Dental abscess treatment at home with baking soda: how to treat

Flux — home treatment with baking soda will executed by the patient as an additional tool in complex therapy of inflammation of the periosteum. The abscess is quite serious disease okolokozhnoe tissue of the jaw, which when untimely treatment can give serious complications. Not always the patient has the opportunity to visit a specialist in the shortest time from onset of symptoms. And so often at home are accepted various concoctions or medications for pain relief. More regularly just for this purpose, use baking soda. Let’s look at the features of this material and try to prove its effectiveness in terms of use in the form of additional treatment of the flux.

The drug

Baking soda — bicarbonate of sodium, is represented by small crystals of white powder. Use is acceptable in the food industry, cooking, medicine in the treatment of burns and mucous membranes of acidic substances and at fall of acidity of gastric juice. The use of soda and possibly in the buffer system. Sodium bicarbonate is non-toxic drug. Used as a food Supplement in the form of the E500.

In medicine, bicarbonate of soda, used as a mild antiseptic solution for irrigation of the oral cavity. However, in most cases, the drug is used as a means of equalizing the increased acidity of the stomach. This is valid when heartburn, pain in the stomach. There action product and the adjustment of metabolic acidosis in intensive care. In the traditional medicine of soda isolated as a drug to cope with cancer. However, the evidence of such assumptions is not marked.

Have soda there are a number of other positive moments of use:

  • Colon cleansing: the drug is capable of dissolving the oxidizing agents and toxins, accelerates peristalsis, helping to relieve constipation;
  • In the presence of kidney stones has the ability to dissolve the sand;
  • Wens — the drug acts by dissolving cholesterol;
  • Application for the oral hygiene: cleans, bleaches and deodorizes;
  • Withdrawal itching under the plaster: a compress on the night between the skin and the plaster.

Soda 80% composition close to the structure of water.

Review the specifics of the disease

Flux occurs under the influence of various factors, often of an infectious nature. To penetrate microflora may like from nearby sources germs, and other organ systems in diseases of chronic. It is possible to infection and treatment in case of insufficient processing tools or antiseptic irrigation channels.
The process quickly deployed in the apical region with formation of an abscess, seeking to penetrate into the underlying bone. Appears swelling on the gums. The patient feels pain at the touch to the tooth. Feel the discomfort unbearable character. Appears facial asymmetry, enlargement and tenderness of lymph nodes, fever. Perhaps the development of asthenic conditions. Process progresses quickly. Flux in the absence of treatment can lead to abscess and the abscess and even sepsis.

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The options of activities performed at home with the disease

How to treat the abscess should be decided by the doctor, however, if the flux is allowed to perform various activities home use. However, their effectiveness is temporary. Used: herbs, baking soda, salt, lotions and compresses, antiseptic substance orientation.


To relieve inflammation in the gums gives the effect of oral irrigation solutions of medicinal herbs. Often used: sage, yellow grass, oak bark, St. John’s wort. Produce mixing ingredients in equal parts, then insist half an hour. Used for rinsing must at least 8 times a day.

Swelling the flux cleans warm broth of green tea and sage. 1 Cup of this solution add ½ teaspoon of salt.

Soda-salt of the substance

The basic recipe of the solution for rinsing the flux, contains the main products present in the kitchen: baking soda and salt. Perfect combination of two drugs that have decongestant and antiseptic action. Application is possible: with the unbearable pain, especially at night; an allergic reaction to grass. A solution according to the following scheme: 1 Cup 1 teaspoon salt, and baking soda. The water should be warm, it is better if he maintains a room temperature setting. Good to combine with a few drops of iodine. The irrigation procedure is performed 8 to 10 times a day. It is impossible to swallow.

The method of using soda

Soda in the treatment of the flux can be used as one component of the drug, too. At night must be applied to compress the flux with soda. Wrap presents with sterile gauze and baking soda, soaked in warm water. This method of therapy can create the conditions for the outflow of pus from the affected area of the bone.

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You can also apply gauze sponge with baking soda, dampened with warm water. Exposure time this compress is 4_5 hours. Perhaps the use of baking soda and rinse with flux. In a glass of warm water 1 tsp. Irrigate 8_10 times better than every 2 hours.


When the passages for the outflow of pus from subperiosteal area you want to apply rinse mouth with water solution on the basis of alcohol tinctures of calendula. This is done to create the disinfection of wounds in the oral cavity. Calendula has anti-inflammatory properties.

Drugs antiseptic direction

The flux often use ready-made vegetable broths, prepared and dispensed by the pharmacy. The alcohol solution hlorofillipta cooked with water in a ratio of 1/10. Irrigation performed every hour.

Honey, strawberry and lemon are also able to exert a beneficial influence on the development of a flux. Produce small parts components. It is proved that the compound may enhance the effects of the drug. Used baths of chamomile flowers. The recipe is quite simple: 2 tablespoons of flowers brewed in a teapot and hold for 20 minutes.
To perform irrigation is possible and antiseptics in industrial production: solution of Chlorhexidine digluconate, Malavit.

Lotions and compresses, ointments

As an antiseptic of natural origin suitable for treatment of flux at home onions. RUB your product to a pulp, put in a bandage, soaked in warm water. It is necessary to strictly follow the temperature regime, because at a solution temperature of over 60 degrees Celsius will be a further spread of the inflammatory process that can cause the appearance of complications such as abscess, cellulitis and other pathologies.

To get a result in the treatment of the flux can be applied ointment. Usually use the ointment with propolis. In bowl dissolve 20 grams of honey, add 1 Cup of refined sunflower oil. Put on the fire and when boiling remove. Add 1 mashed egg yolk. To smear the place the swelling is recommended twice a day. Storage conditions of the drug in the refrigeration unit. As well as the flux it is possible to use Vishnevsky ointment, Streptocide in conjunction with Ichthyol.

The effectiveness of therapy at home

One of the most effective drugs used for inflammation of the tissues and organs of the oral cavity, is soda. The positive result is due to the decongestant properties that help reduce pain. And when the soda accelerates the process of ripening of pus, which is very important in the prospect of the spread of pus to other organs and systems. The process of inflammation is eliminated with application of soda.
However, soda-salt rinse marked better treatment of the flux.

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Recommendations and prevention


The appearance of the first symptoms of flux it is necessary to seek professional medical help, where the attending physician based on the clinical situation, will select the best method of treatment of a flux of implementing the extraction or not. Medical intervention must be backed by a rational pharmaceutical therapy:

  1. the broad-spectrum antibiotics (Tsiprolet, Sulfadimetoksin);
  2. nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Pain, Cost, Cetirizine);
  3. analgesics if necessary (Ketorol, Nise, Analgin).

Incremental measures has its limitations. Using soda, you can reduce the severity of symptoms of periostitis, however, it will suffice indefinitely. Therefore, in any case for prevention of complications it is necessary to go to the dentist-surgeon.

Prevention of the development of the flux will be timely and proper treatment of pathologies of the oral cavity with the help of a doctor. In the absence of opening the abscess, the pus will find a way out by a different method. Occurs through the blood and lymph transfer of a significant number of microbial agents. To prevent the development of various complications of hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity should be 2 times a year undergo a medical examination. Defects of hard and soft tissues need to heal. At home it is advisable to use basic and additional means of oral hygiene.