck later. Around the inflammatory process it is formed the lesion. Gradually he grows. Inside accumulated pus. The danger of abscess are complications: osteomyelitis (bone tissue), cellulitis of the head and neck sepsis. These diseases have a high threshold for lethality, and often end in death. You need to be aware those people who are a long time to delay a visit to a specialist and suffer severe pain.

The right action of the patient

To cure the disease alone is not possible. In the event of disease, you need as early as possible, seek help from a qualified dental therapist. As a rule, the cause of the disease is incorrectly repaired or completely destroyed by caries tooth. Periodontitis is the most common culprit of acute and chronic periostitis. How to remove the tumor, and how to remove an inflammation?
Doctor when the disease in the first visit should:

  • To hold the jaws from defeat. To carry out a preliminary forecast;
  • In the case of treatment options, to remove nekrotizirovannye tissue of enamel and dentin. If the tooth has been previously treated, then you need to remove the seal;
  • Access to all root canals.

Manipulation is in most cases performed under local anaesthesia. After the injection, the sensitivity is sharply reduced, there is a numbness of tongue, lips, cheeks. At the time of the first visit to a specialist is only 30 -40 minutes. After first aid, the cavity remains completely open. The doctor explains to the patient how to treat the abscess at home. The patient must rinse the mouth with special solutions up to 7 – 10 times a day. In some cases, appointed by the painkillers and antibiotics. All appointed by the specialist procedure aims to give a chance to accumulated in the cavity infectious exudate to come out. The treatment brings fast results.

Usually within a day the pain begins to subside, inflammation is reduced. Therapy when the abscess is long, every case is different so it’s hard to tell the exact time.
In some cases, to save the affected tooth is not possible. In such cases, it should be removed. Sometimes, it is necessary to conduct the resection of the gums, to install a special drainage.

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How can you help yourself

As it became already clear, the treatment of flux in the home is unacceptable and dangerous. But, after the first visit to the dentist, you can help your body faster to cope with the disease. In most cases, after the opening of the channels, or the installation of drainage, dentist appoints rinse. To hold them should be possible, at any opportunity. Together with the liquid, free from necrotic masses and pathogens. Mandatory condition for the correct therapy, is the presence of the discharge hole. Exit gate to remove the infection, just creates a physician during the first visit of the patient.
If a person will simply rinse the mouth, not turning to the expert, it will not help. The inflammation will spread to affect all new fabrics. In this case, there is swelling, deterioration of the General condition of the sick.

How to get rid of flux at home

Dentists believe that the best way to rinse the oral cavity with a solution of baking soda, salt and iodine. In order to prepare a medicinal fluid does not need to run to the pharmacy. All the components certainly have everyone in the house.

In a glass of warm (not hot!) of water put 1 tea spoon of salt and soda. To the solution add 2 drops of iodine. If cooking, do you use iodized salt, then add the iodine is not necessary. Mix thoroughly with a healing blend. Slowly rinse your mouth. Tilt your head to the other side, where he developed inflammation.
The flux treatment at home, in the form of a mouthwash is a necessity. The fact that salt and iodine are considered to be natural antiseptics. Salt is a great pull purulent content from the fabric. Iodine disinfects. Soda creates a negative atmosphere for the development of pathogenic organisms.

The flux treatment at home can be done with a solution furatsilina. The drug has antimicrobial, purifying, antiseptic. It can be purchased at the pharmacy in pill form, powder. Dilute the solution required by the user. Very convenient to buy and use the ready-made furatsilina, it is available in medical bottles. Before use, it is only necessary slightly to warm up. The exact implementation of the recommendations of the specialist will help to cope with illness, regain the ability to eat normally, to live and work.

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What else can I do

How to treat a dental abscess at home quickly? To this question we have already answered. But, in addition to classical methods, there is a flux treatment folk remedies. Just want to add that any actions should be taken only after consultation with your doctor. Medicinal plants that are most recipes can cause allergies and worsen the condition of already suffering people. In addition to allergies, each of the herbs has its contraindications. This is a must to consider!

To folk remedies of treatment of a flux include the following plants:

  • Nettle has anti-inflammatory, cleansing, strengthening, stimulating, regenerating effect;
  • Sage — is a powerful anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, krovoostanavlivayuschee, restorative properties;
  • Chamomile – known to many. How to quickly cure a dental abscess at home? Beautiful flower helps to deal with inflammation, relieves pain, has antibacterial action. Medicinal teas based on chamomile can be used not only as a rinse, but for intake;
  • Air – disinfects. Relieving inflammation, it exhibits wound healing effect;
  • Birch bark – astringent and antibacterial properties;
  • Green tea – detoxifies, stimulates tissue regeneration, improves circulation, relieves bleeding.

The ingredients for a good broth, you can buy in any pharmacy. Prepare a solution of the two, at least 3 to 4 components. It must be remembered that by increasing the number of components, the risk of side properties increases.

Treatment of flux at home with the help of herbs will help to get healthy!

How to prepare a folk remedy for flux? To make it easy. To do this, 2 tablespoons of each component must be put into a small saucepan. To pour the drug is one glass (200 gr.) clean boiled water. Set the container on a water bath. Keep on heat for 30 minutes.

After preparation of decoction, the pot wrap and leave in a warm place for another 30 minutes, to draw. During this time, the water will take all the therapeutic components. After, it will be enough to filter a liquid using the cheesecloth. Ready infusion to rinse your mouth.

Dangerous actions

Answering the question how to quickly remove the abscess at home, you need to celebrate the important moments. What they should not do:

  1. Apply to the affected area warmer. To provide any thermal effects. Heating will accelerate the development of inflammation. Tooth abscess dangerous complications.
  2. Trying to pierce the flux on the gums using a needle or scissors. This action is unacceptable. The lack of sterility and skills will lead to blood poisoning;
  3. To make antibacterial drugs;
  4. Long to endure the pain and expect a miraculous recovery without the help of a doctor.
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Some people wonder, is it possible to cure flux tubercle with the help of local applications with the garlic? The answer is simple — no, it is not possible.

Garlic has a very irritating effect to help burn and necrosis of the gum tissue. Upon contact with the mucosa, there is pain, hyperemia. Subsequently, observed pallor, rejection of damaged tissues.

Before the visit to the doctor, 3 hours, try to refrain from the use of painkillers. To help your body cope with the disease need, but you should do it right!

What to do if a visit to the doctor is impossible

The answer to this question is very complex. The fact that to assist in the case of pathology can be a doctor. But what if a visit to a specialist impossible?

How to treat a dental abscess at home before going to the dentist? Rinsing the mouth with solutions of medicinal herbs and natural antiseptics are the best action of the sick person. In addition, it is possible to pain medication based on paracetamol and ibuprofen. Medicinal substances relieve pain, have mild anti-inflammatory action. Despite the fact that antibacterial therapy is used quite commonly in the disease, should not take independent action.

Conclusion. Insights

The article describes an unpleasant disease, as abscess. The answers to the questions how to cure a dental abscess at home, after a visit to the dentist. The detailed recommendations on ways of preparing medicinal solutions and infusions. Told of what not to do. Take care of your health and remember, a timely appeal to the specialist reduces the risk of complications and increases the chances for a speedy recovery!